Casey Anthony: New Defense Team Member To Be Named

WESH is reporting that Jose Baez plans to introduce the defense team’s new death-penalty-qualified attorney at a hearing on Thursday morning.

Any thoughts on who this “mystery man” is going to be?

From WESH:

The most crucial new member of Casey Anthony’s criminal defense team is to be introduced Thursday.

According to the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure, attorneys must meet certain minimum standards to handle death cases. These standards, for example, include requirements about the number of trials “of serious and complex” cases, such as murder.

With a trial date still set for October, the new lead lawyer’s learning curve will be steep. This week, Baez plans to ask the judge to throw out a video made by law enforcement of Casey Anthony’s emotional reaction to her daughter Caylee’s remains being found Dec. 11.

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9 Comments on “Casey Anthony: New Defense Team Member To Be Named”

  1. luvanrs Says:

    With all this, they’ll probably get an extension. Casey is one lucky person to have all of these attorneys on her team. If it was me, I’d be lucky to get a pimply face first time public defender

  2. cindy Says:

    all casey lawers her parents and her lawers should get death sents abd when they pass away put them in a trash bag

  3. Honeydog0629 Says:

    My first Thought is that guy “Macalusa” (or something like that)… the One who was mentioned a while back on one of the Posts. If it is, He’s supposed to be
    quite Deadly, a Force to be Reckoned-with. Just a Guess. Does really make ya Sick though, that this B*tch, this Liar, this Nobody, rates the kind of Representation Fit for a Queen.

  4. Sophie Says:

    Eh, she’s still going down. This gal will be ‘waiting’ around in a cell the rest of her life. It’s too bad the state of Florida is paying for her existence on this planet. She’s waste of good oxygen.

  5. luvanrs Says:

    honeydog and sophie, I agree with both of you. she is a waste of oxygen. I can’t imagine how she can rate this “dream team” of lawyers. the average person does not get this. Who is paying for this? We never did get an answer.

  6. luvanrs Says:

    honeydog and sophie, I agree with both of you. she is a waste of oxygen.

  7. p.k. Says:

    did all the family know after the 911 call what had happened to caylee? afterall if i did not see my grandaughter for 31 days, when i was having her over nearly once aweek
    i would have called 911 a hell of a lot sooner like maybe 4 days. None of the family should have the right to any oxygen. Now thar Caylee is gone lets make some $$$$$

  8. luvanrs Says:

    p.k. That is the part that has always struck a weird cord with me. Why would Cindy wait 31 days to notify police? I would have called within days also. Especially in their shoes, where their granddaughter has lived with them on a daily basis and their daughter left with her in anger.

  9. Honeydog0629 Says:

    From what I remember from what was Reported, Cindy and Casey “Fought” the Night before the first of the 31 Days. Although Casey and Caylee took-off, Cindy and Casey WERE Talking to each other by Telephone DURING those 31 Days. Casey kept telling Cindy that she and Caylee were at This-Friend’s House and That-Friend’s House, and they would be Home on This-Day, then on That-Day, then on another Day, and so on, and Cindy believed her each time that Casey made an Excuse for This-Day and That-Day not Working-out, and she simply waited for the Next one. Cindy herself stated that, during this Time, she “Wasn’t Worried”, because she and Casey WERE In-Touch, and she knew Caylee was with her Mother. It was only after Cindy had had Enough of these “No-Shows” that she began contacting Casey’s friends and went Looking for Casey herself, found the Car, and the rest is History. All-in-all, the “Waiting” happened because there WAS Contact between them, and, to Cindy, Caylee WASN’T
    “Missing”. As for Cindy, especially, knowing what had Happened to Caylee AFTER her 911-Call, I myself do Believe that she indeed did.

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