Is Caylee Anthony Still Alive?

According to her grandmother, Cindy Anthony, the answer is yes. While on the Today Show this morning, Anthony stated that she knows that her granddaughter is still alive and that she doesn’t believe that her daughter, Casey, could have done this unthinkable crime. This case has struck me so much due to the fact of having a 3 year old daughter of my own who is my whole life (my wife and son as well). I can’t imagine how anyone could do such a terrible thing (if it is true) to such a precious girl.


Credit: NBC

From NBC:

“I know Caylee is alive,” Cindy Anthony told TODAY’s Meredith Vieira Wednesday from Orlando, Fla. “I know my daughter. There is nothing in this world that could make me believe that Casey did anything to Caylee. There has never been any child neglect, child abuse or anything. This young lady loves her child, more than I love Casey.”

Cindy Anthony applauded a court ruling that will turn over to her family the names of people who have called authorities to report suspected sightings of Caylee Anthony since her disappearance.

“There’s a lot of people out there that have seen Caylee,” Cindy Anthony said. “We’re going to reach out to those people once we get their names and we’re going to go ahead and start tracking them down ourselves … I know in my heart that we are going to find Caylee before this trial takes place.”

Florida State Attorney Lawson Lamar thinks differently. On Tuesday, his office obtained a grand jury indictment against Casey Anthony on charges of first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter and four counts of lying to investigators about Caylee’s disappearance in June. Casey Anthony, who is also facing charges for passing bad checks that she used to buy such items as beer and lingerie, said nothing to reporters as she was taken to jail.

Earlier Tuesday, tears ran down her cheeks as she stood by the side of her attorney, Jose Baez, during a press conference. “Casey Anthony is Public Enemy No. 1,” the attorney told reporters. “This family has had to withstand something like nobody has ever seen. We just ask people to respect that and understand what Casey Anthony is going through.”

Neither Cindy Anthony nor Baez has denied that the 22-year-old single mother has lied to investigators during the three months that the case against her has been building. They continue to insist that the public will understand during the trial why Casey Anthony kept Caylee’s disappearance a secret and why she has behaved as she has in the months since.

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23 Comments on “Is Caylee Anthony Still Alive?”

  1. pak31 Says:

    All I can say is that I didn’t see tears running down her cheeks. Plus, that photo up there of Caylee…..adorable. What a sweet little girl. Just precious, that is all I can say. If she is truly dead, I don’t know how anyone could harm such a sweet little girl.

  2. Elaine Says:

    Cindy talks – no one listens – George talks – and Casey gets indicted for murder one

  3. Kari Says:

    I just watched that clip, and the one of George. Both of them come across as very sincere. George, especially. Both of them reiterated what Baez said; that when they finally tell all they know, we will all understand Casey, and know that Caylee is still out there, and alive.

    They seemed so sincere, but if they do ‘know’ that Caylee is alive out there somewhere, what possible reason could there be for not speaking out? Why would they not let everyone know these secrets that will exonerate Casey?

    Or if not everyone, why not the police?

    I can only guess that this secret knowledge is going to somehow implicate the police. It will turn out that a law enforcement person was Caylee’s real father, and/or the kidnapper… Or maybe just that the investigators had some reason to hate Casey and want to frame her.

    That is what they’ve been saying all along. That law enforcement should have been following up on Casey’s story, regardless. Their attitude seems to be, well, some of it was a lie, but some of it must be true, and it’s their job to figure that out.

    Whereas law enforcement seems to feel that if Casey cannot come up with anything provable and helpful, there is probably a reason for that.

  4. Teresa Says:

    I believe whole heartedly that Casey Anthony knows or is the one that murdered her daughter Caylee. I can only hope an eye for an eye in the matter of this precious little girl. As far as the grandmother, I think she should be brought up on charges as well. My opinion is that she knows far more than she is willing to disclose to protect her own daughter of murder. Shame on her. I only wish that she is made to pay the consequenses as well.

  5. kim Says:

    I find it extremely odd for Casey’s own mother to say “This young lady loves her child, more than I love Casey.” no wonder Casey was so screwed up.

  6. Mona Says:

    Why is Cindy so excited that tips on Caylee spottings are going to be turned over to them? Hasn’t she said all along that SHE gets thousands of tips every day? Why haven’t George and Cindy gone and checked out those tips, it’s not like they have been working for the last 4 months.
    In denial my butt! There is not a single member of this whack job family that can feel any emotion at all, NOT one of them has shed a tear for Caylee. Casey wasn’t crying yesteday she was “acting” like she always does. You can dress a pig up but it’s still a pig.
    I would be a living, breathing basketcase if one of my grandchildren were missing!

  7. monica111466 Says:

    No, I really do not feel Caylee is alive.
    As a mother I can understand how hard this is for Cindy to accept. I hope the media will step back and even refuse to continue to allow Cindy to spin the story.
    She is angry, scared, humiliated, hurting and heavily medicated. So She may be saying things at the moment that she doesn’t really mean.
    I am not defending anyone’s actions…but I am trying to show compassion toward a family that is going through something horrible.
    As for Baez…I think the comment was just spin…he is saying things he knows the family wants to hear and believe.

  8. monica111466 Says:


    I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your blog very much.

  9. kreuzer33 Says:

    Thanks 🙂 I try!

  10. pak31 Says:

    The only people that feel Caylee is alive are Casey, Cindy and George. If Caylee is alive, why is there human decomposition in Casey’s car consistent with Caylee’s dna?? That will be tough to explain. Sorry, there is NO WAY, if Caylee was alive, that Casey or someone wouldn’t tell authorities. Oh wait, maybe they have and all of this(the indictment) is all a farce so that the kidnapper will think that Casey is going to trial for murder and the police will secretly go search for the kidnapper. Yeah right.

  11. Dee Says:

    This case, in my opinion, comes down to a few facts. Who, besides Casey Anthony, has ever met or talked to “Zanny the Nanny?” Where is the verifiable domicile of Zanny, since she was supposedly the nanny for a number of months, and the child routinely spent nights with her (a somewhat unusual arrangement in my opinion)? Are there phone records of ANY conversations with Zanny the Nanny? What is/was Zanny the Nanny’s telephone number, home number, cell number, throw away cell number, relative’s number, car make/model, license plate, state of licensing, anything? Did she do any kind of reference check on Zanny the Nanny before hiring her? Is there any verifiable evidence of any kind that said nanny exists? From my perspective as a single mother, my childcare givers were never a secret from family members or friends. Even in the pre-cell phone era, my childcare personnel had phone numbers to reach me wherever I was planning to be. My “backup” — other parent, grandparent, friend, etc. had the phone number(s) of childcare givers. Even if Casey had some fear of law enforcement officers, there are other agencies besides Orange County Sheriff’s office in whom she and/or her attorney could have gone for assistance who would have had no bias against her nor had an ax to grind. Oftentimes, if there is a possibility of law enforcement corruption, a superior agency will have a greater interest in the case and in gaining recognition for revealing the corruption. There is no legitimate scenario that I can conjure that will excuse Casey’s continued lack of cooperation with ANY law enforcement group, or even private investigators who have come to her aid. Why wait until she is on trial for murder? If she’s ever going to say anything, why not say it before she’s indicted? I just don’t buy this family’s behavior–not one bit. Perhaps that will change if we learn of the “real reason” Casey has decided not to reveal anything about her daughter’s whereabouts. I suppose anything is possible. Right. Sure.

  12. katie Says:


  13. chinacat Says:

    If Caylee is alive, then what is the big secret that Casey, Cindy & Baez are hiding. Don’t you think Casey would want to clear her name if she is so innocent? I know I would! If Caylee’s body wasn’t in Casey’s car trunk, then whose dead body was it? No one elses DNA was found in the trunk. Why is their so much evidence that points to Caylee being dead & Casey is the murderer? That must mean that 97% of the world is in denial of Caylee still being alive & the 3% (Casey, Cindy, & Baez) know where she is at! If they are so sure, then go get her & bring her home dumbf**ks…

  14. Jake Hess Says:

    Why don’t CINDY just SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Nina Says:

    CINDY ,as far as i am concerned is covering up for Casey.AND LEE i believe knows alot more then he is saying.HIM refusing the lie detector test proved that for me.I cant imagine any family covering up a crime when it involves a helpless baby.Cindy would whether go on believing that Caylee is alive then having to admit that horrible daughter harmed Caylee.Casey knows what happened to Caylee and i can well bet so does LEE.Cindy has tossed some untrue statements out sence this case began too.SHE Doesnt want to ever speak to TIM and his search ever again because he knows deep in his heart this child is no longer alive and she is afraid he is going to find her remains,Then when that happens CINDY will still say Casey didnt do it.SHE has done nothing but point the finger at every one that has done everything possible to help in this case .HER daughter is the one that she should be pointing her finger at.Its her daughter that told this far fetched story from day one.She didnt show one ounce of concern for this baby from day one.AND CINDY calls CASEY a good mother.A mother that goes 30 days and doesnt even report her child missing,as Casey claimed.Instead goes parting,shopping with stolen money,sleeping with her boy friend,and not once even mentioning her child was gone.WONDERFUL LOVING MOTHER.WHAT about this picture does CINDY not get.!!I hope when TIM come back to florida ,GOD will lead him to finding Caylee.SHE needs to be found.

  16. wake up america. Says:

    people who are protecting casey are just plain old fashioned stupid. if casey knows any information about her daughter, which she says she loves dearly, then why is it not being made public? why would she not speak up if her main objective is to find her daughter? i can see cindy anthony buying another dress to make it look like caylee’s dress was in her closet the whole time. I beleive in irony, but to a certain extent. Human decomposition, chloroform searches and traces in the trunk, caylee’s hair, clothes matching the size of those that Casey wears, a woman looking like Casey emerging from the woods, and then items later found in those woods matching the description of what Caylee had on the last time George saw her, the Zanny the Nanny bullshit, false phonecalls, continuously lying to authorities, the stain in the trunk, Casey not letting her father look in the trunk of her car, asking for gas cans, asking for a shovel, and then partying when her child was missing, and ultimatly waiting for so long to report the so called incident. All those things go way past irony. People need to wake up. I understand that everyone deserves personal rights, but for the love of God and all things holy, sometimes when something is wrong, someone needs to step up and say whats apparent. This case should never have been focused on Casey. She’ll get hers. What about justice to that little girl? She deserves every ounce of justice possible. Casey and her family need to stop being so self-absorbed, for once in their lives and think about the best interest of that little girl. So here’s my message to Casey;
    -I’m not as worried about your life as I am about Caylee’s. I hate to think that she’s dead, but it may very well be the truth. You’ve obviousy destructed something you felt you had the right to ruin, and from the looks of things, you’ve lived a selfish life to the utmost extremes. This is your chance to step up and do something right for your daughter because this most likely will be the only right and moral thing you’ve ever done for her if you just TELL THE TRUTH. You and your mother claim you love your daughter so much, then why are you not being honest? I have never heard of a mother putting her own needs before those of her daughter. Don’t worry Casey, you’ll get yours. It ALWAYS comes back around.

    My prayers and all my love goes out to Caylee.

  17. norman Says:

    Cindy Anthony is the # ! reason Casey has not been able to break her silence and tell the truth of what happened to her little girl !!! Remember the story that Cindy Anthony had her hands around Casey’s throat the night before she left the house? A fight had taken place over stolen money!!! I tend to think that was not the only time Cindy put her hands on Casey !!! She made this kid to believe she was no good for God only knows how long !!! Remember the conversation with her brother ? She states ” Mom is always telling me I am a bad mother ” Cindy is cruel to keep up that Caylee is alive !!! I think Cindy needs to be put in JAIL – Child abuse !!! She really tought Casey a lesson this time didn’t she !!! What Casey did was so very wrong but I can read the writing on the wall here-Cindy pushed her daughter over the edge for the last time and poor baby Caylee payed the price !!! God have mercy on them all !!!

  18. norman Says:

    What a awful thing to say on national television that Casey loved Caylee more then she(Cindy) loves Casey – How painful !!!This women is just as responsible for the death of Caylee as any one else !!! The saying goes ” when you point the finger at someone else your pointing 3 back at yourself !!! Can you just imagine the conversation in the car before Casey was arrested for murder – Cindy makes my skin crawl watching her on TV – Imagine living with this women !!! Dear Lord…

  19. Kewan Woodard Says:

    How dumb and stupid can she get ,I can’t believe she had some damn nerve to get on the “TODAY”show and say that caylee is still alive ,she know damnwell casey killed that little girl and nobody else not even Zenaida Gonzales had nothing to do with it cindy knew from the get go that her daughter was gonna be named as the only suspect right after gonzales had told the truth and was cleared and that she casey was gonna get indicted by the grand jury but cindy try to pull a stupid the minute she and casey walked out of jose baez’s law office and the bastard to split but got caught now she she is back in jail being held without bail this time .Cindy is just a lot more stupid as she can be telling that same line over and over and everybody is getting tired of it come out of her she needs to knock it off with that crap right now because if caylee is found dead what the hell is she gonna say now?! because if she is casey is gonna get what’s coming to her and convicted zenaida will be the first one to confront her!

  20. Judith Says:

    I watch the Nancy Grace show almost every single night. At first when the investigation began an organization of “psychic “searchers from Toledo, Ohio were involved. The head of the organization was interviewed numerous times on the show. The organization also had trained cadaver dogs that they used. Then all of a sudden they are no longer on the show and never mentioned again. Do any of you guys know why the team is no longer in the picture? Also the guy who promised to do the largest search lasted one day. He left because “the family would not co-operate”…what do you need the families co-operation for to search for Kaylee? That situation also was mentioned briefly on Nancy Grace and then dropped with no further explanation. Do any of you know what the true scoop is? I also would like to know why there are no “psychics” speaking up (there are thousands in the US) simply telling the authorities where Kaylee or Kaylee’s body is…

  21. Carole Says:

    Cindy you cry and feel worry for Casey but what about little Caylee….Your daughter wants you to feel sorry for her and you are..which is sad cause she is an adult and can fend for herself but Caylee is a hopeless child who depended on her mother to care and love her, but she did the opposite and has no remorse….I do not know if you feel guilty for what your daughter did cause you raised her but it isn’t your fault but if you help live her lies them you are at fault…….GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY AND GUIDE YOU THRIUGH THUS HORRIBLE TIME…

  22. Carole Says:

    Cindy you cry and feel worry for Casey but what about little Caylee….Your daughter wants you to feel sorry for her and you are..which is sad cause she is an adult and can fend for herself but Caylee is a helpless child who depended on her mother to care and love her, but she did the opposite and has no remorse….I do not know if you feel guilty for what your daughter did cause you raised her but it isn’t your fault but if you help live her lies them you are at fault…….GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY AND GUIDE YOU THRIUGH THUS HORRIBLE TIME…

  23. Maureen Says:

    I wonder to myself “why wait” for the trial to tell everyone the big surprise as to where Caylee is and what her mother knows about what happened to her daughter. That Statement from Baez and CIndy Anthony keep statement is ridiculous.

    Why would someone in their right mind WAIT to tell everyone (Law Enforcment, the public) – its like they love shock value over an innocent human’s welfare.

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