Air France Flight Fell Apart On Impact

According to reports this morning, the Air France flight that crashed last month with 228 people aboard did not break up during the flight.

From CNN:

“The plane went straight down … towards the surface of the water, very very fast,” air accident investigator Alain Bouillard said.

Based on visual study of the physical remains of the Airbus A330 that have been recovered, “we were able to see that the plane hit the surface of the water flat. Therefore everything was pushed upwards — everthing was pushed from the bottom to the top” of the plane, he said.

The 228 people killed in the crash “had no time to prepare,” he said.

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3 Comments on “Air France Flight Fell Apart On Impact”

  1. Brad Says:

    This is another BS story. If the Airbus 330 did NOT break up at 35,000+ feet and instead plummeted to the ocean as the ‘new theory’ now suggests, WHY did we not hear any mayday calls whatsoever from the pilots as the intact plane plummeted to the sea?? Why was there not more electronic data sent from the aircraft’s computers back to airport??? The answer is that the plane disintegrated in the air probably from a bomb and the true story is deliberately being covered up. If we will recall, TWA 800, SwissAir 111 and Egypt Air 990 all disappeared under very strange circumstances. All departed New York’s JFK airport. In fact TWA was hit by a missile and that fact was covered up. Hundreds of eyewitnesses saw the missile. None of those witnesses were allowed to testify at NTSB hearings. See The NTSB has become so politicized that the AGENCY ITSELF is now an AVIATION HAZARD. SwissAir 111 and EgyptAir 990 were likely destroyed in a similar manner in flight from explosives. No solid info from the media on these two disasters other than ridiculous tales about the two arab Egypt Air pilots wrestling over the controls – one pulling the stick back while the other pushed the stick forward….both were also praying to Allah of course, as was reported in U.S. State-run media. One of the more preposterous theories floated is that SwissAir 111’s in-flight entertainment wiring ‘shorted out’ and ’caused a fire’ and thus bringing the entire plane down. FYI, the in-flight entertainment system is low voltage, low current circuitry with circuit-breaker protection, as is installed in every aircraft for obvious reasons. The stories we’ve been told by our television sets are BS. It’s junk science….and the people of the US are now sufficiently dumbed-down such that nobody in any position of power questions these preposterous findings by NTSB / FBI. The biggest joke and insult to science and physics – as well as our collective intelligence – occurred when TWA 800 was blown apart in the sky on July 17, 1996. The first two nights, we were told by local and national television news that missiles destroyed TWA 800 and eyewitnesses gave their accounts – one being Maj. Fritz Meyer (Ret.) (Google Meyer). After those two nights, missiles were never mentioned again in the news. JFK’s former press secretary, Pierre Salinger, had a French intelligence report indicating that U.S. NAVY had in fact shot down TWA 800. Interesting… Of course Salinger was then slandered in the U.S. media, but why? Elizabeth and James Sanders were slandered as well as being criminally charged for AIDING IN THE TWA 800 INVESTIGATION – imagine this lunacy…..but it happened. Google James Sanders and Elizabeth Sanders. Liz was a senior flight attendent for TWA and had first-hand knowledge about the missile evidence. Fact is, TWA 800 was shot down either by accident or on purpose. Top officials in the Clinton administration at the time were told NOT TO FLY at time this disaster occurred. Somebody had knowledge that something bad was going to happen. Then we have September 11…..Do you all believe that men in caves orchestrated 911? Do you believe that two quarter-mile-high steel towers fell symetrically 110 stories to the ground? Did you know that never BEFORE OR SINCE 911 has a steel framed skyscraper collapsed from fire. Did you know that WTC building 7, a steel framed 47 story tower just collaped to the ground on 911? That tower was not hit by a plane. See Watch it for FREE on the net. It’s really time to WAKE UP.

  2. vidkid Says:

    I’m not buying this story also…. but Brad, your going a little overboard…. in my humble opinion. If this plane hit belly first, and intact, it would be easy to locate with sonar based imaging. Bodies would be torn apart from the shards of torn fuselage. Never trust the French, they are too quick to say we won’t ever find the black boxes.

  3. Honeydog0629 Says:

    I’m surely no Expert on these things, but I too am always Skeptical of such Mysterious “Accidents”. I know enough to believe in the “Cover-ups” that have, and continue, to go on, and know that we are simply Told what the “Powers-that-Be” want to tell us. Frankly, I don’t Trust any of it. While I can certainly somewhat Understand the Reasons for keeping some of these Incidents “Hush-Hush”, and allowing the
    U.S. Government and/or Military to deal with them in Secret, I do agree that, overall, the majority of the Nation is Stupid when it comes to taking the Information “Reported” as being the Truth. It’s not only a real Shame that you can’t put your complete Faith in the hands of those who Provide the
    “Influences” by which we Live, but a Crime that so much of it is either Missing, Twisted, or a Downright Lie.

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