FBI Releases Interviews with Casey Anthony’s Parents

Five DVD’s of videotaped interviews with George and Cindy Anthony conducted by the FBI back in July were released earlier today. In the interviews, FBI agents questioned the Anthony’s about Casey’s lies and it seems that Casey was stealing money from everyone, according to her father. Does this surprise anyone?

From Fox News:

In the interview it seems Casey Anthony not only stole money from her friends and her parents but also from her own daughter. George Anthony told the FBI. “She was taking money from my granddaughter’s bank cause I am going in there dropping 5 bucks quarters and one day that bank is heavy its a good size piggy bank and you know you put money in there you know it and there is nothing.”

George Anthony said Casey would steal from his wife’s bank account, use the family’s credit card and that’s not all. Caylee’s grandfather says she also was stealing the money out of the account George set up for his grandaughter’s future, the $30.00 a month he put away for her college gone. “That account was up to 300 , 400 dollars I think there is 5 dollars in it right now.”

George Anthony said this was one of many things that he made him suspicious about Casey’s employment, but what he said was even stranger he saw a resume of Casey’s, no mention of universal, instead she said she was a nanny. “I confronted her about that I said why is this and she said dad this is what I was thinking about doing and I said why would you put it down on a resume it makes no sense.”

George said there were so many things he didn’t know from who her boyfriends were to what she was up to. He said it wasn’t until cops seized the computer that there were 1,200 questionable photos of his daughter found. “I even got sick about that I thought I knew my daughter and I don’t know what’s going on.”

George said looking back there were lots of things that he should have seen. One thing: Casey never graduated high school. George said she was just a credit away but didn’t finish and he doesn’t know why.

George Anthony also talked about his money troubles and the financial secret he hid from his family.

It seems the financial problems for the Anthony family started long before their daughter was taking it from them.

George Anthony told investigators in this interview in early August that he lost the family’s fortune in an email scheme. “I should have know better I was stupid, but every phone number and every address that was given to me I followed up with it everything sounded legitimate and I got scammed.”

He said he fell for a scheme that said he had $2.2 million dollars in a foreign bank account waiting for him. he told the FBI it was stupid that he was smarter than that but the damage was done and his wife never knew. “I did lie to my wife about that told her I was involved in some gambling type stuff and it wasn’t it wasn’t about that, it never ever, ever was.”

George Anthony said the financial trouble started said when he was unemployed for 2 years because of a knee injury. He said the money couldn’t have come at a better time. He told investigators he maxed out their master card and got in the hole about $30,000.00.

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3 Comments on “FBI Releases Interviews with Casey Anthony’s Parents”

  1. Kari Says:

    Thanks, Kreuzer, for the update, some new news to mull over! It’s not going to surprise anybody that she wasn’t above stealing from her daughter.

    In fact, I’ve stated several times I really doubt that she actually killed Caylee, because Caylee was a gold mine for her. She could just milk her parents and grandparents, and probably boyfriends, too, for money and favors by ‘playing the Caylee card’. You know, saying, “I need to buy this for Caylee, gosh, aren’t diapers expensive! I wish I could take Caylee to Disneyland, or to the beach, etc…”

    The putting herself on the resume as a nanny is interesting, in that it indicates that she had not had a real job for some time. So, to fill in that work history section on the resume, she puts nanny, a good explanation with no paper trail. (They payed me cash, see?)

    And, my gosh! George and the pyramid scheme shows us how he could be married to Cindy and live with Casey and have had only occasional suspicions that ‘something wasn’t right’! He’s obviously one of those people who will convince themselves of what they want to believe…

    Whereas, I think Cindy must have been sort of enabling Casey for some time, or being deluded by her…

  2. C Madden Says:

    After all the investigations, DNA analysis, etc, how does anyone believe that little Caylee is still alive? There has been a great deal of attention paid to the alligator infested ‘pond.’ If a body was put into that pond, what makes anyone think the body would be found? Especially after 2 months. My guess is that Casey is not worried because she knows there will never be a ‘found’ body–and if the prosecution doesn’t get the facts straight and she is acquitted, only to find later that she in fact did murder her child, she cannot be tried again for the crime. What a sorry mother she is–and all because she is such a selfish individual.

  3. stac Says:

    I think that this whole story has become so silly! Casey Anthony has did nothing but lie from the beginning. She is sitting in jail now more than likely scheming up more to lie about if she gets the chance to. As far as George and Cindy goes they cant keep up with their lies either. This is about a sweet little 2 year old that has been missing for more than 3 months and no one seems to know where she is, except for her mother of course. Even with no body they still have enough evidence on Casey to charge her with the murder of her daughter. She has lied, stolen and even try to cover up things she has did in her past and present. Just tell what happened to Caylee and let this story come to rest along with letting Caylee rest in peace.

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