Police Investigating Caylee Anthony Sighting in Gainesville

I don’t know what to make of this, whether it could be true or not, but Gainesville police have confirmed today that they are currently investigating a report that missing toddler Caylee Marie Anthony was seen at a local grocery store over the weekend. Even if these proves to be false, at least the police are following up on leads.

From the Gainesville Sun:

The Police Department confirmed Monday that officers were investigating the report that the child was seen at the Winn-Dixie store off South Main Street on Saturday.

“Right now we are treating it as an open investigation,” said police spokeswoman Officer Summer Hallett.

The girl’s relatives had been contacted about the possible sighting, according to police.

Officers were following up on the report, Hallett said. She did not release any other information on the ongoing investigation.

Like I said, this is an open investigation so we’ll have to wait and see what happens. I for one believe that this will sadly turn out to be nothing but a dead end lead but I will continue to hope that someone did actually see Caylee and that the police will someday find her alive. Thoughts from anyone?

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10 Comments on “Police Investigating Caylee Anthony Sighting in Gainesville”

  1. pak31 Says:

    I doubt it. With the coverage this case has received and the fact that this sighting was in Florida, i find it hard to believe. Who would have her out in public in Florida of all places? But good to know they are checking it out, contrary to what Cindy seems to believe.

  2. ElaineE1216 Says:

    I undertand the Anthonys looked at a grainy video tape of the child but
    couldnt identify – I dont believe its Caylee – little girls that age frequently
    look similar and Im sure if they put out enough publicity that whose every child
    it was will come forward. Who would be stupid enough to go into a store with
    Caylee if they had kidnapped her? Its just another dead end

  3. lynn gellner Says:

    may be good news!!!! i hope the anthonys get out this nightmare soon god bless them

  4. sue Says:

    i hope and pray that it is caylee but the way everything has gone it is likely not true. cindy and george have to be living a nitemare. i wish for everyones sake there would be some kind of closure for this family. i will not judge cindy because i dont walk in her shoes and i might be doing the same if it were my grandchild. she holds out hope and i beleive i would to if their was no body and people keep calling in sightings.

  5. niecey456 Says:

    I would actually love for them to find Caylee alive. With that said, we would be starting a whole new murder case cause there was a dead body in the damn car. I think it’s great that they are following up on every lead. I do, however hope that if she is dead, then people would quit calling with bogus reports. If by some chance she is alive, then we need to find out whose body that was in the car.

  6. lilly Says:

    cindy a nurse george x cop the body was in their car they all had 31 days to dispose of the body to try and save casey. casey her one time truth she probably doest know where caylee is because she let cindy or someone in that family get rid of caylees body. they wont take lie detector tests. check the familys phone pings, its been obvious from the start

  7. txnancy Says:

    Ok I have to say I think we all hope that Caylee is alive. But think about it for a moment. If you are the person/persons who has had Caylee all this time, do you not think that you would be in trouble for kidnapping? Do you not think by now a neighbor, family member etc would have noticed this child in your care, house etc before now????????
    If she is alive eventually do you not think that Caylee would need to see a dr???? A nurse(perhaps Cindy is treating her), would need to go to school etc???
    I can not see how Caylee is still alive and we just now having sitings of her again?????????
    If she is alive then whose decomposing body was in the trunk of the car???????? A theory perhaps Casey was pregnant again and it was the fetus’s body???? But would the fetus have had hair that long that there would have been a hair long enough to see the band that they keep talking about???????
    Why did Cindy/George go to the site where they are looking for Caylee?????? Why put themselves thru the torture if they fully believe she is alive??????
    They know the truth. Cindy just can’t deal with it and never will.

  8. Kari Says:

    Sure, as I said on Thinking Outside the Circle’s blog–we would all just love to be proven wrong. We are dying to hear the ‘other side of the story’, from Casey, if she would like to tell us, or from Zenaida, if she exists. It is our fervent desire to be proven wrong that has us all riveted to this case. We’ve spent the whole time trying to figure out what might have happened. It’s not like we took one look at Casey and screamed, “Murderer!”

    –Well, most of us didn’t. We started out saying, what the heck is going on, here? Why would she behave this way? And, bit by bit, we began piecing the events together and coming up with a picture…

    We’re still not jumping to conclusions and screaming ‘Murderer’ (well, some people are, but not us good guys), but we have all pretty well accepted that Caylee is no longer alive, and that it seems very likely her dead body was in the trunk for a while.

    So, no, I don’t think they saw Caylee. Just another cute little brown-haired angel…

  9. sophie Says:

    I hope it WAS Caylee that was spotted. But I don’t put it past the Anthony’s trying to get their daughter out of this mess to have a trusted friend/family member create/report false sightings.

    Also, consider this…if Caylee is still alive, and somebody DID take her, they aren’t going to take a chance on getting caught. Caylee is simply TOO recognizable.

    There have been several kidnappings of little girls in this world, and the smartest kidnappers immediately will CUT off the hair of the girl, and dress her as a boy.

    This is easily done with a toddler, who is malleable in many ways and will not only conform to attaching to the person who took her, but not protest too much in the manner of dressing.

    If anyone really took Caylee, the sightings should reflect that of a toddler boy who resembles her and responds to the verbal cue of her name in hearing distance.

  10. Linda from Or. Says:

    I guess I’m not one of the good guys. I have not from the beginning thought that Caylee is alive. None of it rings true!
    If it was a accident then it has still become murder by not telling the truth.
    If someone did take her, you would have screamed it from the highest roof top who it was or the truth or where it was.
    Who is covering for who? There are parents in my home down whos daughter has been missing for 10 years. They know in their hearts she is dead and has been for a
    long time. What they want now is for her to be laid to rest in a proper matter, so that they can rest if that is possible.
    The Lord and Casey know where she put her. Maybe, just maybe she will become
    the more important if the two C’S, and someone will tell the truth.
    It’s a sad,sad world in which we live when children can just be tossed away like garbage.

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