Caylee Anthony Sunday Search Update

Texas Equusearch resumed its search early this morning for missing child Caylee Anthony. Thank you to David Lohr of The Criminal Report Daily for his in-depth update from the scene of the search for the missing 3 year old. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of news to report so far today.

From the posting:

The number of volunteers who showed up today was significantly less than the turn out we had yesterday. As of 10:30 a.m., only about 300 people have showed up. In addition, the 500 bounty hunters that were supposed to volunteer have yet to make an appearance.

Leonard Padilla, the bounty hunter from California who helped bail Anthony out, brought a group of about five people with him. Yesterday, Padilla spent the majority of the day at the command center. Today, he was present for the search briefing and then left with his entourage to assist in the search effort.

At the briefing this morning, Richard Grund, the father of Anthony’s former fiancée, Jessie Grund, addressed the crowd of volunteers and offered his prayers and support. Watch the video here.

The volunteers who did show up today are being dispatched to the remaining areas of interest. Several ATV teams have been sent out and an airboat, equipped with side-scan sonar, is also out searching area waterways.

Volunteers are asked to come to the command center, located at the corner of Judge and Shadowridge, SE Corner, Orlando, FL. Click here for map.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

Volunteers resumed the search for Caylee Marie Anthony on Sunday, with Texas EquuSearch continuing its plea for people to come out and look for the missing girl.

Mandy Albritton, deputy director of the search, said about 750 people had come out to help as of about 12:30 p.m. She was hoping to see a bump in volunteers after area churches ended services.

Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, was charged last month with killing her daughter, who was reported missing on July 15. The child’s body has not been found, but Anthony’s lawyer — along with family members — contend that the child, who would have turned 3 in August, could still be alive.

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4 Comments on “Caylee Anthony Sunday Search Update”

  1. pak31 Says:

    I wish I lived in Florida, I would honestly be there helping to search. I just wish they would find something. Anything.

  2. Karilynn Says:

    I’d be there, too, in hopes of finding Caylee’s remains just so Cindy Anthony can come back to earth and to see the look of Casey’s face when she learns of the find. I can only imagine.

  3. louise green Says:

    To Tim Miller of Equusearch,

    I watched a program where Tim Miller worked with psychic profilers, Patrick Burns, Carla Baron and John Oliver. They seem to be very talented in assisting law enforcement with discovering what happened to murdered victims. Have you given any thought to asking them to come to Orlando and see if they can provide any assistance or direction on where to look for the little girl? Caylee is out there somewhere and maybe they could help.

  4. mack Says:

    Where was Nancy Grace who has rode this case non stop since July? Why wasn’t she there?

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