Southwest Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing

According to Southwest Airlines, one of the airlines jets made an emergency landing in Charleston, West Virginia, today after a hole in its fuselage caused the cabin to depressurize.

From CNN:

There were no injuries aboard the Boeing 737, which was traveling at about 30,000 feet when the problem occurred, Southwest spokeswoman Marilee McInnis told CNN.

The sudden drop in cabin pressure caused the jet’s oxygen masks to deploy.

Southwest Flight 2294 was en route from Nashville, Tennessee, to Baltimore, Maryland, with 126 passengers and a crew of five aboard, McInnis said.

It landed at 5:10 p.m. after the crew reported a football-sized hole in the middle of the cabin near the top of the aircraft, McInnis said.

What caused the damage to the jet had not been determined, she said. Both the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the incident, FAA spokeswoman Holly Baker said.

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7 Comments on “Southwest Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing”

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  2. R Wallace Says:

    If that had been an Air Bus it would a mystery crash. That’s what happens to carbon composite planes.

  3. […] caused the jet’s oxygen masks to deploy. Southwest Flight 2294 was en route from Nashville, Te click for more var _wh = ((document.location.protocol=='https:') ? "" : […]

  4. Shadysider Says:

    Why don’t airlines provide parachutes? The FAA should mandate it. If my plane is going down, I want a punchers’ chance of survival.

  5. msd Says:

    I flew southwest 737 to seattle via chicago a few months ago, and during the sunset i shot a photo of sunlight shining through the exterior skin. I could see the sunlight and the shadow of the honeycomb structure projected on the exterior face of the inside wall panel.
    I took some photos if anyone wants to see them. They are a bit fuzzy but they show what i am talking about.

  6. WHOA. This was not a fluke. This was caused by the ghost of Steve McNair. Look at the facts- Football Sized Hole, Nashville to Baltimore flight.

  7. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Everytime I think I’m getting closer to giving Flying another chance after a pretty Frightening Experience some years ago while in the Air (ironically a
    “Southwest” Plane), the Hudson River thing happens, Air France plunges into the Ocean, and now this. If these Passengers felt anything like I did (“I’m going to Die”) you never ever get over it, and— although this most-recent Incident ended with them being Lucky— it’s really nearly-impossible to be able to cross that bridge again. It didn’t Help to read *msd*’s Comment above…… I honestly think I’m just gonna be stuck on the Ground.

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