Casey Anthony: How People Have Profited From Caylee’s Death

A very interesting look by the Orlando Sentinel today about how many have profited from the death of Caylee Anthony.

As those who have followed the case will remember, in the months since Casey Anthony and her daughter became household names, entrepreneurs across the country have seized the opportunity to profit off both the mother and toddler.

I can understand a few things, but there have been so many inappropriate items for sale. It just boggles the mind!


From the Orlando Sentinel:

“There’s a long history of people being interested in high-profile murder cases and other people trying to make a buck off the situation,” said Bob Jarvis, who teaches legal ethics and law and popular culture at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale.

The items have outraged members of the Anthony family and others, who say the sellers are attempting to profit off the death of 2-year-old Caylee. “Politicians and celebrities expect to be satirized; it goes with their jobs. The difference for Casey is that she cannot defend herself. God forbid the people who buy and sell these shirts find themselves accused of a crime they did not commit,” Anthony’s defense attorney Jose Baez said. It’s unclear how much money is being made, but the selling goes on.

‘Keepsakes’ for sale

•T-shirts with various slogans are available at $15 and higher. One features Anthony’s mug shot with the phrase “WASTE HUGE WASTE,” a statement she made during her first angry jailhouse phone call to her family. Another commemorates “Zanny the Imagi-Nanny” — a reference to the baby sitter Anthony says took her child.

•A New Orleans artist created Casey Anthony voodoo dolls and offered them on eBay before the auction site balked. Sandra Lee, the person selling the voodoo dolls, said she sold four of them but did not say for how much.

•Despite public criticism, a Jacksonville promotions company is still selling a doll inspired by Caylee that, as of Monday, was “back by popular demand.” The Caylee Sunshine doll can be purchased online for $29.99. The promotions company selling the doll — along with “Hope Sunshine,” “Gracie Sunshine” and “Sally Sunshine” — states on its Web site that 100percent of the profits from the sale of the doll collection will be given to charity. But a disclaimer on the site also states “the distribution of donations to any charity is done so at the discretion of and we do so voluntarily.”

•For about $4, you can buy a magnet that is a screen-shot of Anthony’s MySpace page with a poem.

• A CASEY ANTHONY = DEATH PENALTY bumper sticker costs $4.20.

Crime and enrichment

Even before the days of eBay, people have profited off high-profile crimes and other sensational headlines, Nova’s Jarvis said:

•In the 19th century, a reporter wrote a popular play based on a San Francisco murder case while the case was still going on. The defendant went to the California Supreme Court to try to block performances. He lost the case and was later found guilty.

•At the 1935 trial of Bruno Hauptmann, accused of kidnapping and killing the child of aviator Charles Lindbergh, hawkers sold miniature “Lindbergh ladders” patterned after a piece of evidence in the case, according to the Constitutional Rights Foundation.

•Lizzie Borden, accused of hacking her father and stepmother to death in 1892, inspired books, songs, a ballet and even an opera.

Selling the story

Some of the selling around the Anthony case has taken place close to home:

NBC and ABC have paid undisclosed amounts for exclusive licenses to show Anthony family photos and home videos. It is unclear who got the money.

•In November, the ex-lawyer for Caylee’s grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony, released documents indicating Larry Garrison, a California actor who early on served as their spokesman, pocketed $6,500 from NBC without the couple’s knowledge.

•Private investigator Jim Hoover, who had volunteered his services to Caylee’s grandparents, has been accused of trying to sell a video of another private eye searching in woods near where the child’s bones were found. Hoover told detectives he took pictures of Anthony’s parents and brother at times when he didn’t think they knew what he was doing.

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3 Comments on “Casey Anthony: How People Have Profited From Caylee’s Death”

  1. Honeydog0629 Says:

    My comment is in TOTAL agreement with the following: In the words of (Sorry, Name escapes me, but he was on TV tonight and has over 20 years in the Criminal Justice System), “I have never seen a Victim (Caylee) exploited for Financial Gain like this in all my years with the Criminal Justice System, and this is just the beginning”…. “These people are Parasitic
    Vermon.. crazed Vultures frantically sucking Blood Money and devouring the tender Memory of an innocent
    little Child unable to speak for Herself”…. “It is also absolutely shameful and dispicable on the part of major Networks especially, to fight-over, bargain and pay for these Interviews and stuff; What kind of Message are they sending-out to America”….
    “Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to stop the Manufacturers and Networks, and what’s worse, is that the blame not only lies with the sick, disgusting, and pathetic minds of those who promote it, but on those who can’t wait to grab their piece of it”.

  2. robyn crow Says:

    I hate Casey Anthony. She will burn in Hell for what she did to that beautiful baby.

  3. trisha Says:

    I feel like the people making a mockery of casey anthony is justice for little Caylee. It’s her voice coming through the people. The shirt that says huge waste, it’s the blunt truth. Casey wanted the spotlight and now she has it.

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