Casey Anthony: Cindy Anthony Defends Casey in Email

In an e-mail obtained by Local 6, which was sent by Cindy Anthony just a few days ago, she wrote that her daughter never harmed Caylee and that fact would be proven in court.

I’m pretty sure that no matter what you truly believe, deep down, you want to support your children as best as you can. Cindy may think that her daughter is guilty, but doesn’t WANT to believe that Casey was capable of this terrible crime. Thoughts?

From the article:

In the e-mail obtained by Local 6 News, Cindy Anthony wrote to Lois Peter, “As for my daughter, she never hurt Caylee and that will be proven. She loved her deeply.”

In August, Peter’s 12-year-old granddaughter hosted a candlelight vigil for Caylee in St. Cloud while Casey Anthony was home on bond. Casey Anthony sent the girl a bracelet, a letter and some e-mails, which prompted Peter to unsuccessfully seek a restraining order against Cindy Anthony, who continued to correspond with the girl after Casey Anthony returned to jail.

In recent days, Cindy Anthony and Peter have exchanged biting e-mails, with Cindy Anthony telling Peter that she would not be invited to Caylee’s funeral.

Peter responded in an e-mail, saying, “I would not want my granddaughter around a person that condones her daughter killing her own child. At least I know where mine is.”

That’s when Cindy Anthony replied, “As for my daughter, she never hurt Caylee and that will be proven, she loved her deeply.”

Cindy Anthony and her husband, George Anthony, have avoided the media since Caylee’s remains were discovered, allowing their attorney to speak on their behalf.

The last time Cindy Anthony spoke publicly was on CNN’s “Larry King Live,” the day before Caylee’s remains were found. She also defended her daughter during that interview.

“I can say with 100 percent of my being (that) Casey has nothing to do with Caylee’s disappearance,” Cindy Anthony said.

“How are you holding up?” Larry King asked.

“We take one day at a time. A lot of sleep lost, weight lost,” Cindy Anthony said.

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65 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Cindy Anthony Defends Casey in Email”

  1. cg Says:

    If it were my daughter I might be trying to stick by her side too. We honestly don’t know what we would do in this situation, but we sure like to judge don’t we?!

  2. Christina Says:

    No one wants to believe their child is a addict, thief, murderer etc…….
    But staying in denial and co-signing bad behavior only enables that child to continue with the bad behavior. When that bad behavior starts to hurt and/or effect others that’s over the line. I know a lot of parents who have had to exercise tough love with their children because it was the only hope they had of ever having their children be happy, productive citizens. Their heart aches as bad as any parents when they have to step back and allow their child to learn from the consequences of their actions and/or in actions. Many of us have had to do that and it breaks our hearts, but the alternative in not doing it and not to allow our child to learn from consequences only often times worsens the outcome and their future. Because their comes a time when we as parents can’t make excuses or protect them from the consequences of their actions and they find themselves sitting where Casey is sitting. Enabling our child’s bad behavior, choices and decisions sometimes can be like giving them a loaded gun. It does not help them it hurts them.

    And when you allow your adult child to injure or effect your 2 year old granddaughter without so much as calling CPS or checking on that child’s well being knowing what you do about your child, her life style and inability to put a roof over that child’s head and food in her mouth all to not get your adult child in trouble that’s reprehensible. Grandparents are that child’s second line of defense. Sometimes the most loving thing a parent can do for their child is love them enough to let them go and reap what they sow so they can learn for the natural consequences of their actions. It hurts us far worse than it hurts them but if nothing changes …. nothing changes.

  3. Christina Says:

    I can tell you what I would do….. because I have done it….

    “Take My Hands Off”

  4. pak31 Says:

    I think Cindy is aware of what Casey is like. I don’t know if she ever really thought that she could or would actually kill Caylee but to me, she didn’t seem all that surprised during these past months. The only time that Cindy ever seemed to be really upset was during her 911 calls. I think that Cindy and Casey always butted heads and argued and I wouldn’t be shocked if Casey had made threats to Cindy while they argued. But a lot of times people say stuff in the heat of the moment but would never actually carry out on the threat. I think maybe Cindy felt that Casey would never go thru with anything. Then when she found out the Caylee was gone, she freaked because she knew maybe this time Casey finally did it. But after that night she has been completely different. You know I am just making an assumption but maybe she does realize that she could have pushed Casey over the edge and regardless of what Casey may have done, she just doesn’t want to see her go to jail. I think that George and Cindy saying she is a good mom is just a cover. Why was Cindy very close to taking Caylee into full custody then? The facts of this case will tell the story, that is how Casey will be prosecuted. The facts: Cindy and Casey had rocky relationship, Cindy knew Casey never wanted Caylee, George knew that Casey resented the relationship between Caylee and Cindy, Cindy washed Casey’s pants, George and the smell of death, I could go on and on but those are the things that happened early on and they are very telling.

  5. Christina Says:

    “. . . You know I am just making an assumption but maybe she does realize that she could have pushed Casey over the edge . . . . ”

    Even if that was what put Casey over the edge it is not Cindy’s Fault. She did the right thing in calling Casey on her cr&p. But……………… she should have checked on Calylee sooner…… she should have called CPS and told them what had been occurring since Caylee was born…… and she should not be lying or covering up for Casey like she has been doing.

  6. Christina Says:

    An enabler, is a person who by their actions make it easier for an addict to continue their self-destructive behavior by criticizing or rescuing. The term codependency refers to a relationship where one or both parties enable the other to act in certain maladaptive ways. Many times, the act of the enabler satisfies a need for the codependent person because his or her actions foster a need from the other person or persons in the relationship.

    To enable the individual with the addiction, the mutually dependent person makes excuses and lies for the addict, which enables the addiction to continue. Codependency is reinforced by a person’s need to be needed. The enabler thinks unreasonably by believing he can maintain healthy relationships through manipulation and control. He believes he can do this by avoiding conflict and nurturing dependency. Is it normal for someone to think that he can maintain a healthy relationship when he does not address problems and he lies to protect others from their responsibilities? The way a codependent person can continue to foster this dependency from others is by controlling situations and the people around them. The ongoing matter in a codependent home, are to avoid conflicts and problems and to make excuses for destructive or hurtful behavior.

    Why does enabling cause so much hurt in a relationship? The power afforded to the mutually dependent person in a relationship support his need for control even if he uses inappropriate means to fulfill his need to be in control. A second and overlooked reason, centers on the contradictory messages and unclear expectations presented by someone who is codependent. These characteristics give to a relationship filled with irrational thoughts and behavior. This kind of relationship has no clear rules to right and wrong behavior. The person(s) unhealthy patterns you enable may be doing one or more of these behaviors.

    Any time you assist/allow another person to continue in their unproductive/unhealthy/addictive behavior, whether actively or passively, you are enabling. Even when you say nothing you are enabling the behavior to continue. Sometimes you say nothing out of fear, fear of reprisal, fear of the other person hurting, hating, not liking you; or fear of butting in where you don’t think you belong. Perhaps even fear of being hit or worse.

    Sometimes enabling takes the form of doing something for another that they should do for themselves. It also takes the form of making excuses for someone else’s behavior (example), There are situations where the spouse of an alcoholic will call in to the boss to say that person is “sick”, when they are really too hung over they can’t make it to work.

    You more than likely enable out of your own low self-esteem. You haven’t gained the ability to say no, without fear of losing the love or caring of that other person. People who learn tough love have to learn that their former behaviors have been enabling and that to continue in them would represent allowing the other person’s pattern of behavior to continue and to worsen.

    It is difficult to stop enabling if you’re trying to do it with all authority. And it’s not easy until you know you deserve to stop. Until you know that you are endearing regardless of what the person you’ve previously enabled says to the contrary until you raise your own self-esteem enough to be that strong. You may think it’s the other person who needs all of the help, in truth, you both do.

  7. chuck Says:

    Stop The BULLCRAP…Scott petersons mother still thinks that Scott peterson is innocent…The Anthony,s Cindy and George and Lee are all liars..They are defending their Daughter Casey the adult, and are not defending their poor little dead grandaughter Caylee…..And now they want the body maybe cremated..They should have no rights to their grandaughter..I still feel, the reason why Cindy, George, and Lee are all defending wacky Casey, is beacuse they are ALL INVOLVED IN THE CRIME IN SOME SHAPE OR FORM…Also, they are COLD HEARTED ASS***, IN MY BOOK….The Anothonys, cleaned the car, gave the wrong hairbrush to the cops, did not want to take lie dectectors tests, put on a BULLCRAP SHOW about a live Caylee, to fool the jury..Also, they probably told the private investagator were the body was, so he could hide the body for good, and hopes of Casey getting out of jail..In my opinion George, Cindy and Lee are all guilty too, that is the reason for the long charade…Just My Thoughts…

  8. chuck Says:

    I will bet you Lee Anthony was talking to the private investigator on the phone at that time when he was in the woods.

    The Psychic is getting paid to change the truth around. The Psychic may have been on the phone with the private investigator at some time that day, but that was a decoy, but Lee Anthony was talking to the private investigator when he was looking in in woods for the body of Caylee…That is why the phone records is such a DAMN issue, BECAUSE THAT IS THE MISSING PIECE OF THE PUZZLE…WHICH IS LEE ANTHONY…Lee Anthony DID NOT want to turn over his phone records, I wonder why…Believe me, If Lee Anthony knew where Caylee’s body was in November, you can bet everything you own that the parents Cindy and George ALSO KNEW..They were trying to get rid of the body before it was found, so ASS**** Casey could win the jury over and get out of jail..But thank God it did not work out like that…

    All I can say is I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH CAYLEE, EVEN THOUGH I NEVER MET YOU..It is a crying shame on how your family used you and treated you and put Casey first instead of you…

  9. friendlymom Says:

    I haven’t decided if Cindy is just in this much denial, or if she is just hell bent on total control. Maybe a bit of both??? I do believe she wears the pants, and has controlled her surroundings to no prevail. I believe she has built a life of fasade, and NEEDS for everyone to view her life as perfect. I believe she is cunning and manipulative, thus molding her daughter to her likeness. Casey just took what she learned many steps further. I also believe this is primarily what caused much of the friction between the two. Both competing for total control (of Caylee); each time the ante got bigger. Their house of cards have fallen around them, and they are left standing in the heap; exposed as the dirty cheaters they are.

  10. Just sayin' . . . Says:

    I love all the different comments here. But I’m afraid of one thing. I’m afraid that the defense is trying to “baffle us with bullshit!” Everyday they are sensationalizing something because they have very little REAL evidence.

    Of course our first reaction is, “What a mysterious case” this is!!” Well, let’s think for a minute. How much of it is genuinely baffling and how much of it is very simple?

    The bottom line is, a beautiful innocent child has been murdered and thrown out with the trash and most likely it was her own mother that did it. Did Caylee suffer? Was she wide awake when mommy put the duct tape on her mouth? Did she struggle? Did she cry? Had she been left alone, very sleepy in the trunk before?

    I think as hideous as it is, there are REAL questions to be answered. Unfortunately the scociopath is the only one with ALL the answers, but it’s starting to look like a few others were in on at, after the murder. With what they can tell us, pieced together with scientific fact and many other witnesses, maybe we’ll end up with the truth.

    But more and more I feel myself getting caught up in all the drama (as if we needed any more drama than just the bare facts honestly are)! JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!

  11. Nina Says:

    Cindy and Casey are the same..How do you think Casey learned..They manipulate everyone around them. Then when they are though with people they throw them away..Just like Casey did to Caylee..Human life had no meaning to Casey..Casey was about herself,and so is Cindy..Its what they want that matters,right or wrong..Either of them could careless….AS far as that Psychic goes she is a fraud..I can almost bet it was Mr. Lee Anthony DC was speaking too..I have never seen so many LIARS in one case ever…They all need to choke on there lies!!!

  12. Token Says:

    You have to see this video!

    This is the video showing cell phone pings placing Casey at certain locations June 17 -19th

    Go to 1:38 of the 6 minute video. I shows casys cell phone at the spot where the body was found!!!!!!!

  13. Token Says:

    Zenaida and Gonzales are the individuals who live in the land plots adjacent to the location where the skeletal remains were found of Casey Anthony. And just when one thought there could be something from this case that would not surprise them.

    to find the information go to

    go to reverse look up and enter

    Hopespring under address and Florida for the state and its shows all addresses and people living on the street including

    Fredesvind L Gonzales


    4701 Hopespring Dr

    Orlando, FL 32829-8642

    (407) 381-1503


    Zenaida Almodovar


    4709 Hopespring Dr

    Orlando, FL 32829-8642

    phone number unavailable

  14. jaybird Says:

    I think Cindy is just a person, a normal screwed up person like most of us, with no evil intentions, just bad judgement. She didn’t hurt Caylee, she didn’t “allow” Casey to hurt Caylee, she just desparately clung to the hope that for once Casey wasn’t lying, that a monster babysitter stole the baby. WE knew it was a ridiculous lie from the beginning, but WE weren’t the ones whose lives just got turned upside down. I believe Christina is on to something–too bad there was no intervention years ago for Cindy and Casey. But that doesn’t make Cindy evil, just a VERY hurt, defeated, crushed person whose whole life has changed forever.–Casey “took Nana’s sunshine away” (the song Caylee sung the last full day of her life.) I vote on compassion and love in this case, not throwing stones at someone who has about had the worst scenerio I can imagine happen to her. Should she have raised Casey differently? YES! Did we all raise our kids perfectly? NO. If that were my child, would I be washing the pants if my child were proclaiming innocence? I hope I wouldn’t, but I can’t swear to you that I wouldn’t. Thank God I haven’t ever had to be in the position she’s in, and my heart goes out to her and the others in this family that were put in this position by one of their own. HORRIBLE thing to think about.

  15. chuck Says:


  16. Token Says:

    I think that Cindy is unstable now, whether she was before Casey did what she did is unclear. I know that if my child was killed I would NEVER fully recover and if I had the added guilt of what Cindy must be feeling, I would lose all sense of reality. Cindy should have gone for custody, and now its to late and her baby is gone forever and her daughter did it, Cindy didn’t

  17. Token Says:

    I feel as though the family is covering for Casey and I hope it comes out. Are charges possible for Cindy washing the clothes etc from the car?

  18. Token Says:

    Here what Caey says in the background of Cindys 911 call!

    “I don’t have anything to talk to them”

  19. robin Says:

    The problem I have is that Cindy could not see a lot with Casey. Like the pictures of Casey in Fusion, Cindy says she was working. What is so obvious to us about Casey is not to her. It is obvious to me that Casey could kill Caylee but to Cindy she is 100% she is not capable of doing that. I think this is what drives my anger toward Cindy plus her lies and cover-up. She cannot make us think about Casey the way she does and boy does she try. How Cindy is/was with Casey is how Casey is keeps doing bad things and getting away with it. Cindy wants her to get away with this. I am wondering if Cindy wants her to walk so she can deal with her…………..unlikely but maybe. Cindy said at one time if evidence showed her daughter did this than she would be the first one to say keep her in jail. So much evidence has been shown Casey did it………….to me anyways. LE would not be saying this is not an accident if they didn’t have more evidence that we do not know. LE is sure being quiet. I read someone’s comment somewhere that the Anthony’s are not being quick with the funeral due to fear if L.E. will start getting tough with them.

  20. Christina Says:

    Grandmas and Grandpas are the next line of defense for these children…. after that aunts and uncles and so on and so on….. All The Adults in this family failed Caylee. The handwriting was on the wall a very long time before this happened. I find the Anthony’s no more credible than Casey as they have lied and lied and lied. Some of the lies a 5 year old could have come up with better ones. I have no doubt that the Prosecution has much more than we know and we will all be left with our mouths opened as this plays out.

    What concerns me is that I came across information that Lee’s Fiance is pregnant and now he is living back at home. I am concerned because of the adult’s past failure with Caylee.

    The Defense is a bunch of Moron’s. They can try and muck up the waters all the want. I find them no more credible than Casey and her family. To hell with them. I am waiting for info from the Prosecution because they are the only ones thus far that I HAVE NOT caught lying. It will be interesting as the trial starts. But how will this change us in the United States. There are so many children like Caylee out there and concerned people and family members call CPS over and over and unless the child is dead they do little to nothing. “The System is Burdened”. Did the Anthony’s call CPS? No Did they file for Guardianship? No Did they look for Caylee to make sure she was okey, had a place to sleep, food to eat? No Now she brings up the question to Casey “is that why all of Caylee’s stuff is at the house, because Zanny had everything?” Sheshhhhhhhh a little late huh? My understanding from a Family Member in Florida is that their Child Protective Service in that State often does act quickly and swiftly when a report of call is made. Not Like California where a parent almost has to kill a kid before they do something.

    When this is all over, said and done…. all the lime light goes away and money dries up…….. if they are not all incarcerated …… then they will be left with themselves……

  21. Missy Says:

    Rip their heads off and shit down their throats…George, Cindy, Lee and especially Casey!! The bitch killed that beautiful child, and her family has done nothing but enable, protect, defend, cover up and make excuses for her. George and Cindy may not have been involved with the murder directly, but he is an ex-cop and she a nurse……..they know death when they smell it. The Anthony family makes me sick!! They’re all disfunctional and lead a life full of lies and deception. As far as Casey? That skank needs to have duck tape put over her mouth, shoved in a trash bag and thrown out to rot in a cold, dark, deserted area. She deserves to die a very slow death. Leathal injection is too easy… in prison… us all a favor and put the bitch in general population……then we’ll see how cute she thinks she is. I have absolutely no compassion for people who harm children, and the thought of their own…..I cannot even comprehend what kind of a monster does this. The Anthony’s do not deserve to hold funeral arrangements for Caylee. The fact that her little remains are still in a cardboard box!!!!!!! What the hell is wrong with this family?????? The community, residents, volunteers, etc….deserve to lay this child to rest, being they were the ones out there day and night searching for 6 months for this little girl. George and Cindy should have had their sorry asses out there looking for “THEIR” own grandchild along with everyone else. Had they not been so focused on Casey and “protecting” her, maybe their focus would have been more on Caylee. I felt very sad for them in the beginning, but as time went on watching their performances on television…….they’re a joke!! No wonder their daughter is so ****ed up!! They all enable one another and are codependent on each other. God Bless you little Caylee, you will always be remember and loved, even from those who never knew you.

  22. Token Says:

    Why is the fact that the funeral hasn’t happened yet affect the way LE treats the Anthonys?

  23. Boston Says:

    I have read all the posts. Everyone has, especially Christina, some very provocative, reasonable and well balanced arguments for why Cindy failed, Casey succeeded and George and Lee are guilty simply by association. What I don;t read too often but have said more than once is that Casey damaged everyone she has come in contact with; people she knew and people those she did not know at all. Get you list together.

    She is a malignant narcissist and there is nothing anyone can say or do that will change her personality. She is a person who enables enablers through cunning and fear. What in the name of all that is right and just should two unsuspecting parents do? I am in no way condoning thier behavior after the fact but I would hazard a guess that it was a living hell to be around her.

    Just imagine a daily dose, year in and year out from age 15-that adds up to 7 years. Did they beg her to stay home when she was released from jail? No. Did they emotionally convulse when she never mentioned Caylee and went about making dinner while total strangers walked the woods and byways for Caylee? Yes and then some more.

    Example: Imagine going through the nausea of chemo with a friend. It’s tough on everyone but when the nausea goes away you, not the chemo patient ,feels this auxillary or secondary pain relief. Imagine feeling that type of nausea when you are in the room with a narcissist and a malignant one at that…the emotional nausea you feel never dissipates (sp) I read once where a person realized he was facing evil like that and he just ran up the street and tried to run away from it. This is horror. Casey is not one of us.

    Their lawyers will ask them to get psychological help. Will they do it? Who knows? I pray they get the intnensive psychotherapy they so richly deserve.

  24. Boston Says:

    paragraph one:last sentence: omit “people” ; Get your…

  25. zody Says:

    Just look how many lives has been turned upside down – because of Casey and Cindy! All Cindy had to do was get the truth from Casey and let her face the Punishment. Instead she helped her and started lying as much as Casey, George and Lee included. Look at all the money that has been wasted the police man power. and how much more that will be used for her trial. The only ones that has gained from this is the Anthony’s and the defense experts who will gain from Future book and interview deals!

    Shame on You CINDY ANTHONY, you let all this happen!

  26. ........... Says:

    I think it’s horrible that a mother could do such a thing to her innocent child.. For caylee’s sake justice needs to be served and her lying knieving mother is exactly where she belongs and in my opinion she deserves to pay with her life like the other murderer’s.

  27. Dee Says:

    of course she is going to defend her. cindy anthony is having a tough time accepting the fact that she has been lied too for soooo long. for longer than a year everything casey was sharing with her was fabricated. I think all the lies had a little something to do with casey falling off the wagon. she was up to her ears in lies and she finally lost it. cindy tried so hard to make casey look like a normal 20+ year old with a young daughter. reality is that cindy has no idea who her daughter really is. if casey was who cindy and george thought she was she would not have been capable of murdering little caylee but the truth is that casey is not that person. she was playing a role around her family. where in the heck was caylee when casey would say she was with “zani” we all know that their is not a nanny. like when casey told her mother she and caylee were in orlando with nanny and her family,they had a car accident nanny in hospital…none of this ever happened. casey was really with her friends partying and caylee was not with her. I truly believe casey was sedating this baby and putting her somewhere and maybe even putting tape over her mouth so that she could not scream for help if she woke up before casey got back to her

  28. John Says:

    Cindy and the defense are full of bull when they say that in court the truth will come out. Really, then were is the evidence for their side which if they have any they must share with the prosecution before the trial begins because in real life “Perry Mason” type surprises only take place on TV. I think the Anthony’s must be put under psychological and legal observation while this trial takes place and concludes for these folks may become a danger to themselves and or to others.

  29. Token Says:

    I have to agree with you. I just finished rewatching the interview with Cindy and she is so far in denial she is actually attacking the detectives that are trying to find her daughter. They knew as soon as they smelled that car what had happened to that baby and that Casey did it. The whole family knew including Lee and I think Lee will do anything to help his sister….

  30. Token Says:

    Sources say plants were growing through Caylee’s skeleton and bug evidence was also recovered that helped the experts reach their conclusion. Investigators reportedly believe that Anthony killed Caylee on June 16th, left her in the trunk of her car for a couple of days and then dumped Caylee in the wooded area on June 18th, where she was eventually found, on December 11th.

    The reason that this new evidence is significant is because it proves that Caylee was killed some time in June, way before her mother reported her missing on July 15th of last year.

    Look at this video it shows Casey at the spot where Caylee was found at minute 1:38!!!

    This is the video showing cell phone pings placing Casey at certain locations June 17 -19th

  31. Token Says:

    Here what Casey says in the background of Cindy’s 911 call!

    “I don’t have anything to talk to them”

  32. Madelyn Says:

    Dear Cindy:

    All I know, did you ever hear about a bad seed Cindy? This story becomes more incredible as the months go on.

    I know from a mother’s view point and being close to my children, that it is incomprehensible to think that this mother did not know what Caysee was all about. I think by consistently believing her incidence that she herself does not want to bear any responsibility for this bad seed she delivered. That monster did not want the child from the beginning and they knew it. I sympathize for any grandparent that has to go through this, but how do you explain all the evidence against her and how do you sleep at night thinking about that beautiful face that will not look at you or speak to you or be part of your life. You are robbed of a life of happiness because everytime you go to sleep this will haunt you for the rest of your lives. She is gone and someone has to take responsibility for her not being here.

    My child was missing for one hour one night a long time ago. The whole neighborhood was out looking for her. Thank God it was only a short time and she was a few houses away. They found me on the ground bloodied from pounding my fists on the concrete hysterical and beside myself. I will never forget the terror that filled me and the profound loss that engulfed me.

    How do you explain your daughter’s actions? Take the blinders off and maybe look at yourself in the mirror. May God forgive you. Please give Caylee a proper funeral and resting place, and maybe one day you will here a little voice in your head saying, Grandma, Grandpa, Mommy, Why?

  33. vidkid Says:

    Next bomb shell…. Lee Anthony is the father of Caylee (CAseY + LEE = CAYLEE) That is why Casey never pursued child support from the supposed father that died (life insurance, SS benefits). Lee & Casey screwed and kept it secret, that is why lee had to be subpoenaed for DNA sample! He wanted to get rid of Caylee’s body so this could not come out.

  34. Token Says:

    Why has the fact that the adjoining properties were owned by a Zenaida and a Gonzales not hit the airwaves????????

  35. Christina Says:

    Boston ….. Kinda like a the damage a drug addict or abusive partner inflicts and the damages they cause upon others over some period of time.

    Having said that . . . . That does not give Cindy a excuse, Cindy unlike Caylee had a choice and Cindy unlike Caylee was a Adult and could make choices…. Cindy choose the easier softer way called “Enabling”. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The reality is that she and George were Caylee’s Second Line of Defense and Protection and they Failed her. That they can never take back. Dead is Dead and the fact they they failed to step in or even make a call will not take that away. There is no do overs…. High price for a Precious 2 Year old to pay for a group of very Dysfunctional Adults. 😦

  36. Boston Says:

    I have said a thousand times on blogs that they had a moral and legal duty to protect this child. They didn’t-I’m not saying they didn’t try. I am sure they tried over and over to see to it that Caylee was protected. As an educator I have filed a 51A for neglect and/or suspected abuse. I am mandated to do so under the Massachusetts statet laws. No one in a position of authority can look the other way because “they didn’t want to get involved”. Children need protection and “it takes a village”. We know they tried and failed. We know they worried and we know they asked Lee to help them on more than one occasion. She is a very disordered person and although Cindy might have hinted at her diagnoses, she was not aware of it’s implications or severity.

    In the face of what they failed to do while Caylee was alive is reflected in what they did when she was dead. They never went looking for Caylee when she was alive. They knew on June 24th when Casey came home without Caylee that something was wrong. George must have smelled a hint of decomp in the car. He told Cindy Casey came without the child. They received a notice that Casey’s car was abandoned. They knew there was decomp in the car and never called police. They drove the car home. They washed away evidence, they never asked Casey what she did to Caylee, they knew she was a liar and a thief yet reported the child missing and/or kidnapped. They were never in denial about the wherabouts of this child but they worked tirelessly to deflect the blame from Casey in an effort to see that someone else-Jesse or Zanny were punished instead. They knew something happened to their granddaughter and within 24 hours of her arrest were stating in open court that “Casey is a wonderful mother and a devoted daughter”. That is their crime. They knew this girl and they knew what she was capable of doing. They hid behind the cover of darkness (their dysfunctional family) but within a very short time the evidence was pointing the finger at Casey. A moral form of obstruction.

    Caylee loved them and they treated her with such disdain and discarded her like trash. They may never go to jail but will live a life of solitary confinement of the heart. If they spend the rest of their lives defending Casey Caylee won’t even be a memory she’ll just be the bain of their existence. Their moral compass is gone and they are wondering around lost to the truth and the sanctity of life.

    Look, instead of burying her they are alerting the media about who is disinvited. Another slap for Caylee. They do not realize that they are being sucked dry just like Casey. That’s why they need help. If they don’t get help they might lose hope-no one deserves to lose hope.

  37. Jo Says:

    Casey has bought her family down to her level. For Casey love they may have put themselves on the line. It is like the Anthony’s have forgot Caylee. Not laying that sweet baby to rest is just more disrespect. Then hearing Lee is wanting some kind of legal deal the family had to have known if Lee did and they have been covering for Casey instead of remembering Caylee.

    Even if they still love Casey they must show their love for Caylee they must do the right thing and tell the truth for the first time. What a terrible family poor Caylee had. Right now I cannot feel for the Anthony’s till they show some love and respect for Caylee.

  38. A.Lopez Says:

    For starters, how could the parents not ever have met the so called baby sitter, Zenaida??? I was a single parent myself, however, my family, my daughter’s father and even my co-workers all knew who was my precious daughter’s caretaker from the time she was born. If I had to work late, my mom or my daughter’s father would pick her up. That’s normal behavior! Not the drama and caos Casey had going on, like late functions at Universal and staying over at the babysitter’s house. The Anthony’s just wanted to believe all her nonsense and it was probably easier just going along with it. I don’t doubt for one minute that the Anthony’s loved Caylee, but, they didn’t stand up for her because they couldn’t or wouldn’t dare stand up to that self centered narcissistic sociopath of a daughter! I think Casey learned alot of her behavior from her mother. Her mother seems very controlling and is a liar herself. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. They both go around in circles trying to manipulate people and they make no sense whatsoever! Casey tries to be well versed when in fact she makes no sense at all! She tries to dodge authorities questions and go in a whole different direction, but, they were quickly on to her.
    I think there is a whole lot more here than meets the eye… There had to be neglect and/or abuse, but, it was never addressed. Even if Casey acted alone, I think the whole family is to blame.
    My thoughts and prayers are for the precious little girl who never had a chance. Many of us never even met this precioius little girl, yet, you can’t help but love her. She is, however, in a much better place in heaven with God and all the angels, rather than with that horrible mother of hers!!!!!

  39. Jill from Western Australia Says:

    Thankyou “Missy Says:” I’m 100% with you…hope the prosecution have an air-tight case…Baez is bringing in heaps of big guns…hope that all 12 jurors aren’t “blindsided” {was a Juror 3 times…there is a tendency to “nod-off” during repetitive testamony.}

    Lady who interviewed the psychic did a good job {IMO}..hope she gets her phone records ASAP & gives them to LE.

    I was disgusted to hear that someone in Melbourne {East Coast of Australia} is putting money in Casey’s commish account…I challenge that person to come on this blog and tell us WHY?????????????? {You are giving Aussies a bad name!}

  40. Another Voice Says:

    People need to know that the person Cindy was in the email war with was baiting Cindy in order to get her to say something she could sell to the news. This woman, Lois Peters, is the grandmother of Dakota Skii, the little 12 year old who helped organize a vigil for Caylee before the DNA came back from the trunk. She herself interjected her 12 year old grandchild into this case for nothing more than to put her in the limelight.

    When the DNA came back, Dakota had a mental break and was hospitalized. Lois contacted the media about that as well, selling the emails and letters between Casey and Dakota to the media as well.

    Dec. 13, she (Lois) emailed Cindy begging her to allow Dakota to come to the funeral so Dakota could “have closure”. But because Cindy knew about Lois backstabbing her in the media as well as online, she refused. When the emails about Cindy defending Casey came through, Lois couldn’t dial the media’s number fast enough. SHE is the ONLY ONE who’s heard from Cindy in all this time and SHE had a SCOOP!

    IMHO, Lois Peters is no better than anyone else who’s trying to profit one way or another off this case. We get all uptight about the Anthonys asking for donations, yet no-one seems upset that people like Lois Peters, William K. Murtaugh (Murt, the idiot with the news van, google his name for more. He is the one who raised a stink during the Trenton Duckett case as well, claiming he knew who had Trenton.) Leonard Padilla, Gale St. John, etc, are doing the same thing and it’s not even their family. has a couple of excellent articles (AND PROOF) of Murt and Lois trying to make money off of Caylee’s name. The worse part is with Lois is she is pimping out her granddaughter for her own twisted desire to be famous.

  41. Another Voice Says:

    Also, I can’t fault Cindy with standing behind her daughter. Many, MANY relatives of murderers do so, such as Jackie Peterson, the father of Diane Downs, OJ Simpson’s family, ect. As loved ones, we do this. It’s not right to judge a mother’s love, it’s probably the only purely raw emotion not controlled by greed, lust or power.

  42. Boston Says:

    Another Voice-I always read the posts and I want to say how much I agree with what you have said. This is a media circus and a money grab. Nothing surprises me but what annoys me enormously is the fact that these bit players in the sideshow deflect from the real focus of this case.

    No one would deny a mother’s love. I think what most people, including myself, comment on are behaviors and “ways of being” that are hard to take and which are fodder for discussion and analysis. It’s helpful to understand the main players and the legal manuvering. I look forward to the trial and seeing justice for this darling child.

  43. Missy Says:

    Right on vidkid! Never thought of that theory…but you may just have something there. I’ve read all comments and there are some great ones at that. However, more time needs to be focused on, as a community, how to makes changes with our local, state, governments, congress, etc….to prevent such acts to continue, by setting forth harsher punishments on criminals such as Casey (Caylee), John Huey(Jessica Lunsford), John Smith(Carly Brushia) and all the other children that have died unnecessary deaths. It doesn’t matter that Casey is manipulative, or a liar, or how Cindy and George could have maybe prevented this horrible crime from ever happening. None of these issues are relevant. Casey is a big girl, she made a conceious decision to harm her own child, and needs to be punished. Any other envolvement from her family, they should go down with her. Guilty by association. That’s what the problem is in this country………..our laws suck…………when someone is found guilty, without a resonable doubt, they should be killed right then and there, the same way they killed their victim. Why should my tax dollars pay for her to take in breath as she sits in prison with three hots and a cot for the rest of her life? Or the death penalty? Why, so she can have 50 appeals to try and change the courts mind? Give me a break. If we had stronger punishments enforced on such individuals, our crime rate on this shit would be lower. Let’s not forget who the real victim is.

  44. Boston Says:

    There is no definitive research on whether or not the Death Penalty is a deterrant to capital crimes such as murder and rape. Since the beginning of recorded history (around the 3rd century) citizens have been burned alive, heads have rolled, hands have been severed, people have been placed in vats of steam and in the Western world folks have been hung, given lethal injections and electrocuted.

    Is it necessary to kill all killers? Do we say some killings are more worthy of a lesser punishment? Yes. We mitigate all crimes and hopefully send a message that if you are found guilty of a crime against humanity (killing another) than you will suffer a fate worse than death. A lifetime of confinement and the absence of any possibility for change.

    a recent case in 2008
    A prewedding party which went terribly wrong. A family booked hotel rooms and invited friends and family to join them for drinks. Their 25 year old son drank and instead of grabbing a sandwich at the bar decides to go to Taco Bell. On the way to Taco Bell he drives his car off the main drag and ends up on the opposite side of the road. He slams into a van killing all 5 passengers.

    Accordingn to the laws of this particular state when someone kills as a result of driving under the influence they get 9 years without parole.
    If you kill 5 people it is 45 years in prison.

    For any young person who heard about this case and saw the agony on the faces of both families would say that for this 25 year old college graduate to begin his adult life in a penetentiary for 5 counts of vehicular homicide would and should be a deterrant.

    Understanding that it is your behavior that will keep you out of prison is more reasonable than saying the death penalty will force people to not act out their rages. We need a lot more than the fear of the death penalty in order to secure a safe community and a society which values life and promotes standards of behavior everyone can embrace.

    Creating a community where it is okay to be a good samaritan and help someone from harming himself or others is what should be the norm. Taking the keys away from a drunk, disciplining our children with fairness and consequences, electing role models and exemplars of good character for our mayors, govenors, and town selectman. Hiring teachers who don’t abuse their students. Building character at mother’s knee……

    A disrespectful culture does far more damage than putting someone to death every 40 years or when their appeall process is finished. What a pitiful waste of time, mooney and energy.

  45. Missy Says:

    I believe the punishment should fit the crime. Unfortunately, the college student made a terrible judgement call that night which effected many lives. The difference between his situation and Casey? Remorse, unintentional, compassion, forever sadness. You didn’t see out at night clubs living it up. BG DIFFERENCE. Different crime. Not all cases should be treated in the same manner. Let’s talk Jessica Lundsford…..when John Huey made that little girl crawl into a bag and buried her alive. Think about that child…….what could possibly have been going through her mind? I want my daddy, I’m scared, I want to go home, as she lays buried in the ground. Come on, really! You really think this man deserves the right to be breathing air? He was a convicted child molester from the start and our “court system” failed by allowing him to be set free from jail. If we had stricter laws and inforced them from the begnning, individuals like him and others, wouldn’t be roaming our streets. They lost that right when they committed such a deplorable crime. Child molesters, murderers, have nothing to contribute to society. So what, we let them sit in prison the rest of their lives to………still have their life, possibility of paroll years down the line, books so they can receive an education, and for what, to be rehabilitated? Please. they aren’t even a value to themselves. Get rid of them!!!! I believe in the dealth penality, I just don’t think a guilty conviction of the dealth penality should have the opportunity to sit on death row for years. The good new is, true judgements come when they one day meet their maker. I have no sympathy whatsoever for Casey Anthony. The fact that tape was over that childs mouth……….that alone makes me sick. Unfortunately, Caylee was probably still alive when her mother taped her mouth. There would be no reason to tape someones mouth if already dead. She caluculated her daughters murder and she should pay for her crime. Her family? I guess they all will have their own demons to face in their daily lives. A respectful culture doesn’t tolerate or accept bad behavior. Casey Anthony is a pitiful waste of time, money and energy…..

  46. Boston Says:

    Florida is a very conservative state and in light of the fact that they have executed 16 woman it might be fair to say that if premeditation is proven than she will be presented to a death qualified jury.

    I don’t believe the death penalty will erase the wrongs of a society or improve human interaction. It is a form of punishment that goes against all that I believe in. I do not want people who kill to share my space. They can be housed away from everyone for the rest of their lives in the hope that they find forgiveness and redemption.

    Casey Anthony is not one of us. There are places for people with malignant hearts and without a conscience. It’s prisoon and it’s awful. No one wants to stay there and no one wants to die there. Casey will do both.

  47. zody Says:

    This post is to Another voice : If you are not Cindy Anderson then you are making this up as like you stated No one would know about this ! and Lois did not say any of the things your saying. Re read you post then THINK? Shame on you !

  48. zody Says:

    Sorry I meant Anthony not Anderson

  49. vidkid Says:

    Missy…… you are right on! those who kill are a cancer on our society. Those that are convicted of heinous crimes should be executed, and executed quickly. I’m glad I live in Texas! Boston thinks it’s not a deterrent to them….. but at least it’s appeasement to law abiding citizens!

  50. Boston Says:

    Law abiding people are just that-law abiding. It wouldn’t matter to them what penalties are in place.
    Texas likes to kill their criminals and sometimes they see the error of their ways and show leniency and compassion. We live in a disrespectful society and killing people will never be the answer. It will never stop anyone with a gun from shooting it, it will never stop a child molester and it will never stop a homicidal killer and it certainly will never cause a sociopath to stop and think about his behavior.

    If we saved one innocent person from the death chamber I would allow ten guilty people the joys and comforts of life without the possibility of parole. Read Dead Man Walking-maybe you would change your mind and your heart.

  51. Missy Says:

    Change of mind and heart is all well and good, unfortunately it doesn’t bring the innocent back. Boston, do you have children? I do. If someone hurt my little girl (family member or not) I would not support the bastard to stay alive. And jail would be the only safe place for this person to remain. It’s sad to have the mentality and view the criminal as a victim. We lost our son to the hands of someone elses negligence, and I’ve got news for you…..JUSTICE WILL NEVER PREVAIL!! Killing a killer doesn’t bring our loved ones back, but at least we’re saving space with out having them live off of us. Big words and justification of an individuals actions don’t impress me. Get real. Vidkid……’re alright!!

  52. Truthiness Says:

    The purest, most genuine reaction from Cindy Anthony was that fearful 9-1-1 call she made. She knew in her heart at that point in time that Caylee’s dead body had been in that vehicle – the emotion is extremely raw. Listen to how she screamed, then FORCED Casey to get on the phone.

    Only after Cindy had a chance to process the magnitude of what that phone call put into motion did she start backpeddling. That’s why she washed Casey’s clothing – to get rid of the evidence. That’s why she handed over a different hairbrush. On some level, she probably feels that her confrontation/choking incident with Casey was probably the catalyst that set Caylee’s murder in motion. Had this argument been avoided, her grandchild might still be alive. There is probably extreme remorse and guilt which is so overwhelming, she has to bury her head than face the pain of that reality. It’s a coping mechanism.

    Cindy needs to forgive herself for this incident and come clean with the truth. Casey is a damaged human being. She and George probably walked on eggshells for years, trying to avoid hissy fits and engage with Casey in emotional blackmail. They need to do right by their grandchild and stop hiding from the overwhelming evidence that their daughter killed her child. I’m sure Susan Smith’s mother couldn’t believe her daughter could kill her two boys either, but she eventually reconciled the truth with herself. I’m not sure what’s worse: living in denial, or going through the emotional rollercoaster of realizing you raised a monster.

  53. Meg Says:

    While there are people who seem to think that an argument between Cindy Anthony and Casey Anthony was the cause that set Casey to end up murdering little Caylee, I disagree. Maybe the arguement caused her to act the murder out sooner but she already had this planned for at least three months before the time she actually did it. Everyone should remember the website searches that she did three months prior to that night she had the arguement with her mother. “Breaking necks, how to make weapons out of household items, how to make cholorform, death by inhalation of choloroform and last but not least the missing childrens websites. This all shows premeditation long before that arguement took place.

    While I understand to a certain point Cindy not wanting to belive Casey may have harmed her granddaughter, I find that I can’t stand Cindy almost as much as I loathe Casey. It’s not just the fact that she is ignoring all the evidence because I can dismiss that as a grieving mother and grandmother who can’t face the truth but to go so far as to first say “it smells like a damn dead body was in the car ” to ” it was a rotton pizza” to “there was no odor”, shows me where Casey might have became the pathalogical liar we all know her to be. Not to mention we have now found out there was no pizza in the pizza box. And then there is the hair brush and all the other shady stuff that Cindy has done to basically not help in the search for her granddaughter but in essence to help cover her daughters butt. If Casey had nothing to hide why did she feel the need to continute to lie and destroy dna evidence? George, I think is probably the only honest one in that family. And Lee? There is something scary and angry under the surface with him. Even he didn’t seem to completely buy his sisiters story about the phones but honestly he seems to me like he just doesn’t care all that much about his niece because it seem like in that family… it’s all about CASEY.

  54. truthiness Says:

    Great point about the pre-meditation, Meg.

    Does anyone remember the story of Diane Downs? She murdered her children because the man she was dating didn’t want to be a daddy. One child survived and ID’d mom as the shooter. To this day Diane maintains her innocence. Of course she does.

    If you read the text messages between Casey and her boyfriend-of-the-day, Tony Lazzaro, they refer to Caylee as ‘the litle snot head’, ‘the brat’, etc. Maybe Casey knew she had to get rid of Caylee in order to keep Tony. Things that make you go hmmmm…..

  55. Missy Says:

    I just read the latest information released regarding the evidence found with little Caylee’s remains. How much worse can this get? I hope her mother burns in hell.


  57. Sarah Says:

    Now is time to spread love. We’ve been mad. We’ve been hurt. We’ve hated and passed judgement. Now is the time that we as humans begin to love and stop hating. None of us know what this family has gone through and we need to be compassionate. To the Anthonys…… I hope that you find peace and hope for a new day.

  58. Caseviewer Says:

    It certainly appears the little girl wasn’t wanted by Casey from the start. She thought of putting the child up for adoption, and according to a coworker of Cindy’s, Cindy wasn’t told Casey was pregnant until she was months along. It wasn’t a celebrated birth on Casey’s part. I don’t know how she was raised, but although whatever has transpired is not right, and although Casey and the truth have been strangers, as the judge referred to them, I believe there should be no exception to the right of a fair trial in this nation. Yet personally, I am convinced of guilt on her part, based upon reading documentation in the case, based upon evidence that has been released for viewing, and based upon her behavior before and after Caylee was discovered to be missing. I get tired of reading weird speculations like that Casey’s father might be Caylee’s father; does anyone think as I do that likely the grandparents gave their DNA samples long ago to be screened out if evidence should develop? There were rampant rumors about Lee being the father, and Lee was tested, so by now, the investigators would know if George had fathered Caylee I would think. It appears to me that Cindy “wears the pants,” and with her strong personality, I don’t think she would be ignorant of George’s activities in respect to such a possibility either. This little girl was loved at least by her grandparents, with her grandmother dressing her up in little costumes and taking multitudes of photographs of her, and videotaping her just being the little person she was. Why is life so unfair sometimes; it would be nice if it weren’t so unfair. With regard to Casey, she didn’t just start lying June 16. I wonder whether her family ever really made her accountable for her lies and behaviors . . .. Early on, in an interview with the police, George told investigators that he felt for some time that Casey wasn’t working. I understood him to mean that even though she would always leave saying she was going to work, he didn’t necessarily believe she worked. So why didn’t they confront her on such a thing? It appears she has been lying and accepted everywhere among friends and family as a member of the group who lies, although it appears many didn’t know to what extent; it looks like her relatively new boyfriend Tony was involved with her not knowing about the lying. I read that he text messaged Casey asking her why she hadn’t told him Caylee was missing when he was her boyfriend. I feel sympathy for him, taken by surprise in all of these circumstances and what has come to light. At this point, Cindy who is speaking supportively of Casey, as a mother, probably decided to take a stand one way or the other, because even though she loved Caylee and lost her, and even with some tension between her and Casey, she now has to consider that her daughter also might never be accessible to her again, whether it be she is never freed from prison, or that she is put to death. Not many parents would feel good about helping put their own child to death, sometimes regardless of what their child might have done. It is likely also that the defense has counseled Casey’s family about how their words could influence the public and potential jurors. Both grandparents as I’ve observed, have had suspicions about Casey, however they have publicly changed what they express, trying not to influence the minds of the public and potential jurors, against Casey. If they felt tremendously compassionate toward Casey, I would think they would visit her more, but I don’t think they have visited her in a long time. For all we know, they might privately feel a jury will convict her. They could be going through a myriad of emotions with regard to Casey, anger one moment and compassion the next, certainly they want to know more than they do. Guilt could be an issue for them since they raised her. Although this could feel difficult to deal with, they might feel that if she intentionally harmed Caylee, that she deserves a conviction. They also might be feeling some amount of guilt for whatever Casey might have done since they raised her. If she is psychopathic, perhaps it hasn’t mattered as much how they raised her, I’m not certain on how environment might/might not affect psychopathy. When I read concern that Casey might not get a fair trial, it is a concern the defense must address if they have any worth in such a publicized case with so much evidence against Casey released, and with Caylee having become so beloved by so many. However when I hear this, it brings to mind the Simpson trial and his “not guilty” verdict when there was HUGE evidence to the contrary. Probably there were concerns going into his trial as to whether it would be fair; in his case, it was indeed an unfair trial outcome in that he murdered two people and went free.

  59. Caseviewer Says:

    I would add that I don’t view this case as in the same category however, since Caylee was a young child; I also think that with some of his bad behavior unbeknownst to the public, Simpson was thought highly of in many circles. In Casey’s case, people are not appreciating the partying and party-girl image under these circumstances. And while some may be living a lie or in denial, the 12 jurors appointed won’t have to.

  60. Dave Saullo Says:

    Just wanted to let all of you know, that my new song “You Didn’t Say Goodbye” is now on youtube. Click on the following addy to see and hear it. Don’t forget to leave a comment!

    As always,

    Dave Saullo

  61. Gloria Says:

    I have a daughter who reminds me a LOT of Casey. We have been through he** with her since she turned 18. It’s been one crisis after another pretty cyclically every 4 months.
    Ran away,
    Experimented with drugs,
    Moved in with inappropriate boyfriend,
    Pregnancy scare,
    Went away to college,
    Another pregnancy – this one fake,
    Fake “miscarriage”,
    Dropped out of college,
    Moved in with 4 guys in a “Christian” rock band,
    Another supposed pregnancy (not sure if it’s true),
    A supposed abortion,
    Moved to faraway city to be a “nanny” to a 36 yr old guy w/3 kids, came home again when that didn’t work,
    Of course once home, lied about getting her act together and changing her ways, continued promiscuousness, lying, staying out too late.
    Went to live with a guy she met online in another city – that didn’t work out.
    Went back to school, continued partying, messing around with guys.
    Dropped out after “Suicide Attempt” – we rushed to her rescue what a big mistake she came back home.
    Now told us she is preganant again with a guy we’ve never even met, didn’t know about, thought she was doing good.

    I told her to GET OUT.

    I’ve been reading the posts here and a couple of things ring true with me: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I am guilty of that but I am resolved not to be an enabler anymore. I am very freaked out though and don’t know what the future holds. The dynamics between Casey and her mom remind me of me and my daughter. Pray for my family, a baby is on the way.

  62. Gloria Says:

    Add-on to previous post – My daughter is only 21 yrs old. Every job goes to crap and it’s always someone else’s fault. She lies about her family to gain sympathy by making us look awful. We are awful, we keep taking her back thinking we can help her get her act together but she just wants to use us.

  63. Scott Says:

    Why is it that everyone accuses Casey of anything but lying I just don’t understand what this justice system is all about seeing that none of the evidence that has been shown points the finger saying she did it! It’s sad that others have to make things up as they go along saying that she is guilty because she dosnt show any emotion! Hell if it were my kid I wouldnt be showing any emotion either especially when the finger is being pointed at me and ok my stories were not straight but that dosnt mean that she killed her own daughter! Hello!!!!! People look at everything,yeah alot makes sense but it makes sense at a point of view that her daughter was killed that dosnt mean she did it. I get so pissed off because I hear everyone saying outside in the communitee that she should die she shouldnt be living what the heck is wrong with you people! She is 25 do you honestly think that a mother could kill her daughter I certainly dont think so! Further more this whole death penelty thing thats another story if I kill someone in that state I can be put to death but you have son of sam sitting in sing sing and he killed how many people????

  64. Anonymous Says:

    I lost a daughter at 20 years old in a sudden car accident. It has been 26 years ago and never a day goes by I am not thinking of her all day long. Cindy makes me sick that she can just let Caylee be treated like garbage, and even be able to look at her so called daughter. They (Cindy and George) carry Bibles and with them in court, what a mockery to God. Yeah, Cindy I’m glad you felt Casey looked so beautiful today in Court today, well Caylee did not as thanks to you and your so called daughter, I am now unable to even visit my daughter’s gravesite because I have heard all about Caylee just being transformed into bones. Now when I think about going to my daughter’s grave, I just see her not as my beautiful daughter, but my mind envisions a skeleton laying beneath my feet this thanks to you and your family has caused me to not be able to visit my own daughter’s grave. Write your books, make your movies, I think Caylee would be very proud to know you all thought of her as trash and, threw her away as trash and gleefully spent “her blood money” to improve your lives. I just hope and pray that God will see to it that none of you ever again in your life times come into contact with another child. God gave my husband and I two beautiful children, he did leave me with one. Casey gets all her evilness and thoughts from her mother. Her mother is as cold as she is. She will lie for her let her husband and remaining son be publically treated like garbage which shows to me she ‘s the one that taught Casey that do what you want, I condone the way you disposed of Caylee. We did not get justice (or I say Caylee did not) here on earth, but I would suggest you put away your Bibles, I strongly feel they will be of no help, Casey and Cindy’s sentence will be given in the hereafter and God knows the truth. To George I felt he told the truth and for that i admire him. George needs to open his eyes he saw what happened and Casey and Cindy will do it to him again if it is beneficial to them. As the mother of a child I lost suddenly, never having a chance to tell her goodbye and how much I loved her how can Cindy and Casey even humanly be able to look at videos of Caylee, hear her little voice. After my daughter died it took me 6 years before I could even take her things out of storage. For 6 months I left her phone connected so everyday I could call just to hear her voice. I feel there is punishment beyond belief coming to Casey and Cindy, and they both deserve every bit of it. They are worse than a serial killer, at least a serial killer chooses victims they do not know. George God Bless You I pray for you everyday.

  65. gracie Says:

    Lady your crazy. If you believe your right why did you sign anonymouse. Your a coward and. Leave them alone and grieve for your own daughter.

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