Concert Review: Lonestar at Club Rodeo, August 22, 2008

Just back from the big Lonestar show thrown by KRTY at Club Rodeo in San Jose. I gotta say that I have been to a lot of concerts in my day and this was a very entertaining show from beginning to end. The last time I saw Lonestar was at the Petaluma Fair almost ten years ago. At the time, they were just about to release their Lonely Grill album. The band sure has come a long way since that night in Petaluma.

Credit: Kristin Barlowe

Doors opened at 7 p.m. and we arrived about 7:15 (3 hours before show time). Club Rodeo always has line dance lessons before hand so its great to sit and watch everyone having a good time. They had a great “Olympics” dance off which provided some great entertainment.

Lonestar hit the stage promptly at 10:15 and began their set with “What About Now”. The crowd was loud and singing along with every verse. They continued with “Tell Her”, “You Walked In”, “Walkin in Memphis” and a couple of new songs which are sure to be hits!

The night slowed down a bit with a wonderful version of “I’m Already There”, dedicated to the troops overseas helping keep America safe from harm. The crowd sang every lyric and you could tell it was a very moving experience for everyone in the club.

They continued their set with “With You” and the crowd favorite “Amazed”. Throughout the night it was nearly impossible to tell that the band got a new lead singer just a few short months ago. Lonestar finished the set with “No News” which was extended to nearly ten minutes with a great guitar solo and the band playing the crowd by breaking us up into three groups singing “No”…”News”…”Rocks”. Good times.


Credit: Lonestar

After a brief few minutes off stage, the crowd brought the band back out for an encore which included covers of “Last Dance with Mary Jane” by Tom Petty and “Rock & Roll” by Led Zepplin! The crowd was hot and I, for one, was screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs. This was the point where the lead singer smiled, waved and winked to my wife who happened to be sitting on the stage at the time. She loved it and went home with the guitar players pick. Nice!

All in all, it was a very good show. The only complaint that I have is the Lonestar set list itself. Here were the songs that were NOT played this evening: Come Cryin’ To Me, Mr. Mom, From My Front Porch Lookin’ In, Let’s Be Us Again, Tequilla Talkin’, Not a Day Goes By and Smile.

I hate to say but some of those songs needed to be played. I was very excited to take my wife to the show since the song that was playing when I met her was Come Cryin’ to Me. I had always wanted to see the song live with her and will have to wait until next time when I hope that they will play it (their best song in my opinion).

Oh well you know, you can’t get everything you want and we certainly got a lot from this great band. Lonestar did a wonderful job entertaining a crowd of over 1,000 at Club Rodeo and thank you to KRTY for putting on another great show! And thank you to Randy Jones. My wife and I got to talk to him for a bit before the show. Talking mostly about Phil Vassar and how he needs to come back to Club Rodeo soon!!! I guess Randy got to spend some time with Phil at his house in Nashville. Must have been some fun!

Coming to Club Rodeo in the coming months: Chris Cagle, Keith Anderson and Darryl Worley. Those should be some great shows!!!!!

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3 Comments on “Concert Review: Lonestar at Club Rodeo, August 22, 2008”

  1. Advanced guitar lessons…

    Well said…

  2. It’s good to see another supporter of KRTY and the RC!

  3. Indiana AL Says:

    Don’t miss another great show on Sept 25th at the Rodeo Club with Keith Anderson! I hope to see you there.

    ~Indiana AL
    KRTY, San Jose

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