Casey Anthony: New, Racy Photos Surface Online

New, racy photos of a scantily-clad Casey Anthony surfaced online today and get this, she appears to be kissing a woman at a Halloween costume party.

Why am I not surprised 🙂 I’m keeping this site tame so you won’t get the really racy photos. You’ll have to go to the site to see for yourself, if you want to.



From RadarOnline:

Accused murderer Casey Anthony showed her wild side while having the time of her life at a party, and has the exclusive photos.

Casey is charged with murdering her toddler daughter Caylee and the Orlando case has made national headlines for months. Now, these new photos show her out of control, the shocking life-of-the-party, engaging in some passionate kissing with a girlfriend.

At a Halloween bash in Orlando, Casey, dressed as a sexy casino waitress, is shown making out with a woman decked out in an umpire’s outfit.

“This wasn’t just a quick kiss,” said an eyewitness. “Casey and the other girl were really making out like a guy and a girl would make out. Everybody at the party was standing there stunned, just watching them.”

At one point, another of Casey’s girlfriends joined in and “all three of them were making out,” the eyewitness said. “Casey then got on the floor on her back and the girl in the umpire outfit stood over her dancing.”

From the Orlando Sentinel:

RadarOnline is a joint venture between two companies, including American Media Inc., which owns the National Enquirer and Star magazine.

Here’s the publication’s e-mailed response: “Does the Sentinel pay for photos? Or do your photographers work for free?! Please don’t consider this a yes or no answer–it’s just a silly question.”

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2 Comments on “Casey Anthony: New, Racy Photos Surface Online”

  1. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Are we SHOCKED?… NOT!! I’M more surprised at the Video of Casey playing with Caylee… THAT’S the one that’s “surprising”! As much I loathe her, these new Pictures don’t prove anything other than Casey’s “normal” Behavior. This is how she IS. While I do believe she is definitely responsible for Caylee’s death, the Photos aren’t Proof for the Trial, UNLESS the Prosecution can conclude that all the “Partying” we’ve seen so far was that of “Consistant Conduct” and use it as “Motive”, while ALSO determining that Caylee’s whereabouts were “unknown” during Casey’s presence at each time and each place she Partied. If they have this, they have some very damaging Evidence, because she could have been using the Chloriform or other Medication to sedate Caylee all along, and just “stashed” her someplace while she Partied, and the final time was the one that was Fatal. Interesting to me is this… I do think Cindy must have been aware of Casey’s
    “Lifestyle”, because Lee stated that Casey told him
    “You know how Mom always told me I was an un-fit Mother, well maybe I am”, and yet Cindy herself has stated to Investigators that “Casey has always been a wonderful, loving Mother”… This is definitely contradictory on Cindy’s part, and I’m wondering how she’s going to get out of THAT one. She had a REASON for telling Casey what she did, and no matter how determined she is to defend her, if all the sleezy Pictures come into play at the Trial, Cindy’s going to hit a Brick Wall, and hard.

  2. why is this case turning into such a fiasco? Why can't they get down to business and get this over. In my opinion there is overwhelming evidence against this very uncaring individual, Casey Anthony, Says:

    It is so sad when family sometimes not see or don’t want to see that deep in their hearts they know, they know.

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