Casey Anthony’s Friend Told Detectives To Search Area Where Remains Were Found

UPDATE: The remains have been confirmed to be Caylee Anthony at the news conference today.

ABC Action News has an interesting story today about how months ago, a friend of Casey Anthony told investigators to look in the wooded area where the remains of what is believed to be Caylee Anthony were found last week. I’ve heard this in the past but looking back now, its interesting that this is in fact where Caylee’s remains may have been found.

From ABC Action News:

Kiomarie Cruz told deputies five months ago that the area near Hidden Oaks Elementary School was a favorite childhood hideaway for Casey. Cruz said she and Casey would “pretty much used to hang out there most of our time,” and would go there to “get away from our parents.”

At the time of the tip, search teams weren’t able to comb the area because it was underwater.

Last Thursday, a utility worker who went into the wooded area to relieve himself came across a plastic bag. It contained the skull of a small child with duct tape attached. Investigators say there is strong evidence the remains are those of Caylee Anthony (photos).

Investigators continue to search the area. On Monday, a sheriff’s spokesman said a “trail of bones” was discovered not far from where the skull was found. It’s not known if the find is related to the skull. “They have found other items. Of course, we can’t be specific as to what they’ve found,” said sheriff’s spokesman Carlos Padilla.

If investigators determine the duct tape found with the remains was placed over the child’s mouth, the death could be viewed as cold and calculated, and may lead prosecutors to re-think their decision to not seek the death penalty.

From WFTV:

In an interview, Cruz told detectives she and Casey, “pretty much used to hang out there most of our time,” would “snack on food for hours,” and went there to “get away from our parents.”

However, when the sheriff’s office got that tip the area was covered in flood water and deputies said they couldn’t search there. Forensic investigators continue to look for clues and more remains in the woods. They will closely look at the plastic bag where the child remains were found to see if there are any fingerprints, hair or DNA evidence from Casey.

Casey Anthony has been charged with murder in connection with her daughter’s death. Her trial is tentatively scheduled to begin in March.

Investigators will closely look at the plastic bag where the child remains were found Thursday to see if there are any fingerprints, hair or DNA evidence from Casey. They are also looking for any clues on the duct tape that was found wrapped around the child’s remains. Detectives have taken fingerprints from Cindy, George and Lee Anthony to try to rule out their involvement.

If the remains are Caylee Marie Anthony’s, and if investigators find out that the duct tape was stretched over her mouth before she was killed, prosecutors potentially could view the murder as cold, calculated and premeditated. Those actions are legal justification for pursuing a death sentence and could bring the death penalty back as a possibility. Prosecutors recently said they would not pursue the death penalty.

WFTV legal analyst William Sheaffer says prosecutors may argue financial reasons were behind the murder so Casey would not have to support Caylee. There is evidence showing that Cindy was going to kick Casey out of her home.

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3 Comments on “Casey Anthony’s Friend Told Detectives To Search Area Where Remains Were Found”

  1. Imelda Says:

    I almost threw up when I listened to the interview at Universal between Casey and detectives… she mentions Chickasaw!! The cops make a reference regarding a jogger being killed in a park and Casey said her mom didn’t like her running there and then she adds.. my mom didn’t even want me running in the outskirts of our neighborhood on Chickasaw..

    as we now know… that’s where the remains have been found…. she is such a sick person! It makes me sick to my stomache that she sat there and has been just sitting there knowing all along where her daughter was… I have been keeping up with this story from the very beginnng and I can’t wait for them to find her fingerprints or direct forensic evidence of Casey’s involvement. Caylee will speak the truth even though her mother won’t.

  2. vidkid Says:

    George & Cindy have given fingerprints & DNA voluntarily, while Lee was threatened with a subpoena before he agreed. Could he be the father of Caylee (CAseY + LEE = CAYLEE)? That could be why wh@re Casey never pursued child support on the father of Caylee, you know she would have sucked him dry. Maybe that’s the dark secret of this weird family?

  3. suzanne Says:

    Ditto, Vidkid…OMG…something in me just ‘clicked’months ago when Lee disappeared
    after first few visits w/sister Casey…just that thought came from nowhere, sick as it is, it would explain all above, re:support, no dad named, and also why a trained RN mom, and Veteran Police Officer, (as well as ANY person with ANY sense) could be sticking their heads in the sand actively/passively or otherwise and hence, that would be their collective ‘dysfunctional family’ to which so many investigators/journalists have already referred…

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