Casey Anthony’s Text Messages Reveal Little Concern for Caylee

550 text messages which were sent by Casey Anthony have shown that she did not appear to be worried about her daughter in the days following the disappearance of her daugher, Caylee. According to cell phone bills, in a two-month period between April and June, Anthony sent her friend Amy Huizenga 553 text messages.

From Local6:

On May 13, Casey Anthony sent a text message that said, “My mom is taking the kid for the weekend for part of her vacation (with a smiley face).”

Then, less than a week before the toddler’s disappearance, Casey Anthony announced, “Caylee just pooped in her potty for the first time. Sorry, proud mama.

“The message was the last time Casey Anthony mentioned her daughter to Huizenga in text messages.A week after the toddler vanished, Anthony sent a text to Huizenga that said, “Leaving for work in a few. I’ll call you on my way to the house.”Casey Anthony did not have a job at Universal Studios or apparently anywhere else, Local 6 has learned.

On June 26, Casey Anthony wrote, “I need a freaking vacation.

“The next day, a text message told Huizenga about how her car smelled like a dead animal — and how it was possibly a squirrel that was run over.

Fifteen minutes later, Casey Anthony wrote, “My car ran out of gas again. Two weeks in a row. On Friday, my stupid car runs out of gas. Wow.

“It now appears that Casey Anthony stole the gasoline cans from her father’s back yard shed after she ran out of gas for the first time, Local 6 reported.

George Anthony seized the cans back from Casey Anthony.Then, her vehicle’s tank ran dry again, forcing her to abandon the car at an Amscot.

Two days later, on June 29, Casey Anthony sends a message to Huizenga,” Can I borrow you and your gas can today?”

By that time, the car had already been towed.Anthony told Huizenga that her father had picked up the car, which was not true, Local 6’s Mike DeForest said.

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