Casey Anthony: Psychic Confirms She Was on Phone With Dominic Casey

A psychic confirmed to WESH today that she was on the phone with the Anthony family’s private investigator, Dominic Casey,  in November as he searched land near where Caylee’s remains were eventually found.

From WESH:

Ginnette Matcia Lucas said Tuesday that after studying maps of the Orange County area where the Anthony’s lived and holding a teddy bear that belonged to Caylee, she had that vivid dream on Nov. 15.

“It actually woke me up at three in the morning,” said Lucas, who is one of many psychics who called authorities and the family during the search for Caylee. (Lucas’ Web site)

She said she was on the phone with Dominic Casey as he searched an area on Nov. 15. Caylee’s remains were found in that area about a month later.

Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, is charged with first-degree murder in connection with her death. Anthony reported Caylee missing in mid-July, saying a babysitter had taken the child.

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27 Comments on “Casey Anthony: Psychic Confirms She Was on Phone With Dominic Casey”

  1. ninadec01 Says:

    is that what DC’s phone records say?

  2. detwill39 Says:

    Nina~~you took the words right out of my mouth.

  3. Nina Says:

    detwill:I wont believe that til I have heard for sure what Dominic’s phone records reveal..

  4. stoppage Says:

    Now, according to the news story, why did the Anthonys give this psychic a teddy bear to try to find Caylee when they thought her alive? Why did the two PIs continue to work for the Anthonys to find a live Caylee if they knew she was dead? Why did the PIs string the Anthonys along…all the way to California?

  5. detwill39 Says:

    stoppage~~it is called a ‘con job’ by all the people you mentioned.

  6. Jo Says:

    I am sorry this is too strange like everything else in this case. Grandparents who won’t lay this baby to rest and that are making money off Caylee’s pictures and still making excuses for Casey! LP telling stories, Baez making over Casey, this line of nuts is growing larger by the day. Who in this group really cares at all for Caylee? This is the worst group of people I believe I have ever seen.

    Where’s the phone records on all this with the Psychic! She says she cannot get them? Another nut to add to this!

  7. OMG Says:

    who gave psychic caylees teddybear? she is in the state of virginia. did they send it by fedex?

  8. kim from nc Says:

    i pray for the prosecuters everyday that they nail caseyanthony to the wall

  9. Renee Says:


  10. Jon_Hart Says:

    Your headline read “Confirms” when it should say “Claims”

    Does she have any phone record confirmation?

    These psychics are all frauds! Why report anything they claim?

  11. sophie Says:

    What do you want to bet, when all is said and done, that this gal is a friend or relative of D. Casey?

    I am so sick of fake phony psychics.

    Guess what? ….here’ s FREE anonymous, promotionless prediction:

    Casey DID IT.




    Now all the other ‘psychics’ can just back the hell off. I have worked with too many of these jackasses over the years to stomach them.

  12. kreuzer33 Says:

    I did think about putting claims, but went with what news reports were calling it. I guess she can “confirm” that she “says” she was on the phone but can’t necessarily “confirm” that she actually was on the phone. 🙂

  13. robin Says:

    Sophie, great comment and “free” prediction.

    Why would Mr. Casey say, “It should be right here” if it was just coming from a prediction/psychic. He doesn’t know what they feel is going to pan out. It sounds more like he was talking to a source who talked to the murderer.

    I still am amazed at his chopping away at the bag. That is insane if you think a body is in there.

  14. MBFelicity Says:

    I wonder if George and Lee, like Cindy, believe that Casey did not commit this sadistic murder? What will it take to convince them? Frankly, I don’t think they will ever admit it, and Casey will never talk.

    Thank God for the fantastic LE/FBI working on this case! They are the best.

  15. Anne Says:

    I know this psychic and she never turned her back on getting free publicity, however someone should ask her and verify what cases she has actually helped solve. I can’t think of one, however I do know of one bank account she helped deplete.

  16. FairTrial Says:

    Wouldn’t it be strange if it panned out? Very doubtful, but I would be amazed. Honestly, Casey is gonna walk. Mark my words. Everything in this case is circumstantial. She is a liar, a thief, and has a secret life, but they don’t even know what the method of death is, how will they prove Casey ” did it”? How will they prove it was intentional? If they find solid evidence linking Casey, and Casey only, directly to the crime… the defense will come out with a confession from Casey about accidental death and will take a plea bargin. Guaranteed. I doubt she will ever confess though. They don’t have enough real evidence to force it out of her.

    There is a lot more going on with this case, and I’m still not hundred percent convinced she did it, let alone in cold blood. That I don’t believe at all. If she did it I believe it was an accident, and she freaked.

    Apparently for 6 months to a YEAR before Caylee died, Casey was claiming she was taking the baby to Zani the Nanny. If she wasn’t with her grandparents, her mother, or the nanny…where was she? That is what they are going tohave to find out. She had to have been somewhere for a couple hours a day.

  17. vidkid Says:

    She won’t walk….her finger prints on that duck tape alone will get her fried!

  18. Diana Says:

    This psychic reminds me of the the Anthony woman. Why would her phone records be in her Fathers office? This adult woman can’t pay her own phone bill? And why can’t she access those calls online? All she needs is the password (from her Father) and there is an itemized list of calls and times right there.
    And….if she had such strong feelings about exactly where the body was………why didn’t she hop a plane and go find the baby that all of world was searching for?
    This is just another lame attempt to throw off any potential jurors and it won’t work. People are much smarter than these people give credit for.

  19. WolfmanJack Says:

    If the phone records can’t verify the psychic phine call, then it never happened. Just like Casey’s calls to Zanny.

    Perhaps God led investigators to the body. I think He works through tools that are in place at the time. Sometimes working through the habnds of a surgeon. Other times leading investigators to help bring justice.

  20. mary Says:

    i know her too. jeanette and her family,are as crazy ,as the anthony family. GOD BLESS BABY CAYLEE. PS DO YOU THINK LEE IS THE FATHER OF HIS SISTERS BABY?

  21. stoppage Says:

    Dominic claims he was just checking out the area to see if it was a teen hangout…..with a psychic who was helping him find a dead body?

    The psychic said on NG that she told Dominic to go to a white abandoned building. That is not where the body was.

    Just for fun…they should get all these players in a room together, including Casey A., lock the doors, and record what happens. MAYBE these people will huddle up and come up with a NEW story(s) that is consistent and sounds plausible. The police and investigators could give them some ideas for possible stories…they’ve heard them all.

    All these players could also combine all their financial resources, hire the same lawyer (or everyone get Baez) and all go to trial together. They could hold court in a stadium to house all the media and onlookers. Leonard Padilla could do some sort of rodeo act at halftime.

    After the trial, after the criminals are hauled away, the stadium could hold a memorial service for Caylee. (Finding and financing a place big enough for a memorial has probably been a problem for the Anthonys, which explains why it has not occurred yet.)

    I realize there would not be enough seating in a stadium for all those who have been concerned for Caylee, but at least many would be able to say good-bye after having witnessed justice being served. All the flowers could then be collected and flown out and dispersed over the ocean or someplace.

  22. Eugene Says:

    Guess you guys are wrong now !!!!

  23. Eugene Says:

    It seemed kind of funny that the only complaint they had was one that was TWENTY YEARS OLD .. How many businesses only get one complaint every two decades?
    The cops have covered up this phone call for about a YEAR NOW … The story will break this week!
    I predict a great turn around here.
    If you boil CROW slowly it will taste better 🙂

  24. […] Caylee’s remains were found in in the woods area off Suburban Drive. As we discussed 2 years ago, allegedly Casey was on the phone with psychic Jeanette […]

  25. One Op Says:

    Of course you are talking about Dominic Casey, aren’t you John?Not Casey Anthony.

  26. Kreuzer33 Says:

    The she that Dominic Casey was allegedly talking to was the psychic 🙂

  27. Gintte matacia lucas Says:

    Hi – just saw your blog: My name is ginette matacia lucas – thanks for the input on the case of the missing toddler, little do people actually know about this case actual info. There was so much misinformation. I was, and gave the phone records to both via Verizon Phones to Nancy Grace and the press (NBC) on the proof of being on the phone with Dominic Casey, who was not – I repeat was not a PI – I am a former licensed PI, from Virginia, and a Dowser, and psychic who flatlined a couple of times. My experiences in the paranormal started when I was in elementary school with my father working for the Fed Gov’t, and the US Marine Corps as an Analyst, and Dowser (you might as well say psychic). He trained the US troops to use dowsing to locate boobie traps, bombs, missing persons, etc. from a map and in-person for usage in Vietnam. When this training was going on, I was in the backyard locating a stream with the Marines, and my brother Tom, I was 7; when the Generals were participating and watching the process.

    Yes, the phone records are in as proof of the missing toddler’s location and the Anthony Case which is the 20th person I have found… alive or deceased. Mrs. Anthony sent the Teddy bear, thru the US Mail, not Fed Ex… please wake up and smell the roses – you can call the American Dowsing Society, and join in locating missing persons without chatting and actually “doing” and help your community … call The American Society of Dowsers in Vermont, 802-684-3417, ask for Membership or Nathan to help you with your new experiences exploring the world of map dowsing, and opening up your perspective of the world, as you know it. No one is a con artist here – that’s sad that you people can’t see the big picture here – we can find many many people missing.

    Presently, a state police group called me to map dowse, and help pinpoint the areas, and they are taking K-9 (meaning dogs) out to search for 11 bodies killed by a serial killer … they already have their suspect who is on the run. If we find these people, well you will have another good read, and take my list of finding missing persons into the “over 30 missing people found by using a map and dowsing”… foreign countries use this process all over the world … why not America. Good luck on your research. My e-mail is – please no grumpy pants or skeptics – keep your rudeness to yourself people. Thanks, ginette

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