Casey Anthony: Death Penalty a Scare Tactic

Maybe so, but it’s on the table!

Casey Anthony’s lawyers said they aren’t surprised the State is now going for the death penalty against the mother accused of killing her 2-year old daughter, Caylee Marie.

From CNN:

Anthony’s attorneys say the move is to intimidate Casey Anthony and prosecutors will not get a plea from her.

In her own handwriting, Anthony once claimed in a court motion, the State offered her a plea deal and she turned it down.

With Jose Baez unqualified to lead a death penalty case (he doesn’t have enough legal experience or death penalty experience to lead a death penalty defense case), Baez’s stance remains strong. He said nothing will change for Anthony’s defense because at least 3 other attorneys on the defense team are death-penalty qualified.

Casey Anthony’s lawyers filed a notice on Tuesday that they will depose an Orange County sheriff’s deputy and a corrections officer on May 5th.

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22 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Death Penalty a Scare Tactic”

  1. BEES KNEES Says:

    I know Bozo would like us all to believe this is a scare tactic but I totally believe they have enough solid evidence to see this through. It would be a mistake to think that without her making a plea she’ll be found not guilty but hey! WHO CARES? I’ve come to see that Bozo is wrong about 99% of the time anyway. Heh heh heh . . . dust off Old Sparky!!! It’s only a matter of time now.

  2. laura Says:

    Even if a plea deal was offered and turned down I sill believe the state has just cause for seeking death, I don’t think it is a scare tactic. I am shocked that Jose is not trying to talk some sense into Casey, she needs to accept a plea. How many people when faced with the evidence do you think is going to believe a Nanny stole a child. Casey’s car smelled of death, she did not report the child missing for 31 days, she was out partying, getting tattoos, stealing from friends, her cell phone pings and on and on. Now they are in around about way blaming everyone else how do they get rid of nanny theory to throw others under the bus of lies?

  3. white oleander Says:

    personally i hope that there will be no plea deal offered…..and if ‘hose a’ tries for one it will be turned down…..he better get over the fact that he thinks it is a ‘scare’ tactic….they have the proof they need and that is why they were sure to have their ducks in order before they put the DP back on the line!

    way to go, LE!!!!!!!!

  4. BEES KNEES Says:

    LE has handled this case beautifully from the start ~ there’s no doubt in my mind . . . they are going to win.

    It only goes to show how stupid Casey is that she is actually listening to Bozo’s advice. Doesn’t bother me at all though ~ they are perfect for each other. It will be his hand, as well as the state’s, on the switch of Old Sparky (or the lethal injection). Karma at it’s finest.

  5. mikka Says:

    the state take the D.P back,because she have new evidence and i think from the fbi lab the test come back.its serios.the state dont will offer a plea deal,the state will go straight forward,and dont look back!!!

  6. paula Says:

    Baez tries so hard to make LE look and seem foolish but he just makes more of a fool of himself. The death penalty isn’t back on at the whim of anyone as he would have us believe. It was approved by the states attorney general. IMO the prosecution and police dept have been more than fair to the whole Anthony family. They are all – Baez, all the Anthonys and all of their trolls – not only stupid but the stupidest thing about them all is that they think their “smart.”

  7. BEES KNEES Says:

    Paula you’re right. Only people as stupid as they are would believe the state is playing games or trying to scare her into a plea. They haven’t even offered her a plea. I wonder what the high-price defense lawyers are thinking about Baez. They must want to crawl away and hide in shame that they’ve hooked up with such a complete idiot!

  8. MBFelicity Says:

    LE and the FBI that worked this case, and saw the horrid, and painful way little Caylee was brutally murdered, are not about to let the likes of Baez and his Dream Team (and the lying Anthonys) win this case! This is personal to them, and they will make sure little Cayee HAS JUSTICE!

    Give Casey life at HARD LABOR…that will work!

  9. PAULA Says:

    Somebody tell Cindy Anthony to leave the chewing gum in Orlando, don’t chew for the Oprah show.

    She is classless and evil. evil eyes

  10. Listening Says:

    I find this whole story Harrowing.. And upsetting..
    Making me cry. It’s confusing, and scary and very sad.
    I feel very sorry for the baby that got killed..
    I don’t feel sorry for the killer, whoever it is.
    They can’t just give the death penalty without serious evidence. And I doubt if they are bluffing.
    If Casey did not do this, she better break down and cry out to God for help. Admit her part in it, whatever it was.. They will find out somehow. I say give her a liar detector’s test.. They are very accurate.. And as for her parents. They are in shock, I am sure.. But also being duped by her, possibly.
    It’s too bad.. Really.

  11. Listening Says:

    I am however, tired of hearing about this story on TV!!
    Sorry, I feel they draw it out too much in the media, like a circus. And it becomes annoying!! Who’s tired of hearing about it, raise your hand?

  12. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Adding my Agreement with everyone’s above…. Making the Decision to return the Death Penalty is nothing to Sneeze at, and I SERIOUSLY doubt the Prosecution would make this drastic Move on a “Crossing-their-Fingers-and-Hope-it-Works” Tactic. Whenever anything gets “Too Close for Comfort” for Baez, he ALWAYS has a “Come-Back”, just to try to make people think it doesn’t amount to a Hill of Beans. I think he’s in for a LANDSLIDE.

    I, myself, get more “Annoyed” over all the Lies and Canniving among the Anthony Family than hearing the Daily Updates of the Story. You have to admit, this Case is really Something, and People everywhere have invested their Interest and Concerns since Day-One, and as long as things continue to unfold, the Media isn’t going to show only the Beginning and End of the Movie. I’m not “Tired” of it… “Inquiring Minds want to KNOW”.

  13. Pat Says:

    How sad George and Cindy believe the media and other attorneys have ruined their lives! Just saying it shows their refusal for a reality check.
    Even if, ha ha, Casey did not do this,
    someone murdered their grandchild,someone created this nightmare for them. They responded to the media when they could have been quiet. The killer and the Anthony family have ruined their lives, not us, not the media, not Zenaida’s attorney.
    I would stand behind my daughter with love and anguish if this had happened to my family. But, I know when to say “No comment.”

  14. T.J. Says:

    I don”t think Casey should receive the dealth penalty
    Why? If you really think about it Case has all the ingredients of the ” Susan Smith case”. 1. Both stated
    I didn’t do it. 2. Susan: It was a black man, Casey:
    It was a hispanic woman. 3. Susan: I wanted the rich man I was seeing, Casey: It was my ex- fiancee. No apology given by neither for racial profiling., nor to
    the ex-lovers who had nothing to do with it. Susan gets life for killing not 1, but 2 children, and is up
    for parole this year I read, and not to mention sounds like she’s having a ball in prison already had sex with some corrections official, 1 was fired for it.The way I see it is “If you can’t give the death penalty for killing 2 children, then why give it to anybody baby killer. We all need to consult lawmakers for harsher punishments for child killers, cause it’s starting to run a pattern, Strange how they come up with laws quickly for gangs, & drug dealers, but not for innocent children.

  15. TastesLikeChicken Says:

    One positive note for Casey Anthony- if she gets the chair then maybe she’ll finally have a chance at winning one of those ‘hot body’ competitions she was so fond of. Burn, baby, burn!

  16. luvanrs Says:

    Tasteslikechicken…that is so funny!!! “hot body contest” ha ha ha

  17. PAULA Says:

    I just don’t get it. Doesn’t Biez have a legal responsibility to get the best deal possible for his client? Maybe the new attorneys brought on board will knock some sense into him. Weighing the states case and evidence, they should make a plea. It’s not about Biez EGO, this should be about Justice for Caylee. I can’t stand Casey, but, I don’t think she is getting the proper legal advice with a novice like Biez advising her.

  18. Honeydog0629 Says:

    “Paula”, be GLAD Casey has an INCOMPETENT Lawyer….
    She doesn’t DESERVE the Best. She Incriminated her OWN self from Day-One, and left enough Evidence
    behind at her own Hands that, “Novice” or not, there’s not much ANY Defense Attorney can do for her.

  19. PAULA Says:

    I am appalled the Anthony have a fund to find missing children. Their grandaughter was not MISSING. She was murdered and buried by their daughter. Casey was missing while out partying Casey was dead. What nerve the Anthony’s have to say they will help other families with missing children. They are protecting a murderer. What family would want their advice? They are helping a murderer and lying. I hope they are charged with perjury and end up in a cell like Casey.
    Let’s all boycott any foundation they are involved in.
    They are not victims rights advocates, they are not trying to get Justice for poor little Caylee. They are hypocrates.

  20. Honeydog0629 Says:

    “PAULA”, I’m with YOU! I can IMAGINE what kind of
    “Ideas”, “Advice”, and “Help” The Anthonys are going to try to put into the Heads of so many poor Vulnerable People. Of ALL People, they’d be the LAST ones I’d Trust or want Help from. What the Hell do THEY know, or even CARE about, using Proven and Highly-Efficient Methods that Authorities and Credible Organizations dedicate themselves to in this Effort?!… They don’t even AGREE with, or APPRECIATE those Individuals. The “Thanks” that “Texas Equasearch” and Leonard Padilla got from The Anthonys after spending MONTHS, Day-in and Day-out, from Dawn to Dusk trying to find Caylee, was a SLAP-IN-THE-FACE. If Cindy, especially, came to me with Open-Arms, I’d turn her down Flat. It’s always been HER Way or NO Way, and No Doubt she’ll be “Brain-washing” their innocent “Victims” and Controlling every Move made. Maybe they DO need to do SOMETHING Good and Constructive with their Lives, but this is NOT the Place for them to Inject their Un-Righteousness into. I Hope enough People know and realize that Acceptance of THEIR kind of “Help” would be a Huge and Sorry Mistake.

  21. PAULA Says:

    HI ALL,
    Please go to Please sign the petition”No More Airtime for the Anthony’s”. This petition is being sent to all media outlets.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Die Casey. you need to feel a painful death like your own kid got but on the electirc chair. good bye Casey. you will go to hell. Bitch Babykiller. you are worthless as a human being. you lie too much.

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