Al Franken Wins The Minnesota Senate Race

He’s good enough, he’s smart enough, and dog gone, people like him!

The Minnesota State Canvassing Board certified results Monday showing Al Franken winning the Senate recount over Republican Norm Coleman, who is expected to challenge the result.

From the AFP:

The legal battle will leave the seat empty and weaken the Democratic majority as president-elect Barack Obama works to implement a massive economic stimulus package.

Election officials certified the recount results which handed Franken victory with a margin of 225 votes out of nearly three million ballots cast in the November 4 election.

But Franken will not officially win the election until the legal battle is over and the governor and secretary of state issue an election certificate.

“That certificate will not be issued until after the conclusion of the election contest,” secretary of state Mark Ritchie said in announcing the certified results.

Early tallies had Republican incumbent Norm Coleman ahead by a few hundred votes but that lead was eliminated amid a series of hand recounts in which rejected ballots were reexamined.

Coleman’s attorney said “an election contest is now inevitable” after the state’s supreme court refused his request to have some rejected ballots counted.

“The Coleman campaign has consistently and continually fought to have every validly cast vote counted, and for the integrity of Minnesota’s election system, we will not stop now,” campaign lawyer Fritz Knaak said in a statement.

“The fact that the Franken campaign now rejects the notion of every valid vote being counted so they can attempt to declare victory on the basis of a broken process, and an artificial lead built on double counting of votes should concern all Minnesotans.”

The Franken campaign, however, hailed the court’s ruling.

“The Supreme Court once again affirmed the validity of the rules under which this recount was conducted,” Franken recount lawyer Marc Elias told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

One of the original writers for the iconic comedy show Saturday Night Live, Franken is now best known for the political commentary of his best-selling books and syndicated radio show.

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