Casey Anthony: People Magazine To Discuss Anthony Family Secrets

Why do I have the feeling that lots of people are going to rush out and buy this issue, even though most of us already know the information that will be in the publication. The issue will hit newsstands this Friday, January 30.

People Magazine

Credit: People Magazine

It’s interesting. There are so many other stories that could be on the cover. There was the tragedy in Los Angeles yesterday where a man lost his job and killed his family. There have been massive job cuts at US companies this week. Kay Yow, NC State women’s basketball coach died of breast cancer and the DTV switch has been delayed.

Yet, People Magazine has more information about this case on the cover. I’ll admit, I’ve been interested in this case from the beginning but sometimes there are other stories that should be covered.

Has people’s obsession with this case gone too far? Why do so many people follow this case? Do you feel that you are obsessed?

From People:

Long before the remains of missing 2-year-old Caylee Anthony were discovered in December, deep fractures in the troubled Anthony family had already emerged, PEOPLE reports in its new cover story, on sale Friday.

On Jan. 22, George Anthony – whose daughter Casey, 22, is scheduled to go on trial in March for the murder of her daughter Caylee – was found by authorities in a Daytona Beach, Fla., motel room after sending suicidal text messages.

George, 57, and his wife Cindy, 50, “are both suffering beyond what you can imagine,” says the family’s attorney Brad Conway.

In an interview with the FBI last year, George said that he and his wife had separated for more than six months starting at the end of 2005. They reconciled, but there was no mistaking the rift between them.

“I’ve watched Cindy berate George over the littlest thing, just nasty, mean stuff,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She’ll say, ‘George, you’re so stupid,’ in front of his friends.”

Strained Relationships

Meanwhile, the relationship between Cindy and Casey – well before Caylee’s murder – was even more strained. “They were always at each other’s throats about something,” says the source.

“Cindy would tell Casey she was immature, and Casey would tell Cindy she was ruining her life. They couldn’t communicate if it wasn’t for their fighting and bickering.”

In emails dated August, after Caylee’s disappearance, bitter tensions emerged between Cindy and her brother Rick Pleasea. “Casey is the only person that really knows where Caylee is and what really happened to her,” Rick wrote to Cindy on Aug. 11, 2008.

“She is playing you, George and Lee like a base [sic] fiddle and has for years. You need to wake up.”

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15 Comments on “Casey Anthony: People Magazine To Discuss Anthony Family Secrets”

  1. You know Kreuzer, this is one of the best blogs ever. Glad you found that People thing…may I use it?

    I don’t think this has ever been about Caylee, or even Casey for that matter. I think people are drawn in because they see themselves in it. Even though they sit on the sidelines and ridicule the family, they know that their family is the same way…it is something they can identify with.

    Let’s face it, they need the drama too. That is why Caylee’s body laid in the mud for so long while the media had the Anthonys’ pinned in their own home. Inasmuch as Casey may be a sociopath, they live in a sociopathic community. The reporters care about no one other than themselves because they want to get the first lead on the story-though there are plenty of other stories out there. Padilla wanted advertisement, Mark Furhman is still trying to redeem himself for losing the OJ case, and Nancy Grace is acting like an old white man-who probably taught her everything he knows-that’s why she hammers on the case night after night.

    Let’s face it…Caylee is gone! Casey is guilty, if not of murder, then of something that contributed to the death of her daughter.

    All the media attention has made the situation into a cash cow for everyone except the family.

  2. friendlymom Says:

    For the same reason people rush to blog information that has already been made public in the news. Obsessed, we probably are, but I feel it is mostly due to people trying to make sense of something that will never make sense, and because they want to see justice served.

  3. friendlymom Says:

    I also agree that people can “somewhat” indentify with this situation; the human side of it all in being it could have been any number of families, and will be again.

  4. kreuzer33 Says:

    Agreed. That is an excellent point. Most people have their own theories of what happened. But, will we ever actually know the truth? Hard to say.

  5. friendlymom Says:

    Sadly, I do not believe we will ever know the complete truth. The only one who knows isn’t talking, and if she did, no one would believe a word she said. I think the moral of the story is this; Hiding behind family secrets only makes the problem grow bigger and more destructive with time. Swallow self-pride and confront the issue with diligence for the greater good.

  6. stoppage Says:

    Just keep the media out of my home…OK?

  7. John Says:

    Whatever a person will not confront or admit cannot be totally solved or fixed. Such is the hideous reality of “family secrets” The more intensely defended the secret, the deeper the evil such as in murder, suicide, or incest. And the systemic nature of ‘family secrets’ taints every member of that family in one way or another.

  8. John Says:

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to call suicide evil, I should have called all three of these the deeper the darkness.

  9. Moody Monica Says:

    Hi John(Kreuzer)…Just stopping by to say hello. I won’t be buying the magazine…I am one of those who believe this has all gone way too far. However I do understand why it has…I too am a parent.
    Anyway…just wanted to stop by and show some support!…Have a great weekend.

  10. kreuzer33 Says:

    Hey, you too! I won’t be buying as well. I got to the point where I stopped writing a lot about this case, but I started receiving emails from readers who asked that I keep posting information when it’s available since they enjoy coming to the site. Always good words from readers 🙂 I think that it has all gone a little far but when I do see information, I’ll post it for discussion. As you’ll notice, though, I have A LOT of other stories for people to read!

    Oh, FYI, my family and I are scheduled to be featured in the February 9 issue of TIME Magazine in a story on families surviving through the tough economy. We’re having a photo shoot tomorrow. How cool is that! I’ll let everyone know when the article actually comes out and that it’s in the print issue 🙂

  11. Moody Monica Says:

    Yep you sure do have many different types of stories…and I read a lot of them…
    Time magazine WOW that is way cool! Now that I will buy. That will be something your kids will be able to show their own kids someday…awesome!

  12. Moody Monica Says:

    I just want to add one thing about the picture of Caylee on people magazine…that is my favorite picture of her…she is incredibly beautiful. Have you noticed the hearts that someone (her mother no doubt) drew on her hand?…they are upside down but it is double hearts.

  13. The Media needs a good spanking. I wonder if media saturation is the key to winning a murder case?

  14. Nancy H Says: Many will not BUY ANYTHING that has to do with the Anthony we know the money will go to CASEY .. we will NOT SUPPORT her or jury’s or attorneys in anything they try to do to get around trying to get blood money How about printing SOMETHING About the trueth ONLY ABOUT CAYLEE NO ONE ELSE AND MAKE IT THE TRUETH FACTS .. NOTHING ELSE ………DONT SUGAR COAT IT …. PUT THE TRUETH OUT THERE FOR ONCE… DO THE RIGHT THING FOR CAYLEE …

  15. Nancy H Says:

    Casey Anthony: People Magazine To Discuss Anthony Family Secrets
    keep Stirring the pot $$$$ talks and bullsh$$ walks we all know what happened here …. we will continue to hear about CASEY.. she isnt done yet…watch and SEE… more stealing … much more of many things… watch and see

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