Scott Peterson’s Letters to Casey Anthony Never Written

As those of us who have been following this case expected, the rumor turned out to be false. But for just a few short hours, it appeared to be a perfect match made in hell!

From Fox News:

Reports of convicted wife-killer Scott Peterson writing letters to accused child murderer Casey Anthony in jail turned out to be false, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Several sources close to the Anthony case told the newspaper that the 22-year-old mother, charged with killing her toddler daughter Caylee, had gotten correspondence from Peterson since she’s been behind bars.

But officials looking into the allegations learned that Anthony never received mail from Peterson, who was convicted of murdering his wife Laci and unborn baby boy Conner in 2005, according to the Sentinel.

The rumor may have begun with Anthony herself. She reportedly told a corrections officer about some of her mail, the newspaper said.

A spokesman for Anthony’s lawyer Jose Baez said his client had gotten a letter from someone with the last name Peterson who lives in San Diego. Baez told the newspaper that he checks Anthony’s mail and would know if Scott Peterson had written to her.

Calls to Peterson’s lawyer made by the Sentinel were not returned. None of the people who told the paper about the alleged correspondence saw any of the letters.

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One Comment on “Scott Peterson’s Letters to Casey Anthony Never Written”

  1. karen gillman Says:

    so what ! who cares who she writes thats her bussiness not one elses ok hse is wrong if she killed her daughter but until she is convicted don’t be so hateful there is enough of hate in this world don’t make it any worse

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