Caylee Anthony’s Book at the Crime Scene?

UPDATE: The remains have been confirmed to be Caylee Anthony at the news conference today.

It seems that that one of the photos released today by investigators shows what appears to be a hard-cover book laying in the brush.

The book in the photo is very similar to a book that Caylee is seen reading on a video made by her grandparents.

Here’s a link to the slideshow. Take a look at pictures #3, #4 and #5. The book at the crime scene looks very much like the one in picture #1 with Caylee.

The one question I have is this: If the area was underwater for some time, how come the book in the photo looks to be in perfect condition? Thoughts from anyone?

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From the Orlando Sentinel:

On a day filled with developments in the case of missing toddler Caylee Marie Anthony — including news that the man who discovered human remains last week called in the same tip three times in August — a single photograph brought forth as many questions as it answered.

Did investigators searching a wooded area for skeletal remains possibly also find a book that Caylee liked to read?

Editors at discovered the similarities while looking over the crime scene photos late Thursday. We wondered if the Orange County Sheriff’s Department noticed the same thing. So we asked.

Sheriff’s Capt. Angelo Nieves said he had not seen the crime-scene photos and could not comment on their content. He said he would not ask investigators about the photo.

Whatever the object — a book, a cereal box, wrapping paper or whatever — no close-up photos of it were released by investigators, who have said that the wooded area is full of debris. So, what do you think?

Shortly before dinnertime Thursday, Nieves confirmed that significan skeletal remains were discovered and that the search area was being expanded. It had been anticipated that investigators were close to opening the area up. Instead, Nieves said, the search will continue today and possibly into the weekend.

That development, however, was followed by the stunner: The utility worker who phoned in the discovery of a bag of bones in the wooded area in east Orange County — about two blocks from the home of Caylee’s mother and grandparents — first called in a tip to the sheriff’s department’s communications center on August 11. The next day, he called Crimeline. And on Aug. 13, he called the communications center again.

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15 Comments on “Caylee Anthony’s Book at the Crime Scene?”

  1. shell Says:

    I believe the book she is reading in the video is, Suppertime for Frieda Fuzzypaws. It’s an out of print book and would be a great piece of evidence if that is the book lying on the ground in the forest.

  2. Bobbie Magee Says:

    When Casey abandoned her car, after dumping her baby, Caylee, like trash, she left her purse there for a reason. She left it right out in plain sight, probably with the keys in the ignition or at least visible to passersby. I’ll bet the doors were unlocked, too! THE PURSE WAS BAIT!! She was hoping that someone would STEAL HER CAR! This would have given her an excellent alibi as regards to the smell and any other biological evidence that may have been in that car. Who knows how long it would have been before it was recovered, if ever? But it didn’t work. It must have been maddening for her as she drove by there hour after hour wondering when was someone going to STEAL THAT DAMNED CAR!!
    Who knows what the rest of her planned story would have entailed??

  3. Ajlouny Says:

    It really makes me sick that Casey is so selfish and would hurt her child. She is a sick person. There is so many families that would have loved to take care of that little girl. She didn’t have to kill her.

  4. […] on Just About Anything… « Jeremy Piven Leaves Show Due to Health Concerns Caylee Anthony’s Book at the Crime Scene? […]

  5. Leslie30 Says:

    Dr. Bethany Marshall, the psychiatrist, was on the Nancy Grace show tonight. She made the statement that Casey not only disliked Caylee; but HATED her, and never wanted her. Caylee, in Casey’s opinion, got all the love, attention, and money from G.and C., and she hated Caylee for that.

    God help the Anthonys if, God forbid, she is EVER released! She wants their house.

  6. FYI-Something is wrong with your theme…it’s expanded and difficult to read.

  7. Never mind…it’s better now, though all the gravatars have disappeared!

  8. Yeah, I have some thoughts on that subject; however, I don’t wish for others to wreck your website when they have their own wreck happening at the time.

    They think they are turning over every brick….some know the difference between a mason and a hoax, though they may not be too computer literate.

  9. Belinda Says:

    The book is Suppertime for Freida Fuzzypaws byCindy Szekeres, in the last few years I special ordered the book for one of my great neices from Books a Million. It is a great book with a great story and it breaks my heart everytime I hear that poor dear child reading that story to her great grandpa.

  10. Honeydog0629 Says:

    My thoughts? Yes, it certainly DOES look like the same Storybook and, No, it absolutely wouldn’t be in the good condition pictured if it had been there all along. My comment? Gee, sure is odd there hasn’t been ANYTHING reported about this BOOK being found there, when everything ELSE retrieved (Pooh Blanket, Toy Horse, Heart Sticker, part of a Diaper, Duct Tape & Laundry Bags matched to the Home, etc) has all come to our attention, AND been FACTUAL information. Let’s all try to stick to it huh!

  11. I throughly agree with you about the car. Weren’t the gas cans still in the trunk at this time.Everyone of Casey’s friends has commented that Caylee didn’t go anywhere without her baby, which Casey left in the car. If you knew that this was the most priceless treasure to your child would’t that be the first thing that Caylee would want when she came home. If someone has stolen the car, the doll would have looked even better for Casey that someone took that poor child and didn’t even give her the baby. If you truly believed that your child had been kidnapped and you might never see her again, to a normal mother that would be the most “precious” thing you would have to treasure. Barbara I agree with you. Does anyone know where the doll is now?????????

  12. sharon Says:

    I believe the book is the same as the one she was reading. I’m wondering if she wasnt killed the same day, after leaving the visit with her great grandpa.It seems odd,too, that the book was in such good shape. She had to be placed there after the flood waters receeded. I think about this poor child all the time and know that justice will be served.

  13. Crysis 2 Aimbot Says:

    Wonderfull blogg, loved though it. cheers.

  14. Cheryl Quick Says:

    The enitre two year plot, prior to Caylee’s death, appears, to me, to be a pre-meditated scenario. Was there a purpose for the egregious amount of lies and the flow of explicitly detailed follow-up lies, if this had not been planned ahead of time. I believe her to be calculating to the degree that her own interests came before anyone or anything; whereby, Caylee ceased to be a cute little girl that drew attention to her, and then increasingly became a liability that kept her from the attention she so desired. She has a crossover diagnosis of Narcissistic and Histrionic Persoality Disorders. She is NOT crazy, just consumed with herself and her own compulsion to be the “center of attention”. I am sickened by the fact that I, as a Florida citizen, are have to assist with funding her defense. If we really want the truth, send her to Guantanamo Bay for a little water boarding. It should only take a few minutes and a round-trip ticket as opposed to a fortune spent for her defense. Granted, she is innocent until proven guilty ; however, our judicial system has already allowed one high-profile sadistic murderer off (AKA – OJ). Hopefully, we as intelligent Floridians, will not be duped. Remember, If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, IT PROBABLY IS A DUCK!

  15. zelda Says:

    Great post Cheryl…………………..!

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