RIP Caylee Anthony 2005-2008

I’ve been looking back at the more than 190 posts I have written about this case dating back to my first on August 27. That post discussed how Casey Anthony had tried to give her daughter up for adoption. Right now, I wish that she had.

I didn’t know Caylee Anthony, I didn’t know her family, I didn’t know anything about her until early August. I was first drawn to the case because my daughter, now 3, was just five days younger than her. Watching the videos on television, it reminded me of my daughter even more. The difference? You can always see the love when you see my wife and I with our children.


I’ve always kept this site as neutral as possible, letting my readers lead the discussion. Thoughts, stories, theories…All were welcome to leave an opinion. For the most part, I let people post what they wanted. But I never really discussed my thoughts on the case. I’ve let it be known a few times that I’m fairly certain that Casey Anthony murdered her daughter, but I’ll wait to hear all of the evidence first. Of course, there’s always a CHANCE that she is innocent, and we should remember that in America, you are innocent until proven guilty.

But there is so much evidence against her that it is hard to imagine that she could possibly be innocent. Nearly all the evidence that we have heard points to Casey’s guilt. Yes, there have been a few twists and turns along the way, but is it enough to sway a jury?


Through all this, I have tried to keep the posts about Caylee. We must all remember that this isn’t CSI or Criminal Minds or Law & Order. This is a real life story that has ended in a real life tragedy. A 3 year old girl is dead and her mother is in jail, accused of her murder. I can only imagine how the family feels, if in fact, they were not involved in the killing or any cover up.


How it must feel to have a granddaughter taken so young. I know that I don’t want to ever have to go through anything like this. I love my son and my daughter more than anything in the world. I can’t imagine my life without them. Hell, I can’t remember what my life was like before them. They’re truly a gift and my reason for living.

So Caylee, if you’re up there listening remember that there are people here who have never met you, who love you like one of their own, and will never forget you. I never had the chance to meet you but I feel like I’ve known you all of my life. Everyone will continue to pray for you, knowing that you’re in a better place now.

We’ll all be here watching and waiting for justice to be served.

We love you Caylee! Rest in Peace…..

FYI: If anyone ever wants to reach me, the email address is

As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by and read. Hope to hear thoughts and comments.

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55 Comments on “RIP Caylee Anthony 2005-2008”

  1. Nina Says:

    Caylee will always be remembered,by many many people.This has been a horrible tragedy..It has upset me to the fullest.I can even begin to understand how any one can harm an innocent child.I will never understand ….I love my children and I can’t even imagine my life with out them.I was talking to my grandaughter today and I thought Cindy will never hear her grandaughter’s sweet little voice ever again,like most of us with children or grandchildren.It really broke my heart.I have no doubt in my mind Cindy and George loved Caylee.They didn’t do alot of things right by putting things out there like they did.They loved Casey too and they were protecting her..I will not judge them .I believe for every wrong a person does in there life it will come back at you sooner or later.I will not be any one’s judge.I have never walked in there shoes nor would I want too. Rest in peace sweet Caylee ,we all love you.

  2. Nina Says:

    can’t not can

  3. Bonnie Says:

    I can not fathom anyone, especially a parent harming or murdering their child or any child. Tragically it happens everyday, totally barbaric! I am concerned about this meter reader, why would you call three times and then wait four (4) months and go back to the same place? He had already gone to the area with a deputy, had he not? How about the deputy, is this the one (or one of the ones) that Casey was dating or perhaps a good friend of that guy? This case has taken on a life of it’s own. It’s wonderful that he went there on the 11th of December because finally little Caylee can now rest in peace, it’s just too odd – the same place after four (4) months. What’s the chance of that happening – ever? There are certainly a lot of unansered questions and unfortunately, more questions than answers. If Casey is so innocent wouldn’t she have 1) gone to her parents or law enforcement immediately after Caylee went missing, she didn’t have a problem partying or making a flurry of cell phone calls; 2) wouldn’t she work with Law Enforcement and do everything in her power to help them locate her daughter? Isn’t that what innocent people do? Things just don’t add up. If she is so innocent – why would she be willing to sit in jail for someone else – (much less why would her attorney allow her to) that just doesn’t make sense at all. She should be out there screaming her innocence from the rooftops. If she’s so innocent, shouldn’t she have been out there walking until her feet bled to try and find her daughter?

  4. trensota Says:

    Que suenas con los angelitos, Caylee, sweet dreams up in heaven, little angel!

    Many thanks, John Kreuzer and family, for a calm and sane blog.

    There are still a few things to be cleared up before it’s all over, but most of the big questions have been answered. We may not know exactly what happened to Caylee, but we know what didn’t happen. A nanny did not go home to Puerto Rico taking Caylee with her. Caylee did not die accidentally of the Florida heat, nor accidentally drown in the pool. A woman did not see Caylee boarding a plane. Someone else did not take Caylee’s picture playing in a mall. Caylee’s dad’s family did not take custody of her.

    Caylee was murdered. Hard to understand anyone murdering a little child like that. If Casey didn’t do it herself, then she must have been protecting the one who did. Either way, she will surely be going away for a very long time.

  5. Karen Says:

    I am very upset over little Caylee I can hardly type about it. I have three boys and I couldn,t even imagine dong something like that. I feel so bad for the gandparents. I couldn,t even begin to think about what they are going through. My heart and prays go out to them. I just wonder if they have even gotten their minds around the idea that their daughter may have done this. I don,t know what I would do if I were in their shoes. May little Caylee rest in peace for we all know she is with the lord now and she will always be in good hands. They will see her someday when the lord calls them home. Please lord help everyone in their hearts and souls to know that she will always be remembered by everyone and she will always be loved.sighed Karen K.

  6. Chuck Says:

    The grandparents I dont feel sorry for them at all..The grandparents, George, Cindy and Lee are all involved in the cover-up of the murder of litttle Caylee..They all lied, destroyed evidence, preteneded their was alive Caylee all around the United States, Bad mouthed the police, Never helped in the search for the Angel Caylee, Gave the wrong brush to the FBI, All talked in codes at the jail..Sorry, Sorry,,,George, Cindy and Lee, you all knew that Little Caylee was murdered by your crazy piece of crap daughter Casey…You are all a day late and a dollar short…THE ONLY PERSON THAT I WILL ONLY FEEL SORRY FOR EVER IN THAT INSANE WACKY FAMILY IS AN ANGEL NOW, AND HER NAME IS…… “ANGEL CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY”,,,ALL MY LOVE TO YOU SWEET CAYLEE IN HEAVEN…………..

  7. mikka Says:

    what makes me the most mad is, she killed her, and after this when you see this partyphotos.this monster is coldblooded.and the A lawyer say yesterday ,she will work now with the fbi to find the truth out,its too late and caylee paid a high price.

  8. Carol Says:

    I cannot imagine how any parent could throw out their child like she was yesterday’s trash. Perhaps only God will ever know the truth behind Caylee’s murder, but for now I hope everyone will give their children an extra hug and thank God for what we have.

  9. tom Says:

    thank god they found caylee and hopefully they will find this zanny person and punish her,i can only imagine how devistating this is to poor casey

  10. mikka Says:

    Tom, poor casey? When you follow this case it was never a zanny the nanny. i hope she never gets out of jail!

  11. Colleen Says:

    I have grandchildren and two of them are little girls just a bit younger than Caylee. I cannot imagine the horror of one of their parents murdering them. As much as I love my children I could not ever, ever do what George and Cindy have done to help cover up and protect Casey. I know they love her and I know they loved Caylee but what a dishonor to that precious two year old child. I could understand not turning their backs on Casey and loving her despite anything she did but Caylee is the victim. Caylee deserves so much more from her grandparents. I feel horrible for them and I am trying not to judge them but honestly, I can’t stand to see their faces anymore. George was a homicide detective and there is no doubt in my mind that he knew from the beginning that Caylee was dead and that Casey killed her. You can watch their faces when they talked to Casey behind bars and it is so clear that they knew she was lying.

    As much as it sickened me to learn that the remains found were Caylee, I am grateful that finally this precious baby can be put to rest. The thought of her being dumped like garbage and laying there for six months is gut wrenching.

    I pray justice is served!

  12. GAGAL Says:

    I have been reading and watching this case from the start,I have left some coments a time or two.there are alot of whys and hows and we may never find the answers.they have found the remains of Caylee may she rest now,I feel the emptiness in my soul like she was a daughter.I pray that the truth will come out!If there is any money made off this childs story,buy this area she was found in and make a memorial for her with a waterfall!!GOD BLESS YOU CAYLEE for ever in our hearts!!

  13. Gracie Says:

    Caylee, rest in peace sweet Angel!!

    Casey I hope you pay, your motive for this is; your a self centered spoiled brat and you care for NO ONE else!!

  14. Deb Says:

    For a completely irreverent look at Crazy-Casey and her odd family check out this blog written by a sharp-witted soul who, like the rest of us, is appalled at this family. Take a look, I think you’ll really appreciate it.

  15. Bonnie Says:

    I feel such sadness for that dear little girl. Last night on one of the shows covering this story, they showed how close to the road this bag was. I just cannot understand how it was missed for all this time. Something seems fishy to me. I do believe Casey is guilty of killing Caylee, Casey was very jealous of her mother’s love for Caylee. It was explained that the video of Caylee singing “you are my sunshine” there is a word that we could not understand. She was actually singing “please don’t take Nan’s (this is what she called her grandmother, Cindy) sunshine away.” I believe George and Cindy loved this little girl, but did many things to work against the investigation of Caylee’s disapearance. I still feel such sympathy for them. They lost something so precious. Anyone who has seen this little girl’picture knows that.
    We now have to wait to see what was found within that bag that will prove without a doubt that her mother was her murderer and not some fictitious nanny.
    Casey made big fools out of her own family. I can only imagine the money this has cost them. It seems like she was getting her final punishment in on them for no longer being the apple of their eyes,
    George and Cindy, you have my deepest sympathy. I was angry that you would not see the truth, but I also know how badly you must be hurting and will hurt for a long time to come.
    Casey now has to stand on her own and pay for snuffing out a beautiful life.
    Rest in peace, dear Caylee. <

  16. deb Says:

    Kreuzer , your children and wife are beautiful. Thank you so much for providing a place where we can share our thoughts about this horrible situation. I pray that the Anthony family someday will have peace and happiness in their lives. I can’t imagine the pain they are feeling now. Caylee loved her papa and nanna, she should have been left with them and she would still be here with her family celebrating her 3rd Christmas. , but now she is with Jesus in Heaven , what a celebration she will have !! We love you Caylee, you will forever be in our hearts. ” Merry Christmas Little Angel ”
    I have had a candle lit since the confirmation came in and will continue to light them until justice for Caylee comes and it will come. Thank you again Kreuzer .

  17. tom Says:

    it’s so great that they now have caylee ID,now casey and her family can grieve there lose and let’s hope LE finds that horrible zanny,i just hope she is not killing another child at this moment,casey’s attorney says we only know half the story

  18. mikka Says:

    tom,what is wrong with you?

  19. tom Says:

    mikka,what do you mean?i haven’t really followed this caylee thing,i know they say a nanny did it

  20. mikka Says:

    tom,sorry,but when you follow this case from the beginning,casey all what she told is a lie.

  21. Nina Says:

    There was never a nanny Tom.An imaginary one that Casey made up!

  22. tom Says:

    sorry everyone,i didnt really know all the stuff going on in this case,the last thing i saw on this was the grandparents on gma-i will read up on it more before i coment again-sorry again

  23. luz figueroa Says:

    First off i would like to start off by stating that caylee anthony looked like an angel straight out of heaven. That beautiful bright smile and those eyes that shine with innocence, i just can’t believe how someone would not want you by there side every minute of every day.I know that even though i didn’t know you personally you touch my family and i . We wish that this never happenend to you sweet heart and to let you know that you are in a much better place now hunny; where there is someone who loves you dearly and will never let anything happen to you again. I’m so sorry hunny that you were not able to live a long and joyous life but now your back home and we as mothers, fathers,grandparents and as a nation will remember you always you have left those tiny feet imprinted in the hearts of many people!!! we love Caylee ! god bless you baby!

  24. luz figueroa Says:

    and to george and cindy the grandparents of caylee i pray for you guys i have never been thru what you are going thru right now! you just got confirmation that your grand daughter was murdered in one way or another but you now have to wait to find out the faith of your own child your daughter casey! i do pray it was not her and that something else comes out of all of this or if casey is protecting someone she needs to come forth soon because if she doesn’t understand her life is at stake as well! but if it was casey (there is alot of foresic eveidence pointing at her) i will pray for her deliverence from evil even if it may be to late but she does need to take responsibilty for everything that is going on. i just wish this family the best it is hard to go on when there is so much going on around you but continue to keep your faith and ask god to let whatever that was done in the dark soon come to light!

  25. Diana Fike Says:

    My sincerest condolences to the loving family of Caylee. The pain will never go away but thankfull there are the good memories of a little girl that truly loved her nana and papa. They loved her also. Let these grandparents grieve and leave them alone. Quit criticizing them for everything. Casey is their daughter also, and love in a family is unconditional even though all of this. You can only raise your children to the besst of your ability and cannot be responsible for their choices. A young life was tragically brought to an end. We cannot judge. Only God has that power. Pray for the family.

  26. FosterMom Says:

    I agree with the adoption , when a person expresses an unwanted from the beginning the maternal instinct is not there for reasons only known to that person. In this case Casey let Cindy make the decession due to her living conditions which alot of girls her age cannot support a child on their own. I am a foster parent and we have adopted and love our children all the same.This case just hit my heart like a sledge hammer. Its a shame when there are many options for the unwanted . But now could of ,should of, would of, is all they can say..I feel for the Anthony family and the tragic outcome of this all.Little Caylee is safe now in the arms of angels watching over thousands of the unwanted .

  27. James Says:

    I have a scar on my left hand. I fell in the woods while I searched for Caylee Athony and cut my hand open.
    Everytime I see the scar it reminds me. I helped to find this little girl.
    I am angry for Caylee. What Casey did hidden from others in secret she thinks no one saw her. There is one who did see her, GOD!
    Then the LORD said to Casey, “Where is your daughter Caylee?”
    “I don’t know,” she replied. “I left her with the nanny”!

    The LORD said, “What have you done? Listen! Your daughter’s blood cries out to me from the ground. Now you are under a curse and driven from the ground, which opened its mouth to receive your daughter’s blood from your hand. When you work the ground, it will no longer yield its crops for you. You will be a restless wanderer on the earth.” You shall not kill!

  28. FosterMom Says:

    Just a question? wonder if any of the houses in the area are set up for outside survailence cameras. We have some people around here that have them just to deter any crime .

  29. M Roberts Says:

    What kind of horrible creature would harm and murder a little angle from heaven… ??? I am so sadden by the world we live in, is disturbing what people are capable of. As of Caylee, I KNOW that she no longer remembers what she had to go through, now she is in a state of everlasting happiness, with OUR Heavenly Father, in his kingdom. She is now safe and no one can ever hurt her again, she will never feel any sorrow, or loneliness or sadness, she is resting in peace.
    My prayer is that those who did this to her, may repent and ask God in his infinite justice for mercy, before they have to stand infront of him on judgement day with a filthy concience because that will be worse punishment than eternal life in hell. I KNOW God will bring justice to what happen regardless of what the justice of men may bring.

  30. John L Says:

    I am a father of 2 small boys myself, my wife would love to have a little girl in the family. We would have adopted little caylee in a second and given her lots of love and a great home. I am sorry to say this but god help casey for murdering this precious baby girl, and she deserves the death penalty, not life in prison.


    Ok, hear me out – I don’t believe for one second the meter reader did a thing. Here’s my thoughts for possible scenarios: COULD LEE OR FRIEND OF CASEY HAVE MOVED THE BAG?

    Casey spoke in code to Lee from the jail requesting Lee look in “familiar places” for Caylee. Maybe Lee thought about the “Zone” they used to hang out at, but didn’t take action until he actually saw the meter reader on 8/10 or gained access to the Crime Tips and decided to check it out. Maybe he saw the bag and didn’t want to be incriminated by pulling it to his car, so he dragged it further in the woods, in swampier area,( I know Fay didn’t come for a couple of weeks later, but it was probably still a bit more swampy further in) possibly wrapping it better.
    Now the person who may have moved the bag could also have been someone who heard the jail call, and was a friend, who decided to check it out, and found the bag, and moved it.


    Meter reader comes back on 8/13 with deputy, bag not in same exact location, snake runs them off.

    Meter reader is haunted and second guessing himself for months, just certain the bag was there, so, since he was reassigned to the area, he decided to look once more. This time the area is clear, no water at all, and the meter reader finds the bag – decides that this time he will open it, like he should have the first time (although everyone locally knows that we were repeatedly advised NOT to touch anything we find, but rather to contact authorities and have them handle)

    No way a dog could have dragged the bag off the road a bit more; if he did, the bag would have dog bites all over it and have been ripped to shreds. Maybe though, the investigators found the duct tape wrapped OVER dog bites, who knows……

    Or Maybe… A dog DID drag the bag further into the woods, the cops didn’t see the bag on 8/13, but Casey got word out where the body was, and someone went to the location, wrapped it tighter, and pulled it further into the woods.

  32. betty Says:

    Yes, I think she and Lee are very tight. He would have done that on his own. They are “taped”at the jail and talk so “stilted”.
    Why didn’t they take Casey for some mental health help – when younger? Cindy is a nurse, she should have recognized the signs. Maybe all of this could have been avoided. Casey surely was so jealous of Caylee, in every way. Caylee had it ALL! Casey had nothing, is nothing … an empty, shallow shell. She used her “powers” over males to get some level of recognition. That isn’t hard to do, if one is a slut at heart. In her heart of hearts (IF she has one), she knows WHAT she is, and tried HARD to create some kind of persona, by using her sex because that’s all she had. Enter Caylee. BUSTED Casey!!! We KNOW who/what you are. ALL of us and now I think even George and Cindy know too. Caylee is dead … and Casey lives. Irony.

  33. Mother of a little girl Says:

    rest in peace precious angle Caylee Marie May you be in the loving hand of god and the angles where you are safe from harm. I want to thank the meater reader for doing the right thing and contact the police and crimeline back in August unfortualy it took 4 calls before anything was done If in fact crimeline should live up to there promise of giving mr.Krone the reward that is offered, I know that if it was me I would give it to the family so that a proper burrial with dignity be given for this little girl I don’t Believe George and cindy had any part of this tragedy but i do believe that they have some sort of idea that Casey is behind her daughter pasinf but has parents they too want to protect there child
    Rest in peace precious angle

  34. anne Says:

    rest in peace lil precious caylee.. and why on earth would you have your family pictures on a site that a lil girl lost her life on.. i am stumoed:(

  35. anne Says:


  36. mary holmes Says:

    i could not live with my self if i did that to my baby…. how stuped is she… she had her and wanted to give her up but desided not to…. she is a stuped bitch…

  37. mary holmes Says:


  38. mary holmes Says:


  39. Aida Says:

    Caylee, little angel, rest in peace and may all the angels protect you now.

    Cindy, George and Lee, I am sorry for your lost, the pain may never go away, its time to cry and accept Caylee’s its not longer with us. May the lord give you some senses to be able to come to the terms that your daughter kill her and more pain to endure. I feel sorry for you and will pray for you to be able to handle all the pain you’re suffering.

    Casey, rest in jail for life.

  40. betty Says:

    Bonnie, I think I read or head this. The meter reader man was taken off that “beat” for awhile. Recently he was put back there, so he either checked there again, or made a “pit stop”. Either way is ok. If that smell was THAT bad in the car, why wasn’t the bag smelling when it was dumped? The officer could have found it by smell, no?
    One can only do so much, and try so hard when dealing with Police. It isn’t always handled 1000% to our liking, for some reason – snakes, witness has to go back to work, etc.
    Yes, incredible that such an Angel could come down and be placed in that hellish, nutty family.
    I wonder if they would have ruined her too – in 15 years? Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive … Casey. I hope the Jury is strong and knows this whole story, outside of the “evidence” they hear in the Court Room. What IS – – – – IS!

  41. rali Says:

    A world full of total strangers fell in love with a beautiful, precocious little girl. It is impossible for me to understand how someone who knew her could do this to her. I know that two-year-olds can try a parent’s patience; I have two grown sons and have not forgotten what it is like. But when my limits were about to expire I called a friend or family member to step in to give me a break – I didn’t hurt them in any way. And they were an absolute joy, just as I know Caylee was to those who knew and loved her. Rest in Peace, Caylee. I hope that whatever the truth is (and I believe Casey did it, but I also believe in “innocent until proven guilty”) it will come out. My heart goes out to George and Cindy. This family is obviously extremely dysfunctional, but I know from my own experience that “dysfuntional” doesn’t always mean “unloving”.

  42. JudyRitter Says:

    I’wd like to thank the man that started this writings about Beautiful Caylee. Thank You! I had my daughter in 1964 July25; I was almost 16 yrs old; sept. 12th I turned 16 I loved my precious little girl so much who is now 44 yrs old with 2 son of her own; she wd. have loved to adopt Caylee; & her mom just didn’t want her from before she was born. I wd. never even let anyone change my babies diaper; I had to do it all & have never regretted it for a second. How in the world can she make up all the lies that she did ; the stories were not believeable at all ever. Sh e did it & she thought she wd. get away with it ; she thought she did the perfect crime; a crime on her beautiful child; how can her parents come on TV. & say after the scent of death in the car ; that the nanny took her. They new their liar daughter didn’t have a job ; she stole from everybody she could steel from even her old great grandparents; her friend ; her parents who supported her why when & where did she work; I’m truley sorry I wd. hate to loose a chil or grandchild but there is something not right with that family to believe in Casey; they should have a gut feeling of lies she told to them & police she even said several times that her gut feeling was Caylee was close to home she knew how close cause she put her there; with the birth of Jesus coming up a Happy Time & the whole Country is dealing with the Death Of Caylee that she caused nobody else but Casey; a jury has to convict her see through her lies & happy nites out after Caylee was suppose to be missing not reporting her missing for a month my goodness a day wd. not have gone by if my child were missing.The poor Zenalda lady brought in to be questioned & she never knew her or Caylee how sad to ruin her reputation she made a mokery of the people & the system that listened to her; we can at least no she is with the man that really loves her she’s in God’s loving care Rest In Peace Caylee.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    People, no matter how angelic they are, will NEVER, be ANGELS. I hope people realize that. They are a special part of God’s kingdom, and people DO NOT “turn into angels”… matter what..

  44. kemper1 Says:

    People, no matter how angelic they are, o not become angels. Not now, not ever. Angels are a special part of God’s kingdom, and serve a purpose of their own. Humans were created in the likeness of God. That does not change.

  45. Brenda Douglass Says:

    rest in Peace baby girl
    you will never know how many hearts you have touched
    An entire nation loves you baby girl
    Run and play with the angels little one.
    A special Angel has gone home

  46. Leticia Morales Says:

    Ever since friday I havent not stop thinking about Caylee and how much she will be missed and loved by every one. She was a beautifull little girl. It breaks my heart to just imagine her lifeless little body in the woods all those months and no one knew. Its in Gods hands now and it is for him to judge as to whats going to happen to Casey.I have a 3 year old daughter and i could never do anything to hurt her not even the thought. I love my daughter she is my world.So Caylee you are now in peace and in heaven where no one can hurt you anymore.You are smiling down on us.You are an angel. We Love You.

  47. kreuzer33 Says:

    Thanks everyone for all the comments and keeping Caylee in your thoughts. I’ve been spending some quality time with the family this weekend and am very much looking forward to the Christmas holiday with them. You probably won’t see a lot of posts from me during this time. But you still might, as always, before the kids get up and after they’ve been tucked into bed.

    My son is asking to watch The Count now so I’ve got to run! Thanks to everyone as always for reading and continue to stop by and leave your thoughts 🙂

  48. txnancy Says:

    God Bless poor little Caylee and I know she is resting in peace. I believe Caylee is an angel

    Casey will pay for what she had done that I am sure of once the trial is over and then again when she has to answer to our Father for murdering her daughter.

    Tom don’t feel bad that you did not know the whole story there are so many twist/turns it will make your head spin. Just know that if Casey’s mouth is moving it is more than certain a lie!

  49. betty Says:

    I am wondering if there is anything in Casey’s conversations with Lee that could be used to help incriminate her, in hind site, now that we know where the body was. She probably thought it never would be found. They did seem to be talking in “code”. VERY measured, thoughtful conversation. Actually I think they were all using those phone conversations to “showcase” Casey, knowing they would get on the media. Casey tried to do some good P.R. for herself, and cried, gave “messages” to Caylee via Cindy, etc. CINDY is so obvious! Trying to use the tapes to show a sensitive, crying, feeling Casey. I mean clues maybe like “Lee, I’m just so *zoned* out here”. (I think where Caylee’s body was found was called the “Zone” by the neighborhood kids.) That is just an example. Yes, Tom don’t feel bad. One has to be retired to follow this case!! : (

  50. Ruth Says:

    Here’s a great site to check out for a completely irreverent spin on the whole case since day one. Sharp-witted, sarcastic and funny in a very dark way!

    Take a look, I think you’ll enjoy it!

  51. NJMom Says:

    I am very Grateful to the Lord above that Caylee was found. Now, there can be question of what we’ve known all along…that her mother killed her…no “nanny” kidnapped her (if so, to what end?? don’t they usually do so for ransom??). Her Soul has been with God since mid-June, but now her earthly remains can receive proper attention too…now “thrown away” in some bag in some hap-hazard manner.

    Caylee’s family let her down BIGTIME!! George, Cindy and Lee. They should hang their heads in the HALL OF SHAME for not PROTECTING this darling little girl from the MONSTER known as Casey. At least we will no longer have to listen to Cindy’s drivel and lies…then again, maybe we will…IF they are indicted for Obstruction of Justice of which they are most likely QUITE GUILTY.

    I believe Caylee is FREE now…from all of these crazy people…she is with God and dances on streets of Gold with God…Rest in Peace, Sweet Caylee…AMERICA has come to LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Now…it’s JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!!

  52. NJMom Says:

    Correction in my previous post: meant to say: “there can be NO question of what we’ve known all along…”

  53. callenton Says:

    Very well said! Thank you. There’s also a beautiful video tribute to Caylee on youtube called “A Promise to Caylee”:

    Has a poem that sums it all up… so very sad. At least we know she’s safe now.

  54. krystal Says:

    REST IN PEACE BABY…. You don’t ever have to be scared no more,go and play with the other angels,Jesus will take care of you…. It makes me so sad to know her little life was cut so short! I have two boys and a little girl and I couldnt even think about one of my babies being hurt let alone laying on the side of the road in a trash bag! It hurts to think about Caylee laying there all by her self alone! How can a mother go on day to day! She even got dressed put on make up and went out!…If one of my babies was missing you would have to drag me in doors cause I would look for them non stop! I think any mother in their right mind would! But now Caylee is found and she can rest and be with our Lord who loves her dearly! Rest in Peace. I love you….

  55. betty Says:

    When the Meter Reader was so insistent, calling 3 times in August to report something suspicious, WHY didn’t they send out any cadaver dogs? Look at the evidence we would have had to get Casey. There would have been flesh, organs, forensic evidence, etc. These woods were also mentioned by one of Casey’s “friends” much earlier too! She suggested to L.E. to look there, because that’s where they all used to “hang”. This was so close to her home too. We all know criminals feel most at home in their “comfort zone” – the area that they KNOW and often live in. Amazing too, the “kids” used to hang in those woods – where there are snakes? Slipped right thru their fingers … So many many strange twists and turns … what a TRIAL this will be! We probably only know the TIP of this ice berg.

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