Casey Anthony Rented Murder Films on the Day Caylee Disappeared

This has already been reported but I wanted to give an update from a story in the Associated Press over the weekend.

Detectives say toddler Caylee Anthony most likely died on June 16 – the day Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, supposedly rented murder movies at a local Blockbuster store. We’ve all seen the surveillance photos so we know that she was in the Blockbuster Video that evening.

The question remains…where is Caylee? And why did Casey rent these videos (Untraceable and Jumper)?

From the article:

Police retraced Casey Anthony’s steps on that day and spoke to the man who saw Casey, now charged with Caylee’s murder, just hours after the toddler’s death.

“No emotion, no tears and no regrets,” is how Casey was described by Blockbuster clerk Johnny French when she rented a movie about a kidnapper and killer.

New surveillance photos show Casey Anthony and her boyfriend walking into an east Orange County Blockbuster just before 8 p.m. June 16, hours after Caylee was last seen alive by Casey’s father at home.

The photos show Casey arm in arm with her boyfriend, Tony Lazzaro, after they chose two movies to rent.

One movie was “Untraceable,” about a kidnapper and killer. The other was “Jumper,” which features a character who is a mother who abandons her five-year-old child.

“They came in, went out,” says French, who rented the movies to Casey and her boyfriend. “Brought the movies back on time just like everybody else.”

“They seemed normal and she seemed fine. If there was something wrong, it would have stood out. I just don’t remember them doing anything unusual,” said French.

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21 Comments on “Casey Anthony Rented Murder Films on the Day Caylee Disappeared”

  1. chuck Says:

    It all seems to fit like a puzzle..When she rented those movies that night, Caylee was already dead in the trunk of her car, acccording to police…She rented those movies pretaining to what she had already done..It gave her ideas of how and where to dipose or hide the body of a child…Or it could have justified what she just did…The no emotion thing, is because she already had this planned out in advance, as to the missing kid web-sites and chlorform web-sites and nanny web-sites, so basically she got over it. She never wanted a kid from the beginning..If Caylle’s died by accident, Casey would have been upset to a point, because she would have not wanted that to happen to her child…Just My Thoughts….

  2. tex Says:

    I wonder if the police watched the two movies. Maybe she did get ideas on how to dispose of
    a body from these movies.

  3. bonnie Says:

    i believe this movie is casey actually teling us about how she came to kill caylee…………and about what went on with her in younger years. such as maybe killing her pets, burying them in the area where this scull was found. (caylee) if it is. why else would they be scouring the woods for small bones. apparently caylee was wrapped in some kind of wrap.and she also was wrapped in duct tape. so i heard the whole skeleton was there. i believe they are looking for small/animal bones of amimals such as maybe casey had as a kid.. maybe caylee turned into a serial killer or phycopath. (oh also in the movie untracable she injected her victin with some kind of chemical, i believe that is why they took all those house hould chemicals from caseys home, maybe the authorities are checking for chemicals in those ones

  4. hunter Says:

    It is so obvious that the little girl drowned in the pool. The ladder was out, the dogs hit on two places in the yard, the chloriform (which they say you can make with chlorine) in the trunk, the towels and swim suit found with the body… etc,. I think it was an accident. She probably was on the phone and not watching the baby in the pool. The child died and she freaked out and tried to make it look like a kidnapping. I don’t think it had any thing to do with premeditated murder. I do believe this is one selfish, self-centered mother, who was so self absorbed, that she neglected to watch her child and I do not believe that those movies had anything to do with anything.

  5. Ann Says:

    The ex boyfriend says he heard Caylee over the phone on the 24th.–if he is correct, this time line is wrong. Also, Jumpers was not a movie about a woman who abandoned her son(found out in the last minutes of the movie)….she left him because she would have had to kill him–instead, she left him with his father…it is more about people that have the ability, to Jump from different places in the world (in short). Sorry but these were both new releases, at this time and I don’t think they have any relevance, what so ever!

  6. junemary Says:

    The outrage is that she went anywhere or did anything normal while her daughter was missing.
    Would you or anyone you know, go to Blockbuster to rent a movie when a family member was missing?
    I don’t think so.

  7. pat Says:


    I may be wrong but if I had a missing child, 2 murder movies is not what I would want to see.

  8. laura Says:


  9. Leslie Says:

    To try and make the movie ‘ Untraceable’ an issue is totally bogus, being the movie revolves around a single Mom ( Diane Lane a good guy in the movie) raising a child living with a parent,If one wants to use a movie has some sort of example,then why not use the theme of the movie and not just one part.?

  10. patricia Says:

    it is so obvious that this girl is guilty, I personally suffered the loss of 2 of my children, and believe me you don’t’ go and party or even look at movies, regardless of what they are, you are in such a state of shock and disbelief that you don’t do anything normal. And if you are a normal person, you have the “”face of grief “” that everyone recognizes, this girl is not normal, she is definitely sociopathic and extremely narcissistic , thinking only of herself. During this trial, if anyone has cared to notice, she only cries when someone is talking about her, when Caylee is mentioned, she is very pouty and stoic, and has anyone also notice that her other lawyers will touch her on the shoulder or back and she immediately starts wiping her eyes, I think they are signaling her to have emotions, because naturally she has none. also, she has the same hankie or Kleenex and it never gets eye makeup on it , even though she is wearing it , and it never seems to get crumpled, hence, no real tears. Anyone who thinks she is innocent is as stupid as Hose Biaz , and that is not something I want to be accused of, it took them 3 years to come up with blaming her Father ====

  11. zelda Says:

    I agree with you right down the line Patricia

  12. roseann howe Says:

    This is a message for jose baez:there is a baby daughter that was snuffed out like snuffing out a candle. Think about this jose. Think about you having a baby daughter,that your wife took and killed her, and throw her in the trash, and then go out in the same day and go out with a guy and rent movies,going on about her daily go lucky life, and get a tatoo on her back bearing the phrase beautiful life while in the same period of time killed your baby girl. Put yourself in this beautifu baby’s little life, that could not defend herself,helpless Just try it. What kind of country is this that would allow this baby killer to even walk the streets of this country. If this happens, is this justice for baby caylee? is it? Do you have a conscience, or do you think like casey anthony????

  13. zelda Says:

    He thinks with his little head mostly and I am referring to the one on his neck,LOL……………Defense lawyers are there for the accused……ANY accused gets a lawyer no matter how heinous the crime.So his answer to you would be “it’s his job”. And it is.
    Personally I can’t stand to listen to him and or look at him,,,,,,,,,,he embodies the bad jokes we all hear about lawyers.
    It’s up to the jury to sort all this out and mete out justice for the victim.let’s hope it’s an intelligent one.

  14. Honeydog Says:

    I know The Prosecution showed the “Party” Pictures, the Photo of the Tattoo, and the Jailhouse Visit Video during their Case, but I can’t remember if that Tape showing Casey and Tony Lazzaro at the “Blockbuster” Store was ever shown to the Jury, or even brought-up. I would think they surely SHOULD have, if they didn’t, ESPECIALLY because of the “Themes” of the Movies she Rented. I’m pretty sure that Tony was also never
    Questioned about this when he was on the Stand. I don’t understand why The Prosecution would skip-over something like that, considering what these Movies were about….

  15. zelda Says:

    Yes Honeydog…………..I certainly would THINK the prosecution should bring that up!!!!! I don’t remember hearing they did either.
    It’s KEY to the case for sure……….hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Anyone know more about this?

  16. CA Says:

    AGAIN— the BB video was from JUNE SECOND TWO-THOUSAND-EIGHT! NOT the 16th. Sorry to spoil your fun.

  17. christina Says:

    has anyone ever seen these movies that they watched? Because it has nothing to do with or even close to what she did. Untracable is about a boy killing ppl via the internet and the more users that log in the faster the person dies,he does this because of his fathers suicide being posted on television, And Jumper is about a guy who learns how to teleport himself. So where in the world do you get a kidnapper and killer out of untraceable and a mother who abandons her daughter out of Jumper. Please watch the movies before posting comments about the movies.She drowned Caylee put her in the trunk drove out to the airport to dump her and decided not too,so she drives to Tonys spends the night. backs into her parents garage to get the laundry bag,blanket,trashbags,duct tape and sticker. was going to bury her in the back yard thats why they found ground dug up and why she asked to use her neighbors shovel. Decides thats not a good place to hide her puts her back in the trunk, remember the dogs hit on the backyard because Caylee was placed on the ground . Casey drives away again,with Caylee still in the trunk acts like her car runs out of gas breaks into the shed to take the gas cans the next day she returns to put the cans back George is home she runs past him before he can get to the trunk, Casey gets in her car drives to Suburban drive and throws Caylee into the swamp. The reason for high volumes of chloroform was because of Caylee being drowned and the Chlorine from the pool inside her lungs.I only wish prosecution would have looked for more resources than blaming chloraform for the main use, We can all sit and be mad at someone because their was no justice for Caylee but we always have to remember there is only one person who can judge us in the end. And her day to answer little Caylee and God will come one day. We all may never know what the truth is but she does and she will have to answer for it.Lee is the only person who called and thanked Jose Baez for saving Caseys life. He is a person i always thought had something to do with it. He knew something. As well as Ricardo Morales too.

  18. Thanks for finally writing about >Casey Anthony Rented Murder Films on the Day Caylee
    Disappeared Kreuzer’s Korner <Liked it!

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    -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a comment is added
    I recieve four emails with the exact same comment. Perhaps
    there is a way you can remove me from that service? Kudos!

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