Casey Anthony: Parents and Brother Refuse Lie Detector Tests

The Orange County State Attorney’s office released hundreds of pages of new documents today in the Casey Anthony investigation.

An interesting note is that her parents, George and Cindy Anthony, as well as her brother Lee have all refused to take lie detector tests.

Something to hide? Thoughts?

From WDBO:

Documents include a letter from the FBI to prosecutors, saying George, Cindy, and Lee Anthony have all refused to take polygraph tests. The letter says Casey’s former fiance, Jessie Grund, along with a handful of other people connected to the case, did agree to take the lie detector test.

Another batch of documents details Grund’s history with the Orlando Police Department. The documents show Grund was a recruit for OPD in 2007, but supervisors were not impressed: one wrote that he was “deficient in several critical high liability categories.”

Among the complaints against Grund were that he arrived late to work, made inappropriate comments, and did not pay attention. Grund later resigned. Anthony’s family has at times suggested he might have something to do with the disappearance of Casey’s daughter Caylee.

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5 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Parents and Brother Refuse Lie Detector Tests”

  1. Id'claire Says:

    How ’bout distrust for police? George may know more about Polys than we do.

    Perhaps they thought LE was setting them up for something….Or, they were so nervous…the “stories” had already changed enough by this time…coding, protecting, what would the polys show? Would they be accurate?

    If they refused Polys, would they heckled more than if they took them and the results were questionable?

  2. Honeydog0629 Says:

    I agree with you *Id’claire*. With George and Cindy, especially, what Good would it do…. Too many varying and conflicting Answers already. I heard several Lawyers who are following this Case, state on TV that they don’t normally even want or encourage Witnesses to submit to a Polygraph for some of the same points you mention, and it’s not Admissible in Court anyway. George and Cindy’s Attorney is undoubtedly aware of their Mistakes and Inconsistencies, and more-than-likely advised them to Refuse. Doesn’t bother me…. Everybody already has enough, and what they need, on both of them anyway. As for Lee, who knows, but based on his Televised
    “Deposition” a while back, he probably still wouldn’t provide anything useful anyway, and, besides, you can’t Laugh “Inappropriately” during your Lie-Detector Test! I’ll say that I am a bit Surprised at this stuff about Jessie Grund though. He appears to be an Intelligent, Sensible, and Committed person, and I could kind-of see him being in Law Enforcement. Anyway, we all know he had nothing to do with Caylee’s death, and that’s all that’s important.

  3. Hey, ok, I get it, I guess – but does this really work?

  4. fantastic, I have a few questions though is it ok to post them here?

  5. tdog Says:

    Casey’s father looks as if he is not telling the truth.

    I wonder what he’s hiding?

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