Caylee Anthony: August 911 Calls By Roy Kronk Released

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has released audio of the 911 calls made by Roy Kronk, in August, after he came across a suspicious bag in the area where he eventually found Caylee Anthony’s remains.

A link to the audio can be found below.

Also, for those who have not seen them yet, here is a link to the crime scene photos from the area where Kronk found the remains.

From MyFoxOrlando:
Audio: 911 calls made by meter reader released

Kronk called 911 on Aug. 11, 12 and 13. On Aug. 11, he reported a bag on the side of the road. A deputy responded but didn’t find anything and was unable to locate Kronk. Kronk called a crime hot line the following day and the information was passed on to the sheriff’s office criminal investigation division.

On Aug. 13, Kronk called the sheriff’s office a third time. This time, he met a deputy and the area was cleared as a place of interest a short time later.

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6 Comments on “Caylee Anthony: August 911 Calls By Roy Kronk Released”

  1. vidkid Says:

    Is it me…. or are the 911 dispatchers acting like they are blowing this guy off? I mean, it sounds like they are sanding their fingernails or something! By the 13th, this guy sounds so tired of telling these idiots the same thing over & over…. you can hear it in his voice!

  2. C Says:

    How weird is it that he called exactly 4 months later to the date and she was found?

  3. Jill from Western Australia Says:

    Bless Roy Kronk…his perseverance paid off! Now {after the Baez 2nd autopsy} Caylee will be laid to rest. I am very annoyed that Baez & the media are “hounding” Roy…no wonder people don’t come forward!
    By her own actions Casey has made the whole world despise her {Baez should be disbarred for his inappropriate touching!}..we still want a trial and the truth to be known but this will take time…meanwhile I will continue to hate the snivelling/whimpering/simpering/theiving/lying/cheating/self-centered female who will be served a Christmas dinner in jail {I BEGRUDGE HER THAT DINNER}…Caylee isn’t allowed that luxury…bless her memory.

  4. Disgusted With The Witch Hunters Says:

    You know if you do a little easy peasy search on you tube for videos of the searches conducted for Caylee and discover one in particular, you’ll also notice and wonder how odd it is that the video taped search conducted of that very location, literally right in front of it and showing footage up and down the street on August 11, that there’s no sign of a trashbag anywhere. Nope. No trash bag. Nada garbage bag on the side of the road, nada trash bag in the grassy area…nada garbage bag at all whatsoever on that street anywhere, as clearly shown in the footage…from August 11, the date this meter reader makes the first call to report a “suspicious” garbage bag on the side of the road in that very location. That very location that clearly was not under water whatsoever, but sunny, dry and clear.

    I doubt his perseverance has much to do with it. Instead of the kops just dismissing him at face value, they should be digging far deeper. That’s far too coincidental and the facts show there was no garbage bag there as he stated.

  5. Missy Says:

    Funny… they found a garbage bag just where he said it was… Sorry you missed it.

  6. Dr. G Says:

    The outcome of this trial could have been completely different had the Orange County Sheriff’s deputy who went to the location whereCaylee’s body was found had done his job on Aug. 11-13, 2008. Who was this deputy ?

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