Arrest Made in Oregon Bank Bombing

It is being reported this evening that police have arrested a suspect in the Oregon bank bombing that killed two officers and critically injured a police chief.

UPDATE: The man arrested is Joshua A. Turnidge.

Associated Press

Credit: Associated Press

From the Associated Press:

Sheriff Russ Isham of Marion County declined to release the suspect’s name, saying it would jeopardize the integrity of the investigation and the safety of officers still working the case.

Officers made the arrest shortly after the sheriff released surveillance photos of a “person of interest.” It was not immediately known if the man in the photos, apparently taken with a security camera, is the same person under arrest. Isham would not release the precise location where the arrest occurred, and said the suspect’s name likely wouldn’t be released until Monday afternoon.

“I’m really proud of those who tirelessly worked to get us to this point and am humbled by the community’s support,” Isham said. “We know there is still a lot of hard work ahead of us, but this development will help bring relief to the local community and the officer’s families.”

Earlier Sunday, Isham said cell phones and items that might have been used to make the Woodburn bomb were bought in the central Oregon city of Bend last month. Authorities would not elaborate on how cell phones might have been used. Bombers often use cell phone signals to remotely detonate explosives.

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One Comment on “Arrest Made in Oregon Bank Bombing”

  1. tucker Says:

    It is an unfortunate circumstance that people had to loose life over a reprehensible act such as this, but it will serve as a more reprehensible act if the person responsible for bringing the bomb into the bank is not held accountable and discharged. There is no acceptable reason for bringing a bomb into the intended target of a bomb threat….. that is like assisting the bomber in his efforts. I can understand errors in judgement. But that one is just too much!!

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