Casey Anthony Heads Back to Jail (Again)

I feel as though I write the same headline each and every day lately. Casey Anthony was arrested on Monday in connection with an alleged theft from one of her friends, this according to Florida authorities.

From CNN:

Monday’s arrest of Casey Anthony, mother of missing 3-year-old Caylee Anthony, was her second relating to the theft case and her third since the child disappeared three months ago.

The latest charges — passing a forged check, fraudulent use of personal identification and petty theft, according to an arrest affidavit released by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office — related to a theft from Casey Anthony’s friend Amy Huizenga, authorities said.

Anthony and her missing daughter have garnered national headlines and served as fodder for nightly crime shows, which show pictures of the wide-eyed toddler during their coverage.

Caylee disappeared in mid-June, and her mother waited nearly a month before reporting the disappearance, authorities said. Since then, evidence has mounted that Caylee is dead, authorities said.

Anthony was first arrested on July 16 after she told detectives lies about her daughter’s disappearance, according to police.

She was charged with child neglect, making false official statements and obstructing a criminal investigation.

From Fox News:

Casey Anthony, the 22-year-old mother of 2-year-old Caylee who has been missing since mid-June, turned herself in to the Orange County Jail Monday on charges dealing with “economic crimes.”

Carlos Padilla, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, told FOX News that Casey Anthony’s charges stemmed from “economic crimes” dealing with stolen checks and petty theft.

Casey Anthony is scheduled to make her initial court appearance on Tuesday, reports.

Padilla said the bond for the charges should be fairly low, meaning she could be back out of jail within hours.

“The defendant was arrested without incident at the Orange County Jail following a scheduled visit with her home confinement release supervisor,” Padilla told “She was with counsel at the time of her arrest and is expected to remain in custody until her first appearance tomorrow morning.”

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9 Comments on “Casey Anthony Heads Back to Jail (Again)”

  1. ann Says:

    why oh why is it taking so long for the cops to arrest this beast on murder charges?hasn’t enough evidence come back yet to get her? she needs to be back in jail – no bond – for what we all know she did to that child. she’s so seriously ill that i don’t even think it will phase her when they do finally pull her in on the real charges. casey – the sociopathic monster – doesn’t desereve the air she breathes right now – please orange county police dept – get her behind bars permanently where she belongs!

  2. sophie Says:

    This game of ping pong will continue. The protesters need to start organizing and rallying in front of the sheriff’s office, the courthouse, whereever the beginning was that allowed Casey to be out on a bond in the first place. Gathering outside the Anthony’s house is a transparent and pathetic ‘I want to get on TV’ attempt.

    If they really feel ‘violated’ by the treatment that Casey is getting, go to the source of why she got it, it’s really NOT Casey’s fault that she’s home on house arrest.

    The detectives did what they could as far as recommending a ‘no bond’ for Casey. The judge is the one who issued one anyway, assuming that the Anthony’s couldn’t afford it.

    The judge should have paid attention to one fact, whether or not Zenaida Gonzalez exists or not:

    Why, when ‘Zenaida’ did not show up with Caylee, was Casey’s FIRST thought, KIDNAPPING?

    If ‘she’ took such good care of Caylee her whole life, why wasnt’ Casey’s first thought ACCIDENT?

    Who on earth would immediately suspect their longtime trusted caregiver of kidnapping when they and your child are missing a few HOURS?

    Everyone ELSE would think there’d been an accident and started calling the police to find out, the hospitals to find out.

    Not just sit on their ass partying, robbing their friends and family blind, and not mentioning it to anyone for a month.

    This was the first clue that Casey is guilty as sin. And the judge who issued a bond is an idiot.

    And the longer the public exhibits fascination over this, the longer the ping pong game will last.

    Because our attention is a MONEY MAKER.

  3. pak31 Says:

    I am really tired of this. It’s so frustrating because here we have millions of people that see she’s guilty yet there is nothing being done or nothing we can do to end this fiasco. SOPHIE, you are 100% correct. I would say that obviously in recent years the media has discovered that covering a case to death puts money in their pockets. This is why it’s done. So sad. Everything in this world is about money. Even with Casey, she wanted it bad too. Back to the case, I know she has a lawyer now so cops can’t interview her right?? She needs the FBI and/or police to nail her a$$ to the wall and make her talk. I know that isn’t exactly proper procedure but enough with all the b.s. already. I know she’ll probably never confess, unless she was being held over hot coals or something but lets charge her and keep her in jail. If Caylee is dead she is in a better place.

  4. amyinVirginia Says:


  5. True Justice Says:

    You can take a tour of Casey’s soon-to-be new home on my site

  6. MR Says:

    Be patient awhile longer, comrades in justice. We don’t want the DA to rush a wrongful death charge, whether it be negligent homicide or murder 1. Once they charge her, they’ve got one shot at getting a conviction. If she were found not guilty, the double jeopardy law prevents the state from filing another wrongful death charge against her. Also, as soon as Casey is charged, Baez can demand a speedy trial.

    We want the State of Florida to go in with all guns blazing, and they’re still uncovering new evidence. Unless the authorities know something we don’t know, there is not enough evidence at this point to charge her with murder. In fact, short of a surprise witness, I doubt that she’ll ever be charged with murder, with or without a body, because even if Caylee is found, it’s far, far too late to determined cause and manner of death.

    Let the cops do their job. I think their performance has been superb so far.

  7. MR Says:

    Oops. Sorry. DETERMINE cause and manner of death. (I really am literate.)

  8. Margaret Says:

    I think it’s time for them to arrest this mother for murder. Something horrible has happened to this little precious girl, she knows, her parents know it. I’m getting tired of reading about this tragic story and how it seems to never have an ending. I’m a mother as well, and if either of my 2 daughters “end up missing”, I would be out there, every day and every night, all day, all night and all over the place looking for them. I certainly wouldn’t let a damn month go by before I say something to anyone. The mother has done something horrible to this child and WE all know it. Evidence of a decomposed body’s scent was found in HER car. Time to do something and put an end to it all.

  9. KM Says:

    I’ve been thinking about this for a few days. It suddenly occured to me that Caylee is a combination of Casey’s name and Lee. Isn’t her brother’s name Lee? I can’t help but wonder?! is it possible that Caylee is the daughter of Casey’s brother as well? I think it’s a little odd that no one knows anything about the ‘real’ father. We have heard that he’s dead and that Casey has the obituary, but what is going on with the father? Who was or is he? I knnw this thought is a little far fetched and perhaps an unfair thought (for poor Lee) but heck, stranger things are happening in that family.

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