Caylee Anthony: A New Reward for Roy Kronk

A new reward is being offered to Roy Kronk for finding the bag of  remains that were determined to belong to missing Caylee Anthony.

From WESH:

According to Kronk’s lawyer, George and Cindy Anthony’s one-time representative Mark NeJame has contacted him about a reward. For now, it’s unclear whether Kronk will accept the offer.

More than two weeks after Kronk discovered Caylee’s remains along Suburban Drive, a memorial still draws people by the dozens.

Those who have followed the case closely have different opinions on whether Kronk deserves a reward.

“I think he should be rewarded, definitely,” Aida Ramos said.

“If they think they found something, they should call it in,” Jennifer Tice said. “That’s all there is to it.”

Tice said doing a good deed should not include an expectation of a cash reward.

“I don’t think somebody should be rewarded for that,” Tice said. “I mean, that’s a child who is missing. That’s common sense.”

Kronk’s attorney confirmed to WESH 2 that they are now considering an offer made by NeJame, who is offering a $5,000 reward to Kronk. That amount represents the money NeJame made while serving as the Anthony family’s representative.

In his only statement to reporters, Kronk confirmed that he reported his suspicions four months before discovering the remains.

“I had previously reported to Crimeline and the sheriff’s office that I had spotted something suspicious — a bag in that same area,” Kronk said.

Kronk’s lawyer told WESH 2 that money is not Kronk’s main motivation. But if he qualifies, at the very least, Kronk should receive a Crimeline reward.

When asked why Kronk deserved the reward, NeJame said, “I think Kronk is beyond deserving. Without him, who knows when Caylee would have been found?”

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9 Comments on “Caylee Anthony: A New Reward for Roy Kronk”

  1. Molly Says:

    Leonard Padilla had tried to give him at least a $5,000.00 reward too, but Kronk can not accept rewards per the rules of working for the county. I don’t think he’ll be able to get this one either.

  2. Ajlouny Says:

    I believe that he is deserving of the reward and there should be an acceptation in the rule. Without this man, maybe it would have been a very long time before they found that little girl. She is finally laid to rest and the mystery of her where abouts is finally complete. The family can at least rest and it’s worth the price.

  3. WitchInAl Says:

    Something about his story bothers me and when his Attorney said he would tell the “whole” story at some point that really bothered me. What is the “real whole” story of how he found the bag that contained little Caylee’s body? Why isn’t he telling the whole story now if he has nothing to do with it and nothing to hide? When he decides to tell the truth of what happened then it should be decided whether he gets something or not.

  4. Esa Says:

    He can’t tell the whole story right now, as it involves the officers not checking his 911 call in a timely manner, he waited as long as he could for an officer to show up. The next call the officer didn’t search, just walked around and left. They were under the impression that the area had already been searched. It was not the same area! He now is under a gag order, as he will testify in court.

  5. FosterMom Says:

    I think Kronk is well deserving for his persistant gut feeling! I am sure with the way times are rough that anyone could use a few bucks and remember his attorney gets 33%. This man truly followed his heart! He is a Hero! And now his life is changed he has alot of work to do with court on his time! He is worth every penny!He is now exposed to things he could of walked away from several times and he didnt, also he asked to be anonymus for a reason!Now hes in waste deep! God bless your soul Kronk! Your Angel was with you!

  6. Disgusted Says:

    ALL that money should be donated to abused and missing children foundations.

  7. SLuc Says:

    I think they should wait on handing over any money to kronk. I think it is very suspicious of how this played out. I mean if he was really that suspicious of the bag in the woods why wasn’t he more persistant with the cops and why didn’t he take the officer directly to the bag and point it out directly if he “saw” it all of those times! I don’t think that he had anything to do with the murder or disposing of the body or anything but, I do believe that maybe he found out later and was trying to make it like he just came across the bag.

  8. Missy Says:

    If the reward was offered for the information of the whereabouts of Caylee, then why shouldnt he receive the reward? Im proud of you, Roy. You have made such a difference in Caylee’s grandparents’ lives just by allowing some closure. I dont believe for a second that Roy had anything to do with it or was even “tipped off” as Padilla wanted to assume on Nancy Grace, I think it was one of those “right time, right place” incidents. Maybe God thought it was time for Caylee to be found and used Roy in his work… God Bless you Anthony Family and Roy Kronk…..

  9. weezie10 Says:

    If the reward was offered in the first place you can’t just pretend the offer is null and void. Secondly if he really can not take the reward, which in my opinion should be the full amount then he should decide where it should go. The money is there for that reason. Don’t worry about Kronk, he will get plenty of money down the road, and so he should. the county can not stop him from receiving that, or he would quit. I would.
    Anyway, I also think there is something fishy here. Until all of the facts are gathered regarding Kronk’s place in this matter, money should be held … I too think there is a daisy chain link to Lee. He definately knows a hell of a lot more than we are led to believe.

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