Palm Releases its Treo Pro

In an effort to compete with Research In Motion, Nokia, and Apple, Palm has unveiled its new, touch-screen smartphone which includes many unique features for the avid mobile professional.


Credit: Engadget

From Reuters:

The new Treo Pro will be sold by Vodafone Group Plc and 02 in Europe in September, and by Telstra in Australia, Palm said.

In the United States, Palm does not have an agreement with a carrier to sell the phone, but it said enterprise demand is growing for unlocked phones that can work on any network.

From Network World:

The Palm Treo Pro incorporates a battery of features designed to appeal to IT managers who are opting for Windows Mobile as their mobile platform and who want more control over corporate hand-helds. But the sleek design, bezel-less high-resolution display, and “shortcuts” to streamline the user interface, are all intended to appeal to end users.

The phone faces an uphill battle, competing with the wildly popular Apple 3G iPhone and the BlackBerry Bold.

From the San Jose Mercury News:

Palm had a hit last year with its $100 Centro, aimed at consumers buying their first smart phones. But that low-cost model had lower profit margins. Now, on the heels of competing Blackberry and iPhone products introduced in recent months, Palm is aiming the new high-end Treo at business users.

The new model has a flush screen, full keyboard and features like WiFi and GPS, which the company hopes will appeal to users, said Palm product line manager Parag Gupta. He said the Windows operating system should appeal to corporate buyers and IT managers who will find it compatible with their other computer systems.

Palm’s latest phone differs from the Centro by targeting the enterprise. The Treo Pro will be available in the United States this fall through the Palm online store and select retailers at a suggested retail of $549.

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3 Comments on “Palm Releases its Treo Pro”

  1. chris j Says:

    The future of phone PDAs should rotate and split the QWERTY. Follow the link to see exactly what I mean. Candy bar QWERTYs are a big yawn in comparison.

  2. Anon. Says:

    @chris j

    No. They shouldn’t. If you want that, get a touchscreen phone and use the keyboard landscape.

  3. cachofas Says:

    This is a great smartphone check the accesories to use it at 100% we also have the palm treo pro, palm centro and treo 680 to choose for.

    Congrats for the blog it is one of my favorites!

    Palm Treo Pro

    Palm Centro

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