Caylee Anthony: A Major Announcement Expected at Today’s News Conference

UPDATE: The remains have been confirmed to be Caylee Anthony at the news conference today.

Sources close to the investigation of a child’s remains, found less than a half-mile from the home of Casey Anthony, have told WFTV to expect a major announcement during a 2 pm (ET) press conference this afternoon.

Any thoughts what we may hear? Will they finally ID the remains? Will we learn the identity of the utility worker? Will we have an additional suspect? Thoughts?

For those who have not seen them yet, here is a link to the crime scene photos which were released yesterday. Also, here is a link to Brad Conway’s interview this morning on Good Morning America.

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From WFTV:

Steve Triggs, Director of Communications for Orange County, said the meter reader has been a county employee for a relatively short time and would appear at the news conference. Triggs said the meter reader is being represented by outside counsel at the county’s expense.

There are concerns surrounding the meter reader who found a child’s remains believed to be Caylee Anthony. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said Thursday that the meter reader had been to the scene before and had called police about the area in August (map from location to Anthonys’ home).

Investigators interviewed the meter reader at length about what he knows, but he is not considered a suspect in any way.”He is not a suspect in this case,” Captain Angelo Nieves said early Thursday evening. “He is a credible witness and we consider him so at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.”

Since the first day of the investigation, George and Cindy Anthony have said every Crimeline tip about their missing granddaughter Caylee was important.Their attorney Brad Conway told Eyewitness News over the phone (raw interview) that Thursday’s developments were the reasons the Anthonys are standing by their daughter Casey.

Conway says there are a lot of unknown details in the case. He also has concerns about the meter reader who discovered the remains and the deputy who allegedly checked out the wooded area in August. The Anthonys have said repeatedly they weren’t happy with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office’s investigation. They felt investigators were more focused on prosecuting Casey than looking for Caylee.

The sheriff’s office said the meter reader had called in tips about the exact same area to Crimeline and the sheriff’s office three times in August, two weeks before Tropical Storm Fay hit and flooded much of Central Florida, including the area where the remains were found last week.The sheriff’s office said it is focusing on its own deputies who came out on August 11 and 13 to inspect the scene. It’s unknown what the area looked like on August 11, the first day the meter reader called and reported seeing a gray bag.

Sheriff’s officials said the man called Crimeline on August 12. A detective checked records and determined the area already had been checked by a cadaver dog.The sheriff’s office is also investigating deputies who came out and cleared the scene on the 13th of August. The meter reader accompanied the deputies but nothing was found.

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5 Comments on “Caylee Anthony: A Major Announcement Expected at Today’s News Conference”

  1. mikka Says:

    kreuzer 33: today is the day. what we all know it was caylee. no matter what her mother was killing her and i think somebody from the family get soon arrested.

  2. pak31 Says:

    I think, at least I hope, that they ID the remains. If it is Caylee, then the rest will go from there. I just feel that if it was not her, they would have confirmed that by now, but I am not the OCSO. I think the meter reader will be ID’d and that is a good thing for the prosecution. The more honest about everything that the police are, the better it looks. I have heard that he saw a bag, so if he did then why wasn’t he able to lead police to it earlier? It just seems strange that the police or crimleline, disregarded this or didn’t pay very close attention to it especially since it was the same guy reporting it. Hopefully we’ll get an explanation as to why. I just want to wait for this news conference and then react. I hope it clears up a lot of questions.

  3. deb Says:

    The Sentinel also said he reported a ” strange gray bag “. Was the ones with remains in it ” black ” ? I’ve posted this now 3 times. A gray bag will not turn black. If it was gray, that would explain why the cadavar dog didn’t hit on it, because the remains were in a black bag.

    Mikka – I do hope this is the day they will release the identity of the remains. i go back again to what LP said, he thinks she had an accomplice. Well he might be right, but it still doesn’t change the fact that the first bag was said to be gray, the bag found with the remains in it was black !

  4. ZAP Says:

    Do we know if anyone’s been to the jail to inform Casey?

  5. Chris Says:

    heres another thought, Maybe Baez (Cassies attorney) knows Roy Kronk and disclosed the location of Caylees body and got him to move the body to it’s position to put reasonable doubt in a jury’s mind. Highly unlikely but, in this bizarre case it wouldn’t surprise me. .

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