Hero Husband Turns Into Wife Killer

In December 2006, Michael Ratley carried his 2-week-old son, Aiden, and his wife, Effie Ratley, 29, from the flames as fire engulfed their  trailer. A month later, Effie Ratley was dead, bludgeoned with a hammer in a bedroom of her in-laws’ home.

How does this happen? I seriously don’t understand stories like this.

From CNN:

The man who was hailed as a hero for saving his wife was convicted in July of murdering her.

On Tuesday, a Nassau County Court jury in Yulee, Florida, said he should spend the rest of his life in prison for the crime. Judge Circuit Judge Robert Foster sentenced the 25-year-old to life without possibility of parole.

What changed a heroic husband into a hammer-wielding wife killer?

On January 27, 2007, with his parents downstairs watching TV with the door shut and his infant son in the other room, prosecutors said, Ratley put on a pair of thick black gloves, grabbed a heavy-duty hammer and went into the bedroom where his wife was lying down after taking some medication. He lifted the hammer and “savagely and brutally beat her on the head over and over” — at least seven times, said Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda.

During the trial, Ratley said he had nothing to do with the slaying. His defense lawyers argued that an intruder, who Ratley alleged attacked him in the barn the night before, was the culprit. But prosecutors said that was part of Ratley’s plan, setting up for a scenario in which an intruder killed his wife by cutting the wire on their window.

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4 Comments on “Hero Husband Turns Into Wife Killer”

  1. Sophie Says:

    Got a feeling the trailer fire was set deliberately, and he did this premeditated in order to ‘save’ her so that when he did kill her, it would seem that he’s the last person who would have done it.

    Either that, or he tried to kill her with the fire and chickened out at the last second.

  2. maxineme Says:

    my thought exactly, sophie,, I think he chickened out at last second, but, this time carried it out… but, your other theory sounds plausible too… I bet, for sure it is one of these two ideas of yours.

  3. laura Says:

    Another idiot that never heard the word divorce? Now the baby has no mother or father. People are so crazy!

  4. luvanrs Says:

    I agree Laura..people are crazy.

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