Caylee Anthony’s Remains Turned Over to Funeral Home

According to MyFoxOrlando, Caylee Anthony’s remains have been turned over to the Robert Bryant Funeral & Cremation Chapel .

From MyFoxOrlando:

Caylee’s mother Casey Anthony signed documents authorizing the release of the remains to the funeral home. She remains in the Orange County jail charged with Caylee’s murder.

Caylee’s remains were found on December 11 and positively identified last week.

Orlando lawyer Brad Conway said Tuesday that George and Cindy Anthony, Caylee’s  grandparents, will hold both a private service  and a public memorial for Caylee.

A jail spokesman said Casey Anthony will not be able to attend a funeral or viewing for her daughter, due to her charges and safety and security risks.

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14 Comments on “Caylee Anthony’s Remains Turned Over to Funeral Home”

  1. lindapoiter Says:

    I sure hope they do not cremate her, I think Caylee has had enough happen to her little body. She needs to be layed to rest with closed casket. Too cremate her is just making sure nothing else is left of her and to me that is so disrespectful of little Caylee. Can any one do what is right for Caylee Anthony for a change.

  2. southernjustice Says:

    It does not matter what they do at this point, I know Caylee is in Heaven. All we can do now is make sure that justice is served. I saw something on CNN this morning, where a little 4 yr old Georgia girl has brain cancer, with 2 wks – 2mo to live. Her parents really touched me with their selfless love for their daughter. Casey Anthony has never experienced that kind of love. Parenting is l life time of commitment and complications. Most of us do the very best we can and wonder if it is good enough,Those of us who have never lost a child, or been thru a tragic illness, can only TRY to understand. But all of us agree, we will NEVER understand a parent who can harm their own child. Willingly,purposely and with malice. Casey has been such a cold calculating bitch thru all of this. I see the jail tapes and am in awe as to her ability to play mind games with her parents and brother. She is a demon, a devil and deserves the death penalty.

  3. tom Says:

    all these anthony’s are complete scumbags,as bad as caylee being murdered i think of all the money and people’s time wasted in the search and the grandparents action’s-cindy knew her monster daughter was lying-i think about the jail tapes where casey is describing zanny and she talks about the hair straightner and zanny gave her one and cindy replys-thats true-shame on you anthony’s for lying as bad as casey,it also wouldnt surprise me if the anthony’s tried to sell her bones or ashes-i hope they charge the whole family with crimes,hoe,hoe hoe casey anthony

  4. I am so glad they found this little angel, she needs to be put to rest the right way she has been threw so much no human should go threw, the mother still doesnt care she showed this threw out this whole search what a fool she made of everyone maybe she should be at the funeral I think she needs to see what she did ,and her reaction , probably none the grandparents are a little shady too I was never to sure of them I wish this funeral wasnt private we all feel so involved since day one thanks to the nancy grace show, we owe her a lot thanks nancy and all who weere involved in your show. GOD WILL BLESS YOU CAYLEE FOREVER AND EVER SWEETHEART

  5. lori Says:

    I believe with my whole heart tyhat Cindy and George Anthony know exactly what happend to their grandaughter,I also believe that as a grandparent sometimes your mind can only handle so much.Maybe their brain is on overload. Myself as a mother and grandmother could not ever imagine this happening in my family.Could you?WHAT would you do?I hope to God I will never have to deal with anything like this in my lifetime._Prayers and only best wishes to Grandma and Papa you will need them

  6. nanaof6 in NC Says:

    My heart just breaks for what this child has been through. I know she is in heaven and a little angel now, never to be hurt again. As far as Casey, I hope she rots in HELL, if she did kill her! She is the most cold hearted _itch I have ever seen! I lost a 30 yr old son to renal failure and it was so hard! Casey acts like she has lost a dog or cat or some pet! She is inhuman!!! I hope she gets everything deserving to her when she has her day in court. As for the grandparents–that’s another story. I could not imagine what kind of Christmas they must have had. I pray for them all. If they knew anything and lied for/and with Casey, they will face God for that. I will not judge them. God be with you all.

  7. Jo Says:

    Right now I cannot feel for Cindy and George. It is past time for them to think of Caylee and want and demand the truth from Casey. How could they not know Casey murder that sweet child. How can they not love Caylee and stand up for her and say this is wrong and Casey you must face what you have done. How can you love someone that has killed a dear child and not want them to do the right thing? I cannot let go of this terrible story it is so up setting that in all of this no one is speaking for Caylee and thinking of her first. People are out to make money and get attention and free motel rooms you name it. The Anthony’s have not worked in months and they still can give Casey money to have her treats in jail. This is all too sick these people are insane. Time to think of nothing but Caylee and the truth.

  8. Touch Says:

    My heart just breaks everytime they show the clip of little Caylee “saying you ok papa.” I am a mother as well as a grandmother and I just can’t image having this to happen to one of my babies. It is hard enough having my son fighting for our freedom over in Iraq right now and not knowing how or if he is ok on a day to day basis. If Casey didn’t want this beautiful child then she should have given her up for adoption or to the grandparents to raise instead of committing such a henious crime of one of Gods little angels. I think they should make Casey view all photos from the autopsy to see what such a beautiful little girl she once was looks like since she did what she did to her so that she can have that image in her mind as long as she has to sit in her cell. Hopeful the people of Florida that are on her jury will convict her and her punishment will be handed down swiftly so that she doesn’t get to sit in a jail cell for 20 years or more eating lavishly and trying to look pretty trying to still convince the public she had nothing to do with the precious little girl. I hope that anyone thinking of or that have children they don’t ask you to bring them into this world they are a gift of God. May little Caylee rest in peace and always be the sweet little Angel that she really was. Thanks Nancy Grace for never giving up on victims of crimes.

  9. vidkid Says:

    You always reap what you sow….. Casey!

  10. cee Says:

    I also agree she should not be cremated. there is no reason to harm her body anymore, what is left of it anyway.
    I think what remains of that precious girl should be properly and respectfully buried among bueatiful trees and birds chirping.
    I think it is horrendous to even imagine her tiny bones and skull still with traces of her beautiful hair being wheeled into a tube like incinerator to be burned into ashes.
    disgsusting. she’s suffered enough. I also agree cremating her is basically making it like, poof, up in smoke. see no evil hear no evil.
    if there is no grave, etc. the entire anthony fam. can continue to live in denial that it never happened.
    poor caylee got the short end of the stick to be born into this family……

  11. hello Says:

    I hope casey fries.

  12. Candice Says:

    My heart breaks and I break down in tears to see a life so drastically cut short. She is an angel, my daughter is the same age as she was when she was taken away from us. It makes me just want to hug and squeeze my baby and wish someone was there to protect her.

  13. Tiff Eichner Says:

    she was so cute and something bad want wright it is hatrlees for someone to do that to that little gril that was wright may she

  14. Tiff Eichner Says:

    she was so cute and something bad want wright it is hatrlees for someone to do that to that little gril that was wright may she rest in picec

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