Iraqi Journalist Throws Shoes at President Bush

President Bush made a farewell visit Sunday to Baghdad, Iraq, where he met with Iraqi leaders and was targeted by an angry Iraqi man, who jumped up and threw shoes at Bush during a news conference. I’m sure others would have loved to have thrown more than just their shoes.

From CNN:

Among Muslims, throwing shoes at someone, or sitting so that the bottom of a shoe faces another person, is considered an insult.

The man was dragged out screaming after throwing the shoes. Bush ducked, and the shoes, thrown one at a time, sailed past his head during the news conference with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in his palace in the heavily fortified Green Zone.

As the man continued to scream from another room, Bush said: “That was a size 10 shoe he threw at me, you may want to know.”

Bush had been lauding the conclusion of the security pact with Iraq as journalists looked on.

Bush landed at Baghdad International Airport on Sunday and traveled by helicopter to meet with President Jalal Talabani and his two vice presidents at Talabani’s palace outside the Green Zone.

It marked the first time he has been outside the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad without being on a military base.

The visit was Bush’s fourth since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003.

Afterward, Talabani praised his U.S. counterpart as a “great friend for the Iraqi people” and the man “who helped us to liberate our country and to reach this day, which we have democracy, human rights, and prosperity gradually in our country.”

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14 Comments on “Iraqi Journalist Throws Shoes at President Bush”

  1. mike Says:

    This is awesome….waste of good pair of shoes if you ask my opinion…poor guy must be walking barefooted now in the cold weather. I am so sorry my president caused you to loose your shoes in a psychotic rage

  2. mike Says:

    This is awesome….waste of good pair of shoes if you ask my opinion…poor guy must be walking barefooted now in the cold weather. I am so sorry my president caused you to loose your shoes in a psychotic rage. I am so sorry you missed too.

  3. Al Williams Says:

    Looks like Bush found the WMDs in Iraq.

  4. John Okoronkwo Says:

    This guy was very lucky he did not try this shit in America, the guy must have caused bush to rethink about withrawing US troops from Iraq, after watching this video I decide that the American troops must remain in Iraq and deal with this kind of crazy human beings

  5. Moroccan Says:

    Bush’s and other US officials psychotic rage caused the death of over 1 million Iraqis and so much destruction and suffering.

    This symbolic gesture represents well what the Arab street feel towards this war criminal, his imperialist army and their Iraqi puppets that they installed by force and violence.

  6. Moroccan Says:

    John Okoronkwo,

    Get your imperialist army of killers, abusers and torturers out of Iraq.

    The Iraqis may bow down but they bow down the same way the Nazi conquered nations did. It is out of despair and defeat in front of an evil force.

    Your government is a Nazi government and the only reason they could more else run Iraq against the will of its people and of the world is because they have bigger guns.

    Morally, military, economically and technologically speaking, your government is on part with the Nazis of the 1930s.

    The world will not going to endure this Nazi government that kills with impunity forever.

  7. connolly Says:

    Hey Moroccan: I am not a fan of Bush, and I chuckled quite a bit after seeing the incident, but man here’s a news flash to all you Arab countries: get your house in order! Speaking of Nazi governments: Syria, Iran, et al. Give me a break! You’re the member of a BACKWARDS and IGNORANT nation. That is why your country and others like it FAIL! Quit blaming the Western Devil and pull your shit together. Obviously, our system works quite well, and you and your ilk are nothing but a bunch of jealous slobs.

  8. vidkid Says:

    Okoronkwo moron,
    Why don’t you go to Iran or syria, or even Iraq and see what they would do to you? You are all mouth, or maybe you liked the fact that Iraq was killing children of the opposition and raping little children from the schools there. Maybe all the mass graves that they are finding was to your liking. Maybe Saddam giving money the the parents of suicide bombers in Israel. or his defiance of the 1st gulf war signed truce when he invaded Kuwait….. remember his troops were ordered to rape and steal all the medical equipment out of the Kuwait hospitals. Do you know how many babies died when they were disconnected from that medical equipment? You are a fool and a moron, so shut you stupid a$$ up and go crawl back in your hole. Sorry Kreuzer!

  9. sportygal85 Says:

    too bad it wasn’t a grenade. or if the shoes actually hit him. would’ve been better

  10. Blue proctor Says:

    Ha Ha, what a waste of perfectly good shoes. Mr Journalist,
    you should have aimed better. To bad you missed. Too bad
    its all wasted on Bush, he doesn’t care about us in the USA,
    What makes you think that he cares about you guys?

  11. Jason Says:

    Any so-called real American should be ashamed of themselves for making fun of someone throwing anything at any president. They basically are the same people saying DEATH to AMERICA. I use to say there were no lost causes in America but we have become tolerant of everything. You should be mad as hell that someone tried to attack your president, what if he had a gun and assasinated our president what would you do then. Some of you sick WAY LEFT idiots would have made fun of it. Shame on you America for your cowardess. If you call yourselves Americans and do not condemn this then I say you are not Americans and I spit on you you bunch of cowards!

  12. Jason Says:

    SportyGal85, you are a sick worthless piece of crap to wish someones death. Go to hell you coward! You should be locked up because obviously you are too ignorant to make an educated decision. MORROCAN, you are fool and do not understand anything about IRAQ. It’s amazing after September 11th, how many of you left wing cowards were kissing President Bush’s ass to protect us. He did what you asked him to do and then the first chance you got to turn the tables on a republican that’s exactly what you did. You elected the second coming of Black Jesus. Democrats generally are good Americans but you left wing freaks should be locked up in a nut house because you simply run your mouths without any understanding of the problems and without ever getting your hands dirty. You are cowardly bunch of insects. If this was the 1800’s you tyranical constitution changers would be tried for treason. God Bless America and God Damn you left wing idiots!!!

  13. vidkid Says:

    Amen, Jason!

  14. Edward y Says:

    I wonder if the “Bush Shoe-Thrower” will need a payday loan to get new shoes. Did you see how well President Bush was received during his last surprise visit to Iraq? The mad shoe-thrower named Muntadhar al-Zeidi who was none too pleased with the lame president’s treatment of his country made an unexpected protest by throwing his shoes at W. President Bush successfully dodged both shoes. In Muslim culture, showing the sole of your shoe is a symbol of extreme disrespect, but throwing your shoes goes deeper than an insult. Beleaguered Iraqi citizens took off their shoes and threw them at the toppling statue of Saddam Hussein during liberation – that will tell you more about what an insult it is. Bush laughed this off and referred to it as a “sign of a free society,” much like payday loans are. If convicted, he is looking at a minimum of two years in prison for insulting a visiting head of state. Protesters burned American flags and threw shoes at a tank in Najaf, apparently because they feel al-Zeidi should be praised for his “courageous” action. Al-Zeidi and his infamous footwear are still in custody. I doubt there’s any way of getting his shoes back.

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