Casey Anthony’s Reaction To Remains Captured on Video

It appears that investigators arranged to videotape Casey Anthony’s reaction in jail when she learned that a child’s remains were found near her family’s home.

I haven’t seen the actual video released as of yet but I’m sure that it will be made available eventually.


From WESH:

Anthony doubled over twice and appeared to hyperventilate, according to the source who has seen the tape.

Investigators said the tape shows Anthony’s consciousness of guilt, because it was days before the remains were identified as her daughter Caylee.

The remains, which were later identified as Caylee’s body, were found by a meter reader in a wooded area off of Suburban Drive near the Anthony family home.

WESH 2 News reporter Bob Kealing reported Thursday that Casey Anthony was purposefully taken to a jail nurse’s station in December and seated where she could see breaking news coverage on TV about the child’s remains. A video camera documented her reaction, a source said.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

The morning that an Orange County meter reader discovered the skeletal remains of Caylee Marie Anthony, corrections officers recorded her mother’s reaction to the news.

Sources told the Orlando Sentinel that deputies asked that Orange County Jail corrections officers tell Casey Anthony that the remains of a small child were found near her home and that her reaction be videotaped and closely observed.

The 22-year-old murder suspect doubled over a few times, began hyperventilating and asked for medication after the news was delivered that a child’s remains had been found just blocks from her family’s home. At that time no one knew whose bones were in the woods at the end of Suburban Drive.

Anthony began rocking back and forth and was visibly upset, according to the source.

The video of her reaction was later reviewed. Statements were taken from the Orange County Jail corrections officers who told Anthony of the discovery, according to documents released earlier this week.

Orange County Jail spokesman Allen Moore issued a statement regarding the videotape late Thursday.

“As we have consistently stated, we do not report reaction or demeanor of any inmate in our custody,” Allen said in an e-mailed statement. “Further, Orange County Corrections will not reveal any information about law enforcement investigations or requests.”

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22 Comments on “Casey Anthony’s Reaction To Remains Captured on Video”

  1. Kari Says:

    Not good for the defense, a reaction like that. I hope that will be admitted as evidence.

  2. J,H. Says:

    when Ifirst heard her reaction I felt she knew exactly were she put poor little Caylee, She is one cold hearted b.I think Cindy and George were greaving for the loss of Caylee in the jailhouse visit when Casey was so angry.Cindy was a mess.Casey will to her dying day will never admit her crime she deserves to live a very long life in prison for an attutude adjustment.

  3. mgd Says:

    I agree that George and Cindy already knew Casey was guilty right from the beginning and that why they stayed in contact with her to see if they could get more information from her. Everyone is saying that they treat Casey with kitten gloves… yeah so maybe just maybe she would falter and give up some information. That family is saying they are united but how can they really be? I mean the evidence is piling up against her. Can she really be that good of a liar to make her family believe her against all the evidence? She’s good but not that good. I truly hope she sits there everyday with flashbacks on the day she killed that sweet little baby.

  4. C-Ann Says:

    mgd, It’s called sociopath/ and yes both are deemed to be pathological liars. They have this keen ability to convince themselves of their own lies and put it out of their minds and go to the bar smiling laughing have a great time while a little 3-year old decomposes in her truck. This takes a very sick and twisted individual who can only be viewed as a sociopath to the 9th degree. Not all sociopaths harm or kill others, but she is not your garden variety but rather a extremely severe case.

  5. punkinpie Says:

    She doubled over because she knew it was Caylee and she knew she was going down. I am sure she thought with all the water in that area at the time that Caylee would not be found. She was probably hoping she would have been eating by the alligators and evidence destroyed. I think the documents indicate Lee was never protecting Casey. His talk at the service I believe was in reference to Caylee not Cindy or Casey when he said he would keep his promise and that is to bring Casey to justice. I hope the trial goes smoothly and the evidence shows who is guilty and that person pays the price for this horrific crime

  6. Robin 2 Says:

    Her reaction in most normal cases where the mother is not incarcerated for the murder of the child would probably be deemed ‘normal’. If my child went missing and her body was found, I’d hyperventilate too. I’d probably need something to calm me down as well.

    So as much as Casey Anthony disgusts me, I cannot find fault in her ‘reaction’ as it stands as a reaction.

    I believe she had her reaction for different reasons, because she knew the jig was up.

    But I don’t think that they can use this video in court against her. They’ll just argue that this is a normal reaction to finding out for sure your child has been murdered. And they’d be right in most instances.

    The state has enough against Casey and probably more they haven’t let out to media that’s even worse.

    They don’t need this video. But it’d be interesting to see it.

  7. deb05 Says:

    At the time , the body had not been identified as Caylee’s. She did not have any reaction when they found the bag in the Econ river. Why, because she knew Caylee was not in the river. She knew this was her little girl off of Surburban and she was going down .

  8. punkinpie Says:

    Robin 2, the video is when she heard a body had been found, it wasn’t until later they had identified the body as Caylee’s. To me her reaction is indication she knew it was Caylee before it was announced since she put her there.
    Deb05,good point about the bag from the river.

  9. Kat Says:

    Yes I think she knew it was Caylee and that is why she “hyperventilated” she knew that she was found and so would all the evidence against her. As for Cindy, & George I think found out later, but I think Lee knew all along that CMA did it and knew where Caylee’s body was. He is “keeping his promise” by not telling anyone. JMO…
    I am glad that they finally had her memorial and hopefully Caylee is resting in peace in God’s arms.

  10. […] Casey Anthony’s Reaction To Remains Captured on Video It appears that investigators arranged to videotape Casey Anthony’s reaction in jail when she learned that a […] […]

  11. Robin 2 Says:

    Oh, that’s right, I forgot about the body being unidentified…

    Still, if I was a mom of a lost child and a body was found, that MIGHT be my child…I’d still freak out.

    But you’re right, she only reacted to the find on Suburban Drive and not any others.

    And that is telling.

  12. luvanrs Says:

    Robin 2, I get what you are saying. If my child was missing, and then I heard that a child’s body had been found, I would automatically assume that it was my child and freak out before I heard all the facts. So, not sure how admissable her reaction will be in court. It could go both ways as you have suggested.

    I too feel that she freaked because she knew that they had found Caylee and the jig was up. But, a jury could see it either way.

  13. Truthiness Says:

    Consciousness of guilt may be inferred from the conduct on the part of the accused. IE:

    1. telling lies, either out of court or in court, including setting up a false alibi; (Casey did this -blaming Zenaida Gonzales, Jesse Grund)

    2. attempting to avoid arrest or trial, or absconding during the trial; (Casey did this – stayed in her cell until ordered by the judge to attend court)

    3. bribery or attempted bribery of those involved in the legal process (Casey’s inappropriate contact with Jose Baez — for which he was twice admonished — suggests a possible sexual overtone between them. Sex is currently Casey’s only currency in jail)

    4. disposing of evidence (Casey did this, as did Cindy Anthony by washing Casey’s clothes before calling the police)

    5. giving false statements to mislead investigators (where do we begin?)

    6. inappropriate reactions to information that nobody but the killer might have (discovery of the body – for all she knows, it might have been an accidental death of a stranger)

    7. information about holdback evidence that nobody but the killer might have

    Put a fork in her, Casey is done.

  14. Noonie Says:

    I agree. She is cooked! She knew it was all over when they found Caylee’s body. How stupid of her. Thought noone would ever find her? Not too smart.

  15. EDDIEisMINE Says:

    I GOT TO THINKING ABOUT THIS. CASEY KNEW EVENTUALLY THEY WERE GOING TO COME TO HER WITH THIS NEWS. She even went to websites and studied missing people. Being that she put the body so close to her home, she probably knew the kid would be found. Therefore, she had rehearsed how she would act. We all know she is good at this acting thing. So, now, she finally gets to use it and do her thing. She pretends to be distraught and hyperventilates, or at least pretends to. You can pretend to if you are a good enough actor. She ask for a sedative, either for the high, or, she had already rehearsed she would ask for one. Probably because she had read that people have to be given sedatives when loved ones die. Boy, I can’t believe people don’t see through this monster.

  16. Honeydog0629 Says:

    Absolutely the best piece of Acting in the history of, well, Acting. Think she missed her calling… and an Oscar. Too bad for Hollywood they didn’t know SHE was out there.

  17. Honeydog0629 Says:

    A Person’s “reaction” to something has nothing to do with needing to understand the Law. As for the Psychological end of it, my Comment on the Post “CASEY HYPERVENTILATED..etc” contains a thorough description of the varied STAGES of Emotions and Actions associated with Traumatic visual or verbal confrontation, based-on and proven by actual Study. As for Casey “saying” she was hoping for Caylee’s safe return, we all know how much Truth has come out of her mouth from Day One. Matter of fact, no one knows of ANY. Her entire Being is one big Illusion.

  18. Ka7 Says:

    Umm, why is everyone saying that Casey is such a good actress? Even her own mother smelled a rat before the media got so much as a whiff of this juicy story. The cops didn’t buy her bullsh*t and niether did the public. In fact the only person Casey Anthony may actually be fooling is herself and that’s a strech.

  19. copper Says:

    She knew full well she was being watched !! that was a show for all to see, she finally showed emotion !! Regardless as to who it was for, she acted on what she heard and saw.. THE END !!!!

  20. bobbi Says:

    ok, for real…u all need to wake up. i have been following this since day 1. i live in indiana, and i have never missed a second….ever. i think she did not do it! the grandma did this to frame casey to get ride of her. she lost her mind when she realised casey was going to leave with caley! she wanted the 2 yr old for herself, an when she found out she was going to lose her, she snapped. period. the grandma was a nurse and the grandpa was an ex investagator. they might have enough evidence to try the grandparents, not casey. it was the grandparents home computer with the researches, it was their car, they had “inconsistant” hits of decomp in their back yard, it was the grandma calling 911, it was grandma talking about smell in car, it was them who went to caseys friends home and told her about what happened to the baby. i think that the grandparents framed her, they threatened her, to make her take it to trial, and then it all went to poo. the truth will come out, an boy u r all going to feel so ashamed, and dumb.

  21. zelda Says:

    While I respect everyone’s theory as to ” who did it” I have to say I doubt very much if this is what happened.

  22. ashleye Says:

    BOBBI- i have been watching from day1 NO WAY did the grandparents do it. how do you explain the defense? why wouldn’t she state that if it were true? LOOK AT HER ACTIONS WHILE HER CHILD WAS MISSING! if my parents didn’t want me to take my child away then why wouldn’t they kidnap her? why kill an innocent child? I think casey is a manipulative SPOILED sociopath BITCH! put the effing needle in her arm PALLLEASE!

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