Casey Anthony’s Lawyer Calls Orlando “Unbearable”

I’ve never been there but I’ve heard it’s a nice place 🙂

Jose Baez has complained about all the publicity the case has been getting.

“It’s an unbearable place to try and try this case. It would be futile. But if we go to another location, I don’t want that disclosed, quite frankly, because I don’t want what’s going on in Orlando to happen in another location.”

From WDBO Radio:

Casey Anthony’s defense attorneys appeared this morning on NBC’s Today Show. Jose Baez said that he wants to move Anthony’s trial to “another location”.

Baez and attorney Linda Kenney Baden also compared their client with the lead character from the popular 1960s TV show, The Fugitive. “The person who seemed to be so guilty that the locals have made this person so guilty,” Baden said. “He was so hated and he ran from the law and it turns out he was innocent. In this case, we believe our client is innocent.”

Casey Anthony is charged with murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee Marie, and is being held without bail at the Orange County Jail. Caylee’s remains were found close to the home the toddler shared with her mother and grandparents.

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17 Comments on “Casey Anthony’s Lawyer Calls Orlando “Unbearable””

  1. kylucky Says:

    What a crock….wonder why this case is getting so much publicity…could it be because Casey’s attorney(s) are ALWAYS on some news cast moaning and groaning about how she can’t get a fair trial because of all the media??? Maybe if he’d keep his behind off TV and his comments to himself, she might could get a fair trial. This is the sickest case I’ve ever read about. I’m ready for it to be over. Can’t stomach much more of the circus.

  2. Sheron Says:

    All Casey had to do to set this right was take a lie detector test from the start. So, I don’t get the comparison to The Fugitive.

  3. Michelle Says:

    Yes, but in this case there is no real “one-armed man”. Zanny the nanny does not exist.

    The truth will come out regardless of what Casey and her defense choose to claim. I am looking forward to getting justice for Caylee. May she rest in peace.

  4. Rebecca Says:

    How can they believe she’s innocent? Are they that stupid? Yes, it’s supposed to be innocent until proven guilty- but in this case that doesn’t apply, because there is far too much evidence against her and alot we don’t even know yet!
    She didn’t even report Caylee missing for 31 days! And then it was Cindy who reported it. If Cindy had not called the police, Casey still to this day,would never have called the police, and would still be giving her parents excuses why they can’t see her.
    There was a decomposing body in Casey’s car. I would like her lawyers to explain that. Someone else killed Caylee and drove around in Casey’s car for 2 days, without Casey knowing? Does that even make sense to anyone?
    I don’t think it matters where they move this case, as soon as the jury hears the evidence- it wouldn’t matter if the case is on the moon, she will be convicted.
    I, for one, can not wait until this case is over. The dumbness that comes out from everyone involved, everyday is ridiculous.

  5. stoppage Says:

    Ok, Baez, come up with the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to move the trial and then you, the Dream Team, and Casey can sing and dance your “Innocent” song. Many may be willing to pay tickets for this Vaudeville.

    Hopefully, in light of all the taxpayer expense already paid as well as our unstoppable global media, the Judge will see this as an unreasonable request to move the trial.

  6. Just sayin' Says:

    Oh, boo-$%#^-hoo, Baez! Your murdering, baby-killing “girl” as you call her, is hated universally, no matter where you move your disgusting case to. Taxpayers SHOULD NOT have to foot the bill!

    And also, Casey may watch the memorial on television????? WHAT??????

    I thought she wasn’t going to receive any special treatment. This $%#% deserves NOTHING and I really hope the jail doesn’t start bending the rules for her.

    I have e-mailed the jail and told them how I felt about her getting special treatment and how dangerous a precedent it would set. This murdering, lying $^#% killed her tiny little girl. Why on earth would she get any special treatment?

    If anyone else wants to send their disapproval to the jail here’s their address:

    I did e-mail them but I wasn’t able to get a direct link to the jail. But if you copy and paste this address you’ll get there.

  7. Hilde Says:

    well what Linda Baden and Baez forgot to mention, in
    1960 they didn’t have forensic Evidence yet, DUH!!!!!

    How ignorant of them to even suggest to compare the Fugitive Movie to the Casey Anthony Case.

    I guess it’s their Wishful Thinking that People buy their Nonsense.
    If they want to believe their Client is innocent, so be it.
    Most of us have a Brain and use it therefore put two and two together and You come up with Casey did it!

    Naturally it will have to be proven in Court, Casey sure in the Heck is not going to open her Mouth and tell the Truth what she did to her Daughter, but all the
    Evidence will point the Finger right to Casey.

  8. Just sayin' Says:

    That’s right, Hilde!

    And also, as I was reading on another thread . . .

    Did The Fugitive WAIT 31 DAYS before calling authorities? NO? Really? Hmmmm . . .

    Did his computer show that he had been SEARCHING ON-LINE for ways to MURDER HIS WIFE? Oh, it didn’t, huh? Hmmmmm . . .

    Well, did he go out DRINKING and PARTYING, pole-dancing at clubs with his friends afterwards? NO????

    Hmmmm . . . well . . . I think my answer to your pathetically transparent theory is . . . NO HE DID FREAKING NOT!!!!!!!!!!! NOT ANY OF THE ABOVE.

    So, what were you saying, Baden? How about you, Baez? You fat pair of scum sacks! I hope both of your careers are irreparably destroyed by the end of this case. You are seriously insulting our intelligence when you expect us to believe such complete and utter trash. Pigs. The both of you. Not good enough to even utter Caylee’s name.

  9. Hilde Says:

    Sorry, I commented on the wrong Subject. should been on the Fugitive Story.

    As to Baez whining about Orlando being unbearable, well
    look who he is defending, that should answer a few Questions for him.
    If Baez wouldn’t always keep that Circus going by showing up on the Media every time he has a Chance that might wouldn’t hurt.
    It sure would make it a lot easier for most of us, not to see his Face pupping up every time
    you turn on the TV.
    Baez is sure not helping his Case by making a Fool out of himself every time he talks. Doesn’t he get it, we are not interested in any thing he has to say.
    I guess some People never learn.

  10. detwill39 Says:

    Just sayin~~I am hoping that when you sent an email to the jail, you did not use the vulgar language and profanity that you used in your message here.

    This blog has been one of the better ones to post in because it is a family blog.

    I was going to leave my opinions on the topic but have changed my mind today.

  11. prettyinpinkxo Says:

    ~Just sayin~
    I couldn’t have said it better myself!!! You have just stated my thoughts and I didn’t have to do a thing 🙂

  12. Just sayin' Says:

    detwill, I apologize for my strong language. And no, I spoke much more professionally in my post to the jail.

  13. Just sayin' Says:

    The only similarity between David Jenssen and Casey Anthony is they are both liars.

  14. kreuzer33 Says:

    Hey “Just Sayin” 🙂

    Thanks for the comments as always. I know how strongly many people feel about this case and the issues.

    I hope you don’t mind but I edited a few parts of the earlier comment. I tried to keep the thought process the same but eliminated some of the wording. Just trying to keep the site as PG as possible *you know, in case my 3 year old daughter could actually read it* 🙂

  15. detwill39 Says:

    Just sayin’~~I know how frustrating all this can be and agree with what you wrote. I hope your email to the jail will make an impact.

    I cannot see how a change of venue will do much good in this case except cost the taxpayers more. I am in Canada and you wouldn’t believe how many are following this case and ‘without a doubt’ feel Casey is guilty. Alot of folks are afraid that this will end up like another OJ. It doesn’t matter if one is guilty, it is a contest of lawyers.

    Thanks Kreuzer..

  16. jumper Says:

    To all who have convicted this young woman before hearing the evidence, she is presumed innocent until proven guilty. No one has to prove she did not do it, the prosecutors have to prove she did,without a reasonable doubt. The court of public opinion does not matter really, except that all of this media may influence a juror, and then what point is there if she is convicted? Justice will not be done by that. It is bad enough that our justice system is already such a rotten mess for most citizens innocent or guilty. If this were your daughter or sister on trial would you want this circus to follow her and your family everywhere, at every turn? No prolly not

    Wishing the law were still sacred, and the constitution were printed backwards on our foreheads so we could see it daily… TJ

  17. Robin Says:

    Unbearable because he’s being mocked wherever he goes. Not because of Casey.

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