Casey Anthony’s Parents Do Not Appear on Larry King Live

As most of you are probably aware, George and Cindy Anthony were a no show on last night’s Larry King Live. I would have to assume that this was due to the discovery on Thursday of the remains which were found near their home. I’ve included a transcript of the show below for those of you who may have missed it.

From CNN:

Good evening.

Caylee Anthony’s grandparents, Cindy and George, who were here on Wednesday, were supposed to be our guests tonight. And we were told yesterday they would join us to share their reactions to that discovery of a child’s remains near their home in Florida.

But circumstances have changed and now they’re being advised not to appear on our show at this time.

Our panel in Orlando is Jessica D’Onofrio. She’s the reporter for WKMG-TV.

In Los Angeles here with us, is our old friend Mark Geragos, the famed defense attorney.

In Miami, another old friend, Stacey Honowitz, the assistant Florida state attorney.

And in New York is Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky, forensic expert and professor at John Jay College of Criminal Defense, who, by the way, has been consulting for the defense in the Anthony case.

All right, Jessica, what do we know right to this minute?

JESSICA D’ONOFRIO, REPORTER, WKMG-TV, ORLANDO: Well, Larry, we finally saw the Anthonies today. They’ve been coming and going from their home all day today. But they have not said a word to the media. They’ve been very quiet.

Last night, they were staying at The Ritz Carlton Hotel while detective detectives rifled through every room of their house, which I’m standing in front of right now. They emerged early this morning with several bags of evidence. They took out vacuum cleaners. They took out pesticide tanks. They are looking for any evidence inside that house that could be linked to the remains of a child’s body found just a half a mile down the road from here.

Right now, they’re trying to positively I.D. that body at the medical examiner’s office. And that scene down the street will be released soon by the sheriff’s office.

KING: Mark Geragos is — there’s no longer innocence — presumed innocence, rather, constitutionally?

MARK GERAGOS, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: No. Not in — in some, in a case like this, no. Absolutely not.

KING: Would you bet that these are the remains of the child?


KING: I mean, there’s no way to know, but…

GERAGOS: There’s no way to know. But, I mean, what a horrible thing if — even if it isn’t, that there’s yet another child that’s dead and decomposed in that same area.

But it would seem to be that it would be the obvious conclusion at this point. And they will know — my guess is if they don’t already know, that they will know within the next 12 to 24 hours. It doesn’t take that long for them to do the DNA.

KING: Stacey, are these cases — a parent killing a child — tough to prosecute?

STACEY HONOWITZ, ASSISTANT FLORIDA STATE ATTORNEY: You know, I don’t think they are tough to prosecute. And certainly in a case like this, we’ve watched this case unfold through the press for the last couple of months. We’ve seen the behavior of this mother. I mean, people were blaming her early, of course, even before this body was found.

So I don’t think, in this case, you’re going to have difficulty in prosecuting this mother against — you know, with this child being the victim.

KING: Dr. Kobilinsky, you’ve been consulting for the defense.

How you to see it today?

DR. LAWRENCE KOBILINSKY, FORENSIC EXPERT, CONSULTANT IN ANTHONY CASE: Well, I think. This is a critical element now. I think things have changed. And I think that the defense strategy has to be planned accordingly. This is new information. It’s a new time. And it’s a tragedy. Whether it’s Caylee or some other young child, it’s clearly a tragedy.

KING: Authorities have released a 911 — a tape of a 911 call made yesterday after a utility worker found what many believe are Caylee’s remains.

Let’s listen.



Yes, we’ve — this is Orange County Utilities Emergency Dispatch. We found a human skull.


Oh, my gosh.


I know. We’ve got a — is it a meter reader?




I’m going to let you speak right now with a representative from our field services facilities.


Hi. And everything is recorded. Here he is.


How are you doing?

A skull from the — that we believe is human.


What’s the location, please?


It’s right off of Suburban and Chickasaw in the Caylee Anthony area…




KING: Jessica, is the presumption now that this is Caylee?

D’ONOFRIO: It really is, unfortunately, at this point, Larry. Investigators — anyone who looked at that scene where the remains were, they could take, really, one look at it and see that this is really linked to little Caylee.

There was an article of clothing found in that bag. There were skeletal remains found in that bag. They also found duct tape wrapped around the skull of that small child.

And all evidence — everything, initially, is pointing to the fact that it may just be little Caylee Marie.

KING: Mark, what on Earth would be the motive?

GERAGOS: Well, who knows?

And you can’t even speculate. I’ve heard — I’ve heard so many different theories and other things. You just never know.

And whether it’s the mother or whether it’s somebody else or whether it was an accident or whether it was a homicide and — you just — you can’t ever guess.

The key to this case, I think, is going to come in what they do with the forensics and what they can find from the remains and whether they can determine how she died or — and, you know, a good forensics person can probably do that.

KING: When did you last see Caylee?

GEORGE ANTHONY, CAYLEE’S GRANDFATHER: I last saw her on June 16th, the day after Father’s Day.

KING: What happened the day she went missing?

CINDY ANTHONY, CAYLEE’S GRANDMOTHER: We actually didn’t find out until July. So…

KING: She had been missing how long when you found out?

CINDY ANTHONY: About a month.

KING: Isn’t that strange?

CINDY ANTHONY: Well, not really. My daughter, you know, had her. And you know, we just — we just assumed that Casey and Caylee were, you know, off visiting friends.


KING: All right. Stacey Honowitz, why the intensive search of the grandparents’ house?

HONOWITZ: Well, we know, really, this investigation is twofold — first and foremost, it’s to identify the remains so we can actually say this is Caylee Marie Anthony.

The second part is then to link up any of the evidence that maybe was found at that crime scene to anything in the Anthonies’ house, because she was living at the house.

So, obviously, we know that there’s duct tape. And we know that duct tape is a very good surface for fingerprints, for fibers. It’s strong. It withstands under the weather.

And so, without speculating, obviously, these investigators found something in those remains, not just — you know, connected to the bones — that they think links up to something that’s found in the Anthonies’ house.

They applied for a search warrant based upon probable cause. They got that search warrant. And that’s why they went back into the Anthonies’ house.

KING: They’re not suspects?

HONOWITZ: No, I don’t think they’re suspects at this time. I mean we all know and we’ve all said that maybe they’re covering up some things, maybe there are some things that they know about that they’re not talking about. But I don’t think they’re the focus of an investigation with homicide with her right now.

It’s just that Casey and Caylee were living in the house. And we know that Casey had gone back to the house, had gone to the neighbor’s house, had borrowed a shovel, had things in her trunk. And that’s why they are revisiting that as a possible crime scene.

KING: Larry, attorneys say anthropological measurement of the remains are consistent with Caylee’s.

What’s that?

KOBILINSKY: Well, they — they found — first of all, they found hair in the plastic bag. And they also have the skull. Now they’re making measurements — fixed points on the skull. They’re also looking at the dentition and comparing those measurements to what they see on a photograph.

And they’re trying to determine whether they can exclude this skeleton as Caylee. And thus far, they have not been able to exclude the child.

The question is, can they include the child at what significant — at what level, what statistical level?

And that will come, perhaps, when they get the DNA results. They’ll know definitively whether this is the child or not.

KING: Jessica, how do you explain the incredible interest in this case?

D’ONOFRIO: It’s really unexplainable, Larry. I’ve been covering this case since day one — since Casey Anthony was arrested. And it’s just grown from there. I don’t think anyone ever thought that it would come to this, where national media would be here standing outside this Anthony home here in Orlando for such long periods of time. We had protesters here.

But I think the real crux of this whole case is people are just so emotional about it, because they see Casey Anthony and they don’t see her showing any emotion over this.

KING: Yes.

D’ONOFRIO: And I think it has really whipped people up into a frenzy.

KING: Mark, the state withdrew the idea of the death penalty.


GERAGOS: I think that, generally, it’s a more rare case where you seek a death on a mother when the mother is charged with killing a child — their own child. It’s rare for a jury to impose it. It causes all kinds of problems.

And why go through the extra rigmarole?

I mean, the death penalty, in large part, I think is — is problematic.

KING: Because the case in Atlanta, this man went into a court, shot the judge, shot other people and they deadlocked today…

GERAGOS: Yes, they deadlocked on he…

KING: …on whether he should get…

GERAGOS: Exactly.

KING: And he will get life.

GERAGOS: The idea of expending all of these resources in death penalty case is just so silly, I think, in a — you know, in a — from an economic standpoint. If you have that alternative of life without parole, that’s, in some ways, I think, more horrific than death.

KING: We’ll be back with more.

Don’t go away.


KING: Casey’s parents, George and Cindy, joined us a few nights ago. We discussed the recorded jailhouse conversations they had with their daughter.

Take a look.



CASEY ANTHONY, MOTHER OF CAYLEE ANTHONY: My only concern is that Caylee comes back to us and she’s smiling and she’s happy and that she’s — that she’s OK.


What do you want know tell Caylee?

CASEY ANTHONY: That mommy loves her very much and she’s the most important thing in this entire world to me.


KING: George, why wouldn’t your daughter call you and say Caylee’s gone?

GEORGE ANTHONY: That’s really a good question. I — I know we kept in contact with her — at least Cindy did — almost every day or every other day, a little text message here. And everything was fine.

KING: So what do you make of it?

I mean, she’s your daughter. You have to have some why wouldn’t she not — why would she tell you, not tell you?

CINDY ANTHONY: I think she’s — I think she was frightened. I think, from what we understand that, you know, there’s been threats to not only Caylee’s well-being, but also to our family’s well-being.


CINDY ANTHONY: By the people that have Caylee.


KING: If the remains were found less than a half a mile from the home, why weren’t they found sooner?

Answers, when we come back.


KING: All right. Stacey, earlier today, a judge denied a defense request that its experts be present for the autopsy and the initial testing of the remains.

Here’s part of the prosecutor’s argument against that request.


JEFF ASHTON, ASSISTANT STATE ATTORNEY: The point I’m trying to make here is that, that additional respect that we give to the dead carries over into this case. What I don’t want to see, bluntly, is five minutes — I’m sorry — 24 hours after viewing an autopsy a defense expert on a national news show describing this child’s remains.

When Dr. Henry Lee examined the vehicle — something as minimal as that — within 24 hours, he was on a national news show describing what he had seen. And the specter of that is — is nauseating to me.


KING: Stacey, is that a good argument?

HONOWITZ: Well, obviously, it is, because the judge denied the motion. So the prosecutor really made his point. And the bottom line is everybody has been talking about this case. We’re all on these shows — you know, we’re talking heads and we talk about all the evidence.

The fact of the matter is she hasn’t been I.D.ed yet. And to have these strangers, basically, sitting in while the autopsy was going on, I mean it really shows a lack of respect.

Now, what the judge did do was — I think that the protocol which the M.E.’s office uses, everything will be preserved. So that if the defense experts, after the autopsy, want to go in, the judge has ordered that all the evidence be preserved. And they’ll have ample opportunity to review it.

So it kind of cuts both ways. They will have a chance to argue it.

KING: All right. It’s possible that we should worry a prosecutor might release some of the information of what he or she saw.

GERAGOS: Well, yes. That’s the kind of disingenuous part of that argument. It’s usually the prosecutors who hold the initial press conference. It’s almost always the prosecutors and the police who do the leaking initially.

And then when the defense comes along, then they want to scream, you know, you can’t do this or we want to gag them or something else.

I don’t necessarily disagree with the underlying feelings of the prosecutor in his argument. But there’s a very simple solution to that and judges do it all the time. You can order that if the expert is going to go in there and he’s going to do an examination, that he be covered under some kind of a protective order. And I — I think that that’s as simple a solution as to say not do — not allow them to do it, especially, as Stacey says, ultimately, the defense is — has the absolute right to go in there anyway.

KING: Dr. Kobilinsky, when do you think we’ll know who this — who this remains belong to?

KOBILINSKY: Well, Larry, I think if there was soft tissue that still remained intact, then we would know very quickly. We would probably know by now. So I’m — my hunch is that there is insufficient soft tissue or it’s highly degraded.

If it’s from bone, it will probably take at least a week.

GERAGOS: Although if they’ve got — if they’ve got hair, they can do mitochondrial DNA and they can — they can link that up fairly quickly, as well.

KING: And based on where they were, do we know — Jessica, do you know why they weren’t found sooner?

D’ONOFRIO: Well, it’s a good question, Larry. I mean we’re just talking — these remains were found blocks — within walking distance of this house. There are people saying that it was underwater at a certain point in time. But then when Tropical Storm Fay came through — and that might have submerged those remains.

But when the search was going on for the body initially, we didn’t have any rain out here in Central Florida. It was completely dry.

KING: Yes.


D’ONOFRIO: They had the cadaver dogs out here. So…

KING: Yes.


KING: Well, obviously, we’re following it.

Quickly, Stacey. Yes, go ahead.

HONOWITZ: Tim Miller from EquiSearch came on. He said it was completely underwater. They couldn’t go through. He didn’t want anyone to walk through and maybe disturb something that — that was there.

KING: I got you.

HONOWITZ: And that’s the reason they didn’t do it.

KING: Thank you.

Thank you all very much.

We’ll be calling on you again.

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4 Comments on “Casey Anthony’s Parents Do Not Appear on Larry King Live”

  1. vidkid Says:

    Hopefully the Anthony’s are finally coming to their senses as to what their “sweet little devil” daughter has done. I mean, they HAVE to know, they are not stupid. She was a nurse and he’s a ex cop! I know they still have to love their daughter, and want to help her. Boy, I really do feel for them when I think of what I would do if Casey was my daughter….. tough stuff!

  2. deb Says:

    Thanks for posting this Kreuzer, i can’t get the LK show. I also read that the Anthony’s have agreed to give their finger prints, i don’t know if that includes Lee or not. I hate it he took down the memorials people were leaving, but since they don’t have a positive id yet, maybe leaving them would be like giving up . It must be pure horror for that family right now.Thanks again.

  3. sarah teague Says:

    Cindy and George will have no choice now but to accept that their own daughter took God’s most precious gift away from them. How will they bear to hear that Casey duct-taped Caylee’s little mouth? We, as a nation, have watched and we have had anger and disbelief in our hearts at how Casey has ‘told her story’. We, as a nation, have watched and waited as George and Cindy have changed their stories about the ‘smell of death’. I am the mother of a missing child..and nothing could be as cruel..To not know where your child is, is a daily struggle to breathe. George and Cindy will not have to wonder another day if Caylee is cold or scared or hungry or in pain, will they? Not a day goes by that I don’t cry out to God to please not let Heather be cold or hungry or scared or in any pain.
    We must pray for George and for Cindy as they discover the horrible truth and as they say good-bye to sweet Caylee Marie. Matthew10:26 says that there will be nothing hidden that won’t be revealed. Finding Caylee was a miracle. I hope, we, as a nation, realize that prayers were answered by that meter reader finding Caylee’s remains. And..that Caylee’s homecoming day, was a miracle! May God put His arms around ‘Poppa’..for he is very, very tired. Nana’s ‘sunshine’ has been taken away, so we must ask God to especially look after Cindy as she buries her only grandchild, while she comes to terms with what her daughter has done.

  4. Good for them for not appearing on the show. There is no reason why they need to sensationalize this story to anyone.

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