Casey Anthony: Paternity Test Proves Brother Lee is Not Caylee’s Father

Please note that this post is from 2009. For the most current updates on the Casey Anthony trial, please see my homepage.

Newly released F.B.I. documents from the Casey Anthony case have concluded that  Lee Anthony is not the father of Caylee Marie Anthony. The Anthony family has not yet commented on the paternity test.

From MomLogic:

It’s no wonder the F.B.I. wanted to rule Lee out being Caylee’s dad. Casey’s explanation of Caylee’s paternity had always been attributed to Jesus Ortiz, a 21-year-old killed in a car crash. But no one had ever heard of him in her family. Was Jesus Ortiz just another name plucked from the thin air — similar to the selection of the name Zenaida Gonzales for the non-existent nanny?

Hints of incest in the Anthony family was another reason for the suspicions Lee was a daddy.  Allegedly, Casey told both her former fiance Jesse Grund and her former boyfriend Ricardo Morales that Lee made unwanted advances when they were both teenagers.

Before the results were made public many following the case the possiblity of incest helped make sense of the bizarre behavior of the Anthony family:

“As for the incest story … it sure would explain a lot of Casey’s behavior, the lies for one,” writes one armchair detective on a Casey Anthony message board. “Her sociopathic behavior. And why Cindy is going to such lengths to protect her. Denial would have been something Cindy’s been used to dealing with, denying her children are having sex.”

Others believed Caylee is a hybrid of names Casey and Lee.

With the paternity of Caylee still a mystery, some speculate the defense will use the unknown father as a possible suspect in the toddler’s murder.

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15 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Paternity Test Proves Brother Lee is Not Caylee’s Father”

  1. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Well, at least TWO things are cleared-up in this Case.. Zenaida didn’t do it, and Lee didn’t “do it” either. Only a few Hundred issues left to settle now. We’re moving right along…..

  2. Anna Strong Says:

    Well, I thought it was only ME who saw the Cay-Lee connection to Casey and Lee, and I thought long ago he could be the father of Caylee. Has “dad Anthony” been ruled out? (suicidal?) I also thought they spoke in coded wording…”have you told them everything…” etc. This is a strange family for certain. Come on! Where does Cindy think Casey had funds for a “nanny”! I just feel for the victim and those last awful moments. I hope this does get solved with a confession versus burden of proof.

  3. luvanrs Says:

    I doubt she will ever confess. This will probably be a long trial with many appeals.

  4. Honeydog0629 Says:

    No “Anna”, you’re not alone on the issue of Caylee’s name… As I commented on another Post, my feeling is that the combination of Casey and Lee’s names was probably Cindy’s idea, since she was the one who always seemed to think of Caylee as her own from the day she was born and placed into Cindy’s arms rather than Casey’s. She probably just thought it was neat to combine the names of the other 2 children who came before Caylee. Cindy always “called the shots” in the household anyway. Either Casey liked the idea also, or, if she didn’t, maybe found herself having to go along with it, or, she might not have even cared.
    Who knows. As for getting a Confession out of Casey, I’d bet on happening, MAYBE, and ONLY, if she was strapped on the Table awaiting Lethal Injection and the Guy says they’ll give her one more chance to let her live. Right now, I really think Casey believes she has nothing to worry about, that her Lawyers are going to save her, that she’ll be getting out of there, and everything will be fine. She’s stupid and messed-up in the Head, but not so much to give-in to anything she’s had her Mind set to.

  5. […] Casey Anthony: Paternity Test Proves Brother Lee is Not Caylee’s Father Newly released F.B.I. documents from the Casey Anthony case have concluded that  Lee Anthony is not the father of […] […]

  6. […] Casey Anthony: Paternity Test Proves Brother Lee is Not Caylee’s Father Newly released F.B.I. documents from the Casey Anthony case have concluded that  Lee Anthony is not the father of […] […]

  7. Kathy Says:

    At the funeral-Lee was not a grieving uncle-he was a grieving father. Cindy took the baby out of her daughters arms at birth-no grandmother would do that unless it was a product of her two children. And the longer it went-what was Casey to tell Caylee who her father really was? The father died is boggus and we all know it. It was, I beleive a secret family situation that exploded and it all came out. Because when a traumatic situation occurs-such as incest the trauma to the brain can lead to sociopathic behaviors.

  8. Kathy Says:

    And I would also like to add that yes DNA was done on Lee to determine paternity and they say it was not him-but it came back the same as Casey’s DNA. Both Lee and Casey have the same DNA. There was no other mix-if you will.

  9. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Ya know, we could all go on and on and on disecting the “Caylee’s Father” issue, and while I truly don’t think Lee has anything to do with it— based solely on the Statement BY Casey’s friend during Deposition
    (She was told by Casey that the Father was a “One-Night-Stand, was engaged to another Girl, and Casey never told Him about Caylee”— Four specific things DO still bother me: 1, Casey surely could have made-up that Story as she does everything else; 2, Way back in the beginning, Cindy was asked by a Reporter “Can you tell us who the Father of Caylee is?”, and her reply was “That’s something no one will ever know”; 3, Although maybe it was simply to give Caylee his Room, Lee moved-out of his Parent’s House just before, or when, Caylee was born; and 4, In just-released Statements from Casey’s former Boyfriend, Jesse Grund, he claims that in September 2005 (Caylee’s Birth-Year) Casey told him out-of-the-Blue that, one day, when she and Lee were at Home by themselves, Lee tried to have Sex with her.. Jesse says Casey did not tell him WHEN in Time this was, and because he was sickened by it, he didn’t ask her for any further Information (Of course, again, Casey could have been lying). But one COULD certainly put two-and-two together from these particular things, and it would all make Sense as to the “Secretiveness” of this Issue, continued Questions and Speculation, and obvious “Loose-Ends”. Kind of doubt though, we’ll ever know, and it would definitely take “concrete” Proof to accept it, one way or the other.

  10. Mz Sanchez Says:

    I think Lee is the father, Caylee’s DNA matched Casey’s DNA which would also be the same as Lee’s DNA. Correct me if im wrong but wouldnt be able to tell… Gross.. As for Casey honey the just said state is pushing for death penalty again. Hope you get it your evil. Imagine what Caylee felt her last minutes pain? scared? sad? crying? poor angel. REST IN PEACE CAYLEE MARIE you are safe now. Caylee should be called Caylee Marie she not part of the Anthonys…

  11. Interesting point made here, I actually believe that woman should be able to decide whether they want to pass a dna test or no. It is important to understand both side of the coin, and it is certainly important to consider the future of the child in the first place. thanks for this insightful post.

  12. ricky ramos Says:

    let me clear up something. dna is your genetic makeup. its better than fingerprints. only identical twins have the same dna. i do believe there was incest involved in this family, but there is no reason for this innocent child to be murdered by her mother.

  13. karenbeth88 Says:

    Many pathelogical liars believe what they are lying about. This mom may not even be aware that she murdered her child. This is a dysfunctional family extraordinaire. None of the family members seem like rational thinkers.

  14. Honeydog Says:

    I agree that whatever Casey did to Caylee really ISN’T
    “Reality” to her. In observing her during this Trial, Casey watches and listens to everything going on, but like someone who is partially “Comatose”— Eyes open and Ears hearing, but without any Absorbtion or Affect to the Brain. She’s there in the Courtroom, but she’s not “There”. She sits “Stoically”, as though the Talk is going-on “around” her, not “about” her. References to Caylee, the “Name” Caylee, Discussions going-on about Bags and DuctTape and Decomposition and the like, all seem to have no Meaning to her. Her Head just moves from the Question to the Answer as though she is watching a Tennis Match. The only points at which her Brain has been Jolted back to Reality have been when she found herself “Visually Confronted” with “Horror” Pictures accompanied by Gruesome words, and she suddenly realized that she actually knew this person, that it happened to be of and about her Daughter… and she only seems to mentally “Catch” certain things which Anger her— Somewhat like a Retarded person who is usually Complacent, but intermittantly throws a Fit when the Fit sets-in. Sometimes I find it hard to determine whether Casey is truly a “Mentally-Sick Pup”, or she’s masterfully-Cunning in her Normalcy.

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