Greek Cities Continue to be Rocked by Riots

Riot police fired tear gas at youths smashing storefronts and throwing rocks at a police station in this Greek port city on Monday, one of scattered confrontations around the country on a third day of rioting sparked by the fatal police shooting of a teenager in Athens.

From the Associated Press:

Gangs of youths overturned trash cans and set them on fire in Thessaloniki, one of several cities where rioting began Saturday.

Running battles between riot police firing tear gas and about 400 high school students throwing rocks also broke out Monday morning in Veria, a town about 40 miles west of Thessaloniki.

Violence was reported in the central city of Trikala, where one police officer was reportedly injured, while authorities braced for more possible riots during demonstrations planned across the country, including in Athens, in the central city of Larissa and on the island of Corfu.

In the capital, high school students blocked streets across the city to protest the 15-year-old’s death, while dozens of youths were still barricaded at two university campuses in Athens. Under Greek law, the police are barred from entering university campuses.

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One Comment on “Greek Cities Continue to be Rocked by Riots”

  1. Coyote Says:

    What is happening in Greece, for many, is an uprising against capitalism and the state. No, it is not new, Greece is renowned for street militance at demonstrations, but this level of rioting hasn’t been seen in a while.

    The boy who was shot was shot in cold blood. Check out the video of his death. And no, this is not an isolated incident. For Greeks, this simply illustrates the inevitable consequences of having a state and a police force rather than true self-governance, without police.

    The Anarchist movement (yes, the very same one that fought in this country for the 8 hour workday 100 years ago, among other things, and demonstrated against both major political party conventions this past summer) is particularly strong in Greece. It is a movement to abolish both capitalism and the state, to replace them with true self-governance: federations of community-level democracies, democratic control over resources, that kind of thing. No State. No capitalism. No bosses. You can be sure the anarchists are on the front lines. The boy was an anarchist, shot dead in an anarchist neighborhood, in a state where the anarchists are gaining popularity.

    For more on the international Anarchist movement, check out:

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