Caylee Anthony: Memorial Being Planned

Brad Conway has stated that the Anthony family hopes to know by the middle of nest week, when Caylee’s remains will be released by the Casey Anthony’s defense team.

Once the family knows more information about the release of her remains, they’ll set some dates for a private and public memorial service.

From MyFox Orlando:

While not much has been seen on George and Cindy Anthony in public since Caylee’s remains were found and identified, Conway said Caylee’s grandma, Cindy has been pretty busy behind the scenes this week.

“She’s finally been able to start working on some plans in regards to the public service,” Conway said.  “Music, flowers, possible venues for it.”

While nothing is certain yet, Conway said the Anthony’s have made one thing clear; Leonard Padilla, the bounty hunter who was in and out of the case on several occasions, will not be invited or let in.

Conway says the Anthony’s took some time out Thursday to watch coverage of the motions hearing when they heard Casey was going to be in the courtroom.  It was the first glimpse the Anthony’s had of their daughter Casey since her last arrest in October.

“They were glad they got to see her,” said Conway.

Conway said George and Cindy are concerned about Casey,

“They’re worried about her,” Conway said. “They love her and they stand behind her and want to know the truth.  She looked okay to them…as well as she could look.”

Conway was in the hearing yesterday.  He also attended a hearing earlier in the day to keep an eye on the civil case Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez has filed against Casey.

Gonzalez attorneys said Thursday they are getting ready to file paperwork to depose George and Cindy Anthony.  Conway said he’s not worried.

“I’m going to be dealing with that in front of the court,” Conway said. “I will be filing paperwork with Judge Rodriguez next week.”

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8 Comments on “Caylee Anthony: Memorial Being Planned”

  1. Pete Says:

    I think Cindy George and Lee should have their private funeral and not tell anyone until it is over. The last thing they need is the media circus and rude people invading their privacy and showing disrespect for Caylee. No matter what has happened or how much these people are disliked it is no one business when they have their private funeral. I hope they can have that moment of privacy. A planned memorial for invited guests only would be proper. Enough is enough!

  2. Cindy & George Anthony (as well as Lee) should schedule memorial only according to what they want to do and decide to do… answering to no one. They are the only grieving family members of Caylee.

  3. Jo Says:

    I don’t care how they do it I want that Baby laid to rest. Wished I could feel different about the Anthony’s but something is not right about their past actions and now the lack of actions is questionable. Like how they loved the attention till Oct. when they stopped going to see Casey which makes one wonder if they knew then Casey murdered Caylee.

    More than anything I feel Caylee deserves to be laid to rest and shown the love of the truth being told the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Everyone owes that little Angel no less than that.

  4. I agree with you guys…Caylee is their family and not community property. I can understand everyones concern, but, they voluteered to help bring her home, not interfer with the family.

  5. Christina Says:

    I will believe it when I see it. Is this as true as everything else they have said in the past???????

  6. Nina Says:

    I believe that the Anthonys (other than Casey) are entitled to have a private memorial service for Caylee. And, I also think that little Caylee would rather have the people who loved her there and not a media circus.

    No matter what anyone thinks of the Anthonys, they are grieving and deserve to be able to do that with dignity and privacy. Above all else, I believe they loved Caylee.

    I do not think that Casey should be allowed to attend or watch on tv. There shouldn’t even be a service on tv. BUT, they should drag her to the funeral home in shackles to view her daughter. She needs to face what she has done. She hasn’t even had to go to court until now. As usual, everything gets done for her, and she just lounges around. Baez has total control because he knows how to charm her. She is easily amused.

  7. Karen Says:

    It saddens me that the grandparents are having a public memorial for there grand daughter it has turned into a circus. I feel like this sweet little angel that had her life take from her has turned into a money making joke for the family because they know that the good hearted people will leave donations and the family will use the money to pay there attorney private eyes and god only knows what else. This is a tragic thing for anyone to go threw so why exploit the child. When is all the insanity gonna stop.Caylee may you rest in peace and god forgive all these money hungry people that think money can replace the life of a child. you will have to answer to god one day.

  8. Linda Says:

    Being a grandmother myself, I know the deepness of love. I only hope that the Anthony’s find closure in the loss of this little Angel. I have questioed alot of their motives concerning the denial of Casey involvement but I am not here to judge that would be something so awful. I never have questioned the love they had for Caylee

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