Casey Anthony Requested to See Remains Coverage

Billy Richardson, an Orange County corrections officer, has testified under oath that Casey Anthony wanted to watch television on the day the remains of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, were found.

From WESH:

Officer Billy Richardson said that Anthony knew something was going on that day, even though it was not known at the time that the remains were Caylee.

In his deposition, Richardson said, “When I went down there to get her and told her to go to the clinic, she was listening to the radio.”

He claims her reply back was “Good, because there something going on and I want to watch TV to know about it.”

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5 Comments on “Casey Anthony Requested to See Remains Coverage”

  1. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Well Well…. I guess That takes care of That. I would think now that The Defense’s argument that Casey was “Set-Up” just went down the Tubes. Can’t blame anyone for Casey watching what she herself
    “Asked” to watch. As for the Video-Camera, can’t argue that either…. It’s already been agreed that it was in a “Common”— not “Private”— area. I STILL
    think that the Instructions given to the Jail Officials to take Casey to the Clinic in the first place was only due to the Fact that Authorities were well-aware that Casey followed all the “Coverage” on her Radio, they knew that something “Big” was happening which she was bound to hear, and wanted her to be in a “Safe” Place— rather than alone in her Cell— for her own Protection, in the event of a possible Radical situation and/or Medical Emergency.
    As for Baez claiming “Wrong-doing” in her being taken there BEFORE he got to see her, I would think that the Jail Officials acted upon knowing that “Time” was of the Essence, since the “Discovery” was right-then
    in progress. All-in-all, everything here would certainly “Knock-out” ANY arguments by The Defense that this entire Issue was an “Intentional” Plot against Casey. Even if The Prosecution DID have anything to do with her “Reaction” being left to be permitted to be Video-taped, there is no direct Wrong-doing on their part, as they are allowed to gather
    any and all Information in “Non-Private” situations for their own use. With this Correction Officer’s testimony, I think the only real thing left now that The Defense CAN fight in this whole Scenerio is the “Release” of the Video— which I personally don’t think is necessary to show, for any reason, to the Public, and should remain the business of The Lawyers and the Trial. Anyway, should now be interesting to see where it goes from here.

  2. vidkid Says:

    Can’t wait until the trial….. her goose is cooked!

  3. luvanrs Says:

    vidkid, I can’t wait until the trial either. Tired of the showboating and manipulating. I hope you are right and her goose is cooked, but remember OJ and other trials like that. What seems to be a given, does not always turn out to be. People on juries are so unpredictable and it is difficult to know what they will be swayed by.

  4. G Says:


  5. Honeydog0629 Says:

    I’ve heard conflicting Reports on the Trial Date……
    It was originally Scheduled for October 12th, but when the new Defense Attorney (Andrea Lyon) recently
    Joined-up, she stated that alot more Work has to be done, which will require more Time, and that the Trial will not be Going-off as Planned. I myself haven’t heard an “Absolute Confirmation” on ANY Date
    since then, yet I still hear “October” mentioned Here and There every now and then on T.V…. So, ????

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