Lawyer: Casey Anthony Can’t Get a Fair Trial in Orlando

It’s expected that Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, will ask for a change of venue for her trial. This request is expected this week.

Hey, move the trial to San Jose, California! I’d be happy to sit on the jury. 🙂

From WESH:

Legal experts and other attorneys said they can’t imagine the judge holding the trial in Orlando because of all the publicity the case has attracted.

The trial will likely be moved to another metropolitan area like Jacksonville or Miami.

But it is possible for jurors from other parts of the state to be brought to Orlando and sequestered.

Either option will be costly.

“The more complicated the case gets, the more money it costs the taxpayer to try this … You have to move everybody, the court reporters, the attorneys,” attorney Leticia Marques said.

It’s not clear exactly when the change of venue motion will be filed, but it could come as early as this week.

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11 Comments on “Lawyer: Casey Anthony Can’t Get a Fair Trial in Orlando”

  1. WolfmanJack Says:

    Unfortunately, the defense teams idea of “fair” is to allow her to keep on lying.

    That is not going to happen. The many lies will be exposed. That is what happens when you lie, nobody believes you.

    This is a nationally-visible case. Nowhere where they find incredibly gullible people that will believe Casey’s story. It starts out with her “job” at “Universal” and continues from there.

  2. Linda Says:

    Did Casey ever have any presciptions for Xanax-could that be the baby sitter? To give Caylee Xanax(to sleep till Casey partied. Also the name Caylee, since no one really knows the real truth about Caylee’s father and Lee refused DNA, could he be the father of Caylee, hince the name CayLee.

  3. Boston Says:

    What comes first ? the speedy trial motion or the change of venue? I think he is trying to delay the trial. What say you?

    Linda-these questions have been asked months ago when the investigation was under way. I will give a brief response:
    Casey used Xanac (sp) for her anxiety. It was recreational-creates the party girl enthusiasm so to speak
    It doesn’t matter one iota who the father of Caylee is
    If Lee had an incestuous relationship with Casey he can be charge with a Felony in the third degree and is punishable as provided in s.775.082.3.4 See Fl law. Nothing to do with this indictment rrelative to the murder of Caylee Anthony.

  4. Everyone knew from the beginning the trial would have to be moved. They would have preferred to try it in the media-that’s what is costing them so much.

    Fortunately for Casey, she won’t be speaking-Jose Baez will.

    They will have to prove she is the person who killed Caylee-seems doubtful since the skull was found with duct tape attached to it.

    However, if they can prove she sold her or gave her to someone known to be harmful-that would be a different story altogether…it’s almost the same as having killed the child herself.

    Which is probably why she couldn’t come up with “Zanny’s” address or phone number. Remember, she once told Amy she had $15G in the bank-I wonder if she had found an “adoption” outlet that wasn’t on the up and up-she had a lot of college friends.

  5. monique Says:

    Hi, I have been keeping up with this case sense day 1. I really don’t think that Caylee got a fair trail… but as a mother of 3 boy’s and a grandmother of 2. I have yet to understand what the HELL she was thinking.or what the HELL the grandparent’s where thinking.


  6. punkinpie Says:

    Just another way to add more time between now and the trial. The only way she would get a trial where no one has ever heard of the situation is to find some remote obscure island where there isn’t any media.
    Give it up Baez – let Casey talk, let’s save everyone a lot of pain, grief and dollars. Let Caylee be at peace.

  7. detwill39 Says:

    Baez will try to get a change of venue but not necessarily get it. Why bother to try for Tampa or Jacksonville? With the internet and media outlets, this world is a small place….I am in Canada and just about everyone I chat with is familar with the case and claim Casey is guilty as sin. Baez also wants a speedy trial….does he want the trial to be soon or want the proceedings to go fast? If he asks for a change in venue, I doubt he can get a speedy trial as well.

    TOTC~~Casey told Amy she had 45G…also that her mother was giving her the house because her parents were splitting… a way of Casey gaining Amys trust to get access to Amy’s car…….and we now know her check book.

    Duct tape~~Dr Perpper said it was probably put on prior to death. His words. there would be no point of it being put on after death. Why would a kidnapper use duct tape on a child? A mother who wanted her child dead would wrap the tape around the skull cutting off the airways to the nose and mouth.

  8. kim from nc Says:

    ohhh poor casey when your quitly as hell does it even matter

  9. mak Says:

    Why not bring the trial to Newport Beach, CA.? After all, stupid Cindy (trying to redirect the attention from Casey … saying that Caylee was here …. what a joke!!!) took her little vacation which was really designed for the Larry King Live Show. That bitch knew that her grandaughter was dead the minute she reported that “I found my daughter’s car today …. it smells like there’s been a a dead body in the damn car”! The truth was said in the beginning. However, Florida taxpayers are allowing to have their taxes spent on this worthless family and the drama that has been extended for the last 6 or 7 months. We are all sooooo sick of it. Just give Casey the needle. I have a sister just like her. I know how she is.

  10. Jim DeYoung Says:

    I have followed this from the beginning. Sometimes it boils down to the simplest of questions. Like in the OJ trial…. Had the prosecution asked some of the neighbors, “how many times have you seen Mr. Simpson (with a 5 car garage), park his vehicle in the street over night…..especially when he’s going away for a weekend?” Maybe the jury could have got that!
    In Casey’s case, she claims that someone named Jeffery and (I think it was) Julie are the ones she told about Caley’s disappearance. did that pan out? Did this Jeffery really leave his son with this, so called Nanny too, as she claimed? Never heard an answer to any of that yet. I’d like to know (maybe through Nancy Grace) had anyone…… anyone at all ever met this nanny? I already know that the answer is no!
    I feel so sad for the beautiful little girl. I think that the whole thing was over this dysfunctional family and the attention between the granddaughter and grandmother.

  11. siliquey Says:

    I can’t believe how judgemental some of these comments are. I would like to hope that if any of us were ever in a situation where it looked like we were guilty, there just might be one merciful person to give us a fair trial before jailing us. Sometimes the way something looks is not the way it is. Many people that were tried and put on death row are now walking free thanks to DNA and a few folks who didn’t judge until all the evidence was in. Lets wait until the trial to judge her. Pray that nothing ever happens to make you look guilty as sin when you know that you are innocent. The phrase ” innocent until PROVEN guilty” applies to everyone.

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