DNA Results Released in Casey Anthony Case

Results released today state that air samples from the car trunk of Casey Anthony, accused of killing her 3-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony, contain evidence of body decomposition.

The report’s final conclusion is that the results of the tests and comparisons demonstrate that “a portion of the total odor signature identified in the Florida vehicle trunk is consistent with a decompositional event that could be of human origin.”


CNN also has a video from Nancy Grace discussing the “death band” on the found hair which has been linked to Caylee.

From the Associated Press:

Authorities on Friday released a report from a Tennessee lab that found five compounds consistent with body decomposition. Tests found evidence of decomposition on a hair strand found in the trunk, described as “microscopically similar” to one found on Caylee’s hair brush.

Caylee Anthony has pleaded not guilty in the death of her daughter.

From WFTV:

The report details findings from FBI tests on items found inside Casey’s car, including DNA results on hair samples and forensic testing of debris and clothing (read details).

Among the results is confirmation that a hair sample found in the vehicle “exhibits characteristics of apparent decomposition.” The report also says that specific hair is “microscopically similar” to hair investigators took from Caylee’s hairbrush, but couldn’t confirm it was conclusively Caylee’s.

DNA testing done on that piece of hair and compared with a sample provided by Casey confirmed that neither Casey nor Caylee can be “excluded as the source of the hair,” because the “mtDNA sequences … are the same.”

Tests also confirmed “residues of chloroform” within a spare tire cover found inside the trunk of Casey’s car.

“Residues consistent with chloroform” were also found within the left and right side trunk liner. The report says no other chemicals were detected within those items.

Odor tests that were conducted on the carpet inside Casey’s car concluded that 80 percent of the chemicals identified were “consistent with decompositional events.”

The results of the FBI’s Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) on the same carpet concluded that “while these are still preliminary results … both odor analysis and LIBS results appear to be quite consistent with a decompositional event having occurred in the trunk of the vehicle.”

From the Orlando Sentinel:

The FBI lab tested items found in the trunk of Anthony’s Pontiac Sunfire, including a hair strand, pieces from a tire cover and the trunk liner. Here are some of the findings:

* The root of the hair showed signs of decomposition. A comparison to hair taken from Caylee’s brush and DNA taken from Anthony showed that neither the mother nor the daughter could be excluded as the source of the hair.

* Pants, skirts and shirts taken from Anthony’s home showed no signs of hair with decomposing roots.

* Residues of chloroform were found on a tire cover in the trunk.

* A hair fragment was found in the label on the handle of a shovel Anthony borrowed from a neighbor in mid-June, about the time Caylee is supposed to have disappeared. The hair was too small for microscopic comparison but DNA analysis found it did not belong to Casey Anthony or Caylee.

* No fingerprints were found on the shovel.

Air samples and pieces of carpet from the trunk were sent Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee to determine whether there was signs of decomposition. The lab has been doing this type of research since 2002 and has developed the Decompositional Odor Analysis database.

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15 Comments on “DNA Results Released in Casey Anthony Case”

  1. Poze Says:

    Please consider the following petition


    She is continuing to collect money, she never should have washed those pants from car and whatever else she destroyed that we dont know about.

    Read and see what people who signed it have to say … over 400 signatures to date


  2. Marcia Says:

    Cindy Anthony should be charged with obstruction as I’m sure there was evidence on those clothes. Why in the midst of chaos would you be so concerned about washing 1 pair of pants!!

  3. Elaine Says:

    These reports are good but thin as far as forensic evidence. The prosecution is going to have to piece together
    with a lot of circumstantial evidence as well to make a solid case.

  4. nannybj Says:

    she washed them because they stunk like the trunk of the car..

  5. monica111466 Says:

    Y’all need to just give up on the obstruction of justice against Cindy Anthony. Law enforcement, the prosecution and the DA don’t care about that silly petition.

    I know you think those pants are a huge deal…but in the big picture…they are not.

    I agree Elaine…from what we have seen thus far…the evidence is pretty thin…I hope they have a lot more…and I hope Caylee’s little body is found soon. I don’t think in the long run they will debate the decomposition in the trunk…they are going to end up debating that Casey was the one who killed Caylee….I know…that sounds silly…but the defense does not have to prove Casey is innocent…all they have to do is show reasonable doubt.
    One of the things Baez will ask the jury if the jury if they are 100% certain that no one had access to the trunk of the sunfire while parked at the Amscot or the tow impound.

  6. suziejane Says:

    This idea of depositing someone’s dead body in Casey’s trunk at the towyard – whaddya nutz????

    Doesn’t a corpse need to have been present in an area for at least a significant amount of time to permeate the entire interior of a vehicle (trunk AND passenger compartment) to provide a persistent “overpowering” intensity of malodor???

    C’mon Anthony’s & Baez – the death obviously OCCURRED earlier IN the trunk for the stench and air samples to be sooooooo heavy and concentrated. There wasn’t sufficient time if the process had not been accelerating since, oh, around June 16th. Puleeeeeze.

  7. TONI Says:

    Cindy is never going to believe that the decomposing body was Caylee. That woman got it right that first ngith july 15. What happened to her freakin head after that is beyond me. Maybe she is afraid of Casey. As for Lee I believe he knows in his heart that Casey is 100% guilty and that is why he has not been around. I am sure he thinks his parents are making fools of themselves and wants no part of that. As for George I think he knows but can’t voice it because of Cindy’s wrath. How is Cindy going to defend telling her friends that Casey is a sociopath, liar, thief etc? Is she going to deny ever saying such things? I wish I could get to Florida and knock some sense into these people.

  8. monica111466 Says:

    We all sat in front of our TV’s and watched OJ as he pretended to struggle to pull those black glove onto his hands. “If it doesn’t fit, you must Acquit. ”
    That was probably one of the stupidest display I have ever witnessed….I am fully prepared for that to be topped.

  9. robin Says:

    she killed her child how could she, why is her mother still saying she did not.
    i hope she goes down.

  10. TONI Says:

    Because if Cindy admits that Casey killed Caylee she will ultimately feel guilty and responsible cause she raised a SOCIOPATH!!! Cindy knows what Casey did but SHE WIL NEVER say it out loud. EVER. Despite the evidence right in front of her.

  11. Kari Says:

    Hey, Toni, I agree with you about Lee. He dropped from the radar the same time Padilla the bounty-hunter did, when they first got the forensics back and they knew what the evidence showed…

    I’ll disagree with you slightly about Cindy. You say she knows. I say she dreads knowing, and will continue grasping at straws untill the 11th hour…

  12. Kari Says:

    Hi, Monica! You already know I agree with you about the petition. People are so upset with Cindy, and therefore they want to find her guilty of something.

    Funny thing about that, I’ve known a couple wife-beaters who were oh-so-charming when you met them on the street, but the families were living in hell back home…

    Everyone says Casey was very likeable, appeared very sweet and caring. It’s part of why she got away with so much. Amy swallowed the story about the 400 dollars cash that came up missing because she just couldn’t believe Casey could do that to her.

    Now, who, in the Anthony family does she take after, really? Her abrasive mother who talks too much??? Or her charming, sincere, believable father?

    I’m just making a point, here. Actually, I think it’s their bad luck she takes after both. She’s got George’s glib charm. amd Cindy’s tendency to go off at a tangent from reality, making up theories to suit her purpose regardless of actual facts. Those traits have contributed to her sociopathy, but I would call them inherited traits.

  13. TONI Says:

    I just pray to god they find that babys remains. Even if and when they do Cindy will say someone else did it, not her lying, stealing, good for nothing daughter. Remember telling all of Caseys friends that she was all of these things Cindy?? Remember that first call to 911 Cindy? Cindy your a dope! No wonder your daughter lives in lala land she gets it from you. Continuing to deny Caylee is dead will not bring her back, if she was alive she would have been found by now, you know it, we all know it.

  14. monica111466 Says:

    I am just really hoping and praying that Tim Miller and the 3,000 plus searchers will be successful in finding her body….everyone needs closure on that part of it.
    I think where Caylee is concerned…every last one of us agree…she is the ONLY victim here and she deserves much better than to be left out there in some shallow grave, or landfill or where ever her mother left her…
    Right now all I care about is finding Caylee so she can be respected with a proper burial…and making sure that monster stays behind bars where she belongs.
    I choose not to bash Cindy and George and pray that they either see the light on their own or find some professional help to guide them to reality.

    The irony is…Cindy is a nurse and helps people feel better…George was a cop and is now in security..and so he protects people….Casey only helps and protects herself.

  15. diana Says:

    Casey has not had a job since 2006;therefore, how could she pay a nanny? No one has ever asked this question. Also, where did she(casey) spend all of her time?And, where was caylee for the past year and a half? It’s weird.

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