Caylee Anthony Crime Scene Photos Released

UPDATE: 6/9/11: Links below will take you to all of the original crime scene photos that were released. I do not have any of photos of the remains or the skull which were on display in court today.

Update 2/18: There is a lot of great information on this post surrounding the crime scene photos from the Caylee Anthony scene back in December.

For more information on the documents released on February 18, please follow this link.


The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has released images giving us a firsthand look at the Caylee Anthony search scene.

The images don’t reveal anything pertaining to the case but they do give you a close-up look at the search scene itself.

You can view the slide show here

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UPDATE: The Orlando Sentinel has an interesting look at one of the crime scene photos showing a book which looks awfully similar to a book which was seen in one of the last photos of Caylee. Follow the link here for a look at this and let me know your thoughts.

UPDATE 2: The remains have been confirmed to be Caylee Anthony at the news conference today.

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29 Comments on “Caylee Anthony Crime Scene Photos Released”

  1. Kim Gallagher Says:


    The meter reader stumbled upon a bag and possibly saw duct tape on the bag. I think he wasn’t sure it was a body and didn’t want to touch the evidence. He called in to the police and I am sure he is like anyone else. Just a person who knows there are searches, knows there is a body missing and thinks, maybe this is the body. I would think the same thing but also I would think, maybe it isn’t. He called police and awhile later thinks, oh my, what if that is a body, so he calls again, two more times. After the flooding and awhile later again, he goes to the site to see if they did check out the spot where he saw the bag. He, like me and everyone else thinks this could be but he wasn’t sure.
    Also, I think the police were busy getting hundreds of tips, possibly thousands. I am sure other people saw garbage bags all over the place. It sounds like they are very busy, not sitting around saying, oh, this is the bag that will have her reamains in it. The police are doing a great job.

  2. I just wonder if the bag smelled like there had been a “damn dead body” in it?

  3. Jeremia Says:

    Looks like the scene was all set up. Maybe difficult to convict casey now.

  4. Ajlouny Says:

    It sad that if she did kill her baby girl, how cold hearted she is to throw her in between the trees like that and not think twice about it…go party with her friends while her baby rots in there. There would have been so many families that would have loved to take that girl and give her a good home.

  5. Lee Says:

    I can’t believe that the attorney’s are telling the media the police are taking to long, when in all likelyhood, the baby’s mother probably did it and didn’t say anything to anyone for what, 6 months? God Bless little Caylee!

  6. chave158 Says:

    i DONT KNOW WHY The Meter READER WAS SO PUSHING ABOUT THAT AREA. iF i HAD CALLED IN A TIP AND NOTHING PANNED OUT WHY WOULD i CALL BACK AGAIN AND AGAIN AND THEN HE FINDS IT? iTS TOO WEIRD. Think maybe he knew something not that he did anything but that he found out thru casey or maybe Tony and his conscience was getting to him. He was hell bent on that particular area.

  7. Krissy Says:

    Mother of the deceased baby Caylee told police she talked to her little girl and how happy Caylee was to talk to her after a month remember? I believe all are innocent until proven guilty but my “Mom” meter is full tilt that Mommy dearest killed her little Caylee. She was a sweetheart, a all American pretty little girl. So sad.

    As for the “Meter Reader” He was just like every person with a heart looking for this little girl, He called in over & over knowing something was aims in a field he walks by month to month, year to year. Come on do you think he snuck in taped Caylee’s mouth shut, put her in her mothers Pontiac, drove Mommy’s car down the street and dumped Caylee in a trash bag with her little book, the same book tot mom said she was reading to her like she told the police…31 days after she went missing? WAKE UP!

  8. Susan Says:

    Wasn’t a sherriff involved with Casey fired on august 22? When Mr. Krunk called in the first tip august 11, no bag was found. The second time he phoned, no one responded to the call as it was stated cadavar dogs had been in the area previously. The third time he phoned, a deputy went out to investigate, saw a snake, left the scene, and when a sherriff arrived to help he was flagged off…………. no attempt was made to investigate that area further. Hopefully through further investigation of who responded to the first call, took information about the second call, and “investigated” the third call, it will be determined if there was some affiliation to the sherriff who was terminated from the Police force. Is it possible Casey could have confided in him as to where Caylee was, but there was a confidence because of their relationship and fear later of being charged as being an accomplice?

  9. Susan Says:

    Responding to Krissy, it was later idscovered through cell phone records that there was never a call from Caylee to her Mom. It was unfortunately another “Casey fabrication. “

  10. kreuzer33 Says:

    Thanks everyone for all the comments and keeping Caylee in your thoughts. I’ve been spending some quality time with the family this weekend and am very much looking forward to the Christmas holiday with them. You probably won’t see a lot of posts from me during this time. But you still might, as always, before the kids get up and after they’ve been tucked into bed.

    My son is asking to watch The Count now so I’ve got to run! Thanks to everyone as always for reading and continue to stop by and leave your thoughts

  11. Tina Says:

    Casey drugged Caylee so she could go out and party I belive she did’nt want to kill her daughter she just gave her to much chloroform and she ended up died If Caseys mother would have let her give up her for adoption when she wanted to Caylee would be alive right now her wanting to give her up early on was a sign she was’nt ready to be a mother also she ended her engagement becuse she wanted to “go it alone” thats what she told him more proof Casey was not ready to take on anything or anyone. When her father got to close to her car she knew she had to dump the body so she took Caylee to a place she knew well that was close to home. Casey does’nt think that Caylee had any pain after all she just went to sleep. I think thats why we don’t see Casey with any emotion for her daughters death.

  12. Pumi Says:

    I know this might sound a little weird, but maybe Mr. Kronk was persistent because he saw the bag out there in August and had a strong “sixth” sense about it. He might be a little bit “psychic” and has had his hunches pan out in the past so he was bothered a lot by are and wanted to be persistent to the police to get them to look. Or maybe he thought making consecutive calls would help get the police out there faster.

  13. js Says:

    Ive heard that the first time the meter reader saw the bag he smelled an odor, which may have ate at him as it probably would me.

    And don’t forget too that there was a $225,000 reward up for grabs.

    I see little orbs on pic 1, wonder if its little souls?

  14. betty Says:

    I think when Cindy found out that Casey was stealing from her Mother’s bank account, (and her father too), THAT was the straw that broke the camel’s back! That caused the blow-up! She yelled at Casey (neighbors heard), choked her, and threw her out, didn’t she? Was George trying to defuse the intensity of the fight, by saying “Oh they both left the next day wearing their back packs.” George and Cindy recently admitted they LIED to police and FBI, and now want immunity. They said from now on, they won’t lie! Oh good! **Maybe that was one of their lies – that Casey left the NEXT day, not that night – enraged!!** The main point is *Casey’s – world – collapsed*! No where to live, no money and couldn’t “work her job” – (stealing money from her parents and Lee), and she said to Tony “Shall I bring Snot-head?” Tony said, “No don’t bring her.” Everyone would find out she didn’t have a job too! BUSTED BIG TIME. Desperate people are DANGEROUS! Poor wonderful Caylee. She seemed to have such an “old head”. Old, knowing … beyond her years.

  15. Melanie Says:

    Well now you know her mother don’t need to wipe away Casey’s tears because she has NONE…. My God she couldnt even watch the memorial, and what about SMILING while talking about your DEAD CHILD PHOTOS… Thats a nut right there.. I would be crying in court and vomiting just listening to forensics if it was my child, but o thats right, i have feelings, Casey don’t.. Im tired of hearing :innocent until proven guilty” her actions alone prove it, no remorse.
    And How sick is Lee, “CMA” , can’t EVEN PRONOUNCE YOUR NEICES NAME… You belong with your sister…
    Rest In Peace Caylee, Now your out of the hands of your unloving and uncaring mother, and with GOD who LOVES YOU!!!!

  16. valerie Says:

    all i want to say is if cindy caseys mom really believes in her daughter go to the prison and ask her what happened up to that night you tell people that you and your husband are religious sometimes you really have to sit and think of what is truth and what isn’t my heart goes out to your granddaughter this is the saddest thing i have ever seen there are so many children that are going away needlessly i have o give you and you husband credit for standing up for your daughter and granddaughter if you are close to your daughter now is the time to lay it on the line to her she has to tell the truth before they sentence her it could really help her no matter what way it is let her know your there for her and that you do love her i believe she is truly scared and is covering up for someone else make as many visits and phone calls to her that you can to help her tell the truth if you cindy have and pictures of casey and caylee together to take to the court to help her anyone one that seen her the night before or next day it would help her keep strong don’t give up cindy may god be with you and your family

  17. Karen Says:

    I am just curious as how much the Anthonys REALLY know. Sorry, but as a grandmother, if my daughter showed up without her child, I would be asking all kinds of questions and if it didn’t add up, I would be frantic. It just doesn’t make any sense since Caylee and Casey lived with them. They don’t strike me as being fools.

  18. sabrina Says:

    i just cant think that some one would want to kill there own child that is so messed up!!! its sad and hateful i always say if you dnt want kids dnt have them it wasnt the lil girls fault whats a bitch!!!!!

  19. […] If you are looking for original crime scene photos, you can find links here. Please note that I do not have (and wouldn’t post if I did have) a photo of the […]

  20. p Says:

    Casey’s “tears”: hard to squeeze those out, wasn’t it dear? Really, it’s just grooming she’s doing; in fact, I’ve never seen someone so interested in the output of their nose. She has never had copious tears, and what tears she has shed have always been carefully examined by her, like they are relics, worthy of archiving.

  21. mare Says:

    who knows what lies in the hearts of the wicked, lol, pun intended.

  22. […] If you are looking for original crime scene photos, you can find links here. Please note that I do not have photos of the […]

  23. One Op Says:

    I think it has always been accepted that Casey did not plan to get pregnant.
    Now, some actually are saying that she planned to get pregnant, planned her messed up behavior, lying, etc. just so she choose a time to murder the child and continue on with the broadway play. That sounds like a plan that would fit into a group plan like a cult. Didn’t Rosemary’s baby portray just such an evil
    plan. Who was the father of Rosemary’s baby? I can’t remember.

  24. Not Fooling Me Says:

    I can’t wait to hear the story of why duct tape awas put on and/or around Caylees’ nose and mouth if she was supposedly already dead from drowning!?. Casey is a pathlogical lying skank murderer.

  25. zelda Says:

    The father was the devil OneOp………….

  26. Nichole Says:

    If you notice the finally “emotional” Casey cries when the prosecutors are asking questions about the photos, but when her attorneys re-direct, she looks up, not crying, & paying attention to her attorney, Also it looks to me like she’s trying to pull a nose hair so it will bring tears to her eyes, If this was my child, they would have me committed, I would be so upset and distraught! The really sad part is, she’s not the first nor the last that has killed her child, but she’s the only one I’ve heard of that didn’t admit insanity or some kind of depression. :it was a accident, (my arse!) Children drown everyday & their parents call 911, not duct tape them and throw them in the woods then go party it up, so between the hot body contest and tattoo when exactly did she “go look” for her child? And how could a grandmother go 31 days without trying to find her to see her granddaughter? My mother would have been on me after a week of not seeing her grandchild. sounds like a lot of lying from everybody in that family to me!

  27. […] For those of you who are still asking for information on the original crime scene photos, you can find links here. Please note that I do not have a photo of the […]

  28. […] those of you who are still asking for information on the original crime scene photos, you can find links here. I do not have a photo of the […]

  29. amanda cox Says:

    Nothing of that whole crazy case made since ……Recently I’ve heard that this whole thing was a hoax because of some crime Casey saw and they put Caylee in hiding and thats why it took so long to report her missing because all the family and friends kept asking where she was and Casey couldnt come out and say and then they had to get Casey to a safe place also …who knows whats really going on ….

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