Casey Anthony’s Lawyer Still Looking For New Tips

Jose Baez has set up a new tip line for anyone who has any information about where Caylee Anthony’s remains were found.

If you have any information, the number is (407) 442–2814.

Personally, I’d just love to call up and speak my mind with Baez and get inside his head. There are quite a few people involved in this case who’s heads I’d love to get inside, just to know what they’re thinking!

From the Orlando Sentinel:

The attorney for Casey Anthony, who is charged in the death of her daughter Caylee, has set up a new tip line for anyone with information about where the toddler’s remains were found in east Orange County.

Jose Baez is seeking details – photos or videos – from when the toddler was reported missing in mid-July to when her skeletal remains were found last month, according to a press release.

On Dec. 11, an Orange County meter reader found a bag with her bones in woods off of Suburban Drive less than a mile from the home Caylee was living with her mother and grandparents. Anthony is charged with first-degree murder and remains in the Orange County Jail.

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8 Comments on “Casey Anthony’s Lawyer Still Looking For New Tips”

  1. Jim Says:

    Why does Baez only want information from July when the child was first reported missing until the little girl was found in December?

    Why not from June until December?

  2. Mary Says:

    Why did Mr. Baez wait until now for the tip line? I see this as another smoke screen that is trying to place reasonable doubt. I find it disgusting that Mr. Baez and his “dream team” are more concerned about smoke screens than justice for a two year old child. I only hope and pray that Mr. Baez will not be allowed to practice law when all is said and done.

  3. punkinpie Says:

    Just another tactic to make it look like he is doing something. And yes to try and create public doubt now that the two PI’s are at odds about what was taped, said etc at the site Caylee was found. They all need to take a step back and look at the entire situation to see how ridiculous they all look. Like a bunch of clowns trying to squeeze into a mini car at the circus, it is funny but once you have seen it, you don’t want to have it repeated the rest of the show!

  4. Hilde Says:

    Thats exactly what it is, another Smoke Screen.

    Caylee is alive doesn’t work anymore, so Baez is going for Plan B with the Hot Line maybe he can stall some more. What a Idiot that Man is and arrogant at that.

    What difference does it make anyway when or where the Skeleton Remains were found.

    Caylee was murdered and dumped back in June. LE knows more than what they are able to say. Casey was not yet arrested when Caylee was murdered and all the Evidence leads right to Casey.

    Also just because there was just Caylee’s Skeleton found, doesn’t mean they weren’t able to do a lot of forensic Tests which can reveal a lot more than we know and don’t forget the Crime Scene it self where Caylee was found, that Scene also revealed a lot more than we know.

    So Baez has a good Reason to be worried, there will be a lot more Evidence in the Trial to get a Conviction against Casey.

    I am positive the Jury will come back with a Verdict for Casey which will finally bring Justice to the true Victim Caylee.

    I can’t wait for Casey have to pay for what she has done to her own Daughter.

  5. Molly Says:

    Yeah, why not from June? She was “missing” then too according to his own client. That’s when Casey was out on the loose, in June. Is he trying to imply something by that? Maybe someone will send him a photo of Casey dumping the body in the woods! At this late date anyone would have come forward aleady, which of course he knows that. Just another ploy by Baez to divert attention from the incriminating evidence revealed to any potential jurors. And he hasn’t filed for a change of venue. Apparently he feels he can’t win the case so he spends his time on tv pleading her innocence, filing useless motions & requesting information that he never bothers to go get. He announced this tip line almost 2 weeks ago & has just now come up with a phone number for it. I guess he knows no one was going to call it.

  6. Hilde Says:

    bbl, I have to do a bunch around here and run a few Errands, You know everyday things.
    Have a great Day!
    IMO I would not take Baez serious in whatever he is trying to do, he is just desperate and really doesn’t know what the Heck he is doing, except wasting precious Time.
    Caylee needs to be buried, it seems to me that should be top Priority, but I guess that is just my Opinion.

  7. southernjustice Says:

    I have a tip for bozo, told to me by my Grandmother over 50 years ago: IF YOU LAY DOWN WITH DOGS, YOU GET UP WITH FLEAS.

  8. Kari Says:

    Why now? Well, maybe he saw the hullabaloo about the supposed video taken of the area, and how quick people were to hope for complications; i.e., saying if the video showed no body, then those who suspected an accomplice were right, etc….

    And he thought if he got a few more supposed pictures or videotapes of the area, he might legitimately be able to create doubt, or at least confusion. And to be fair, if all those people were right and she did have an accomplice, then maybe there is some doubt concerning her involvement.

    Instead of being a cold-blooded murderess, she might be a cold-blooded accomplice after the fact, covering up for something a friend or lover did…

    Doesn’t matter too much, because she’d still go to jail for a very long time…

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