9-Year-Old Author Writes Book on How to Pick Up Girls

Now, this is interesting. A 9-year-old boy named Alec Greven has written a book entitled “How to Talk to Girls,” which was recently published by HarperCollins. Alec is donating part of his royalties to “Stand Up to Cancer” and hopes to be able to raise $100,000 for cancer research.

From NBC:

Alec did his research on-site, hanging out on the playground at recess watching other boys trying to talk to girls, and taking notes. He realized right away that many boys find it difficult to approach the fair sex, and that the road to true love is paved with potholes.

“They were having a lot of trouble getting girls to like them, so I wanted to write a book to kind of help them,” he explained.

His observations are both simple and incisive. For example, in his chapter on crushes, Alec notes, “A crush is like a love disease. It can drive you mad.”

Sitting straight up on the sofa in Studio 1A and speaking like a practiced performer, Alec pointed out that girls don’t like sloppy boys, so ditch the sweat pants and comb your hair if you want to get one. Also, he told Vieira, listen to your mom: After all, “She’s a girl, too.”

When to move on
On the playground, Alec noticed that love is fleeting, and the younger you are, the more fleeting it is.

“Boys, they can’t hold on to girls for a long time,” he told Vieira. “Some boys, they might get the girl to like them at the start of a recess and at the end, the girl dumps them.”

He said boys have to learn to move on when girls dump them.

“Life is hard, move on,” the juvenile love guru said. “You have to get over it. Otherwise everything just crashes down. They’re all depressed. They don’t play. They spend their time locked up in their room. You have to move on.”

Other chapters include “The Facts of Life” (“Life is hard, move on”); “There’s a Girl for Every Boy” (“You are like a magnet and girls are the metal”); “How to Get a Girl’s Attention” (“Most girls don’t like showoffs”); “What to Say to Girls” (“Act calm and don’t be nervous”); and “Success” (“If you do win victory with a girl, don’t cheer in front of her. Go somewhere private, then knock your head off and cheer”).

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2 Comments on “9-Year-Old Author Writes Book on How to Pick Up Girls”

  1. I wonder how many other nine year olds are cruising the book stores looking for such a title? Lol!

  2. newmew1 Says:

    im writing a book about a boy that goes to a magical world


    VIKIDON and im 9

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