The Buzz on Yahoo Buzz

I’ve been taking a look lately at Yahoo Buzz and how it will soon be allowing users to determine what is popular on the Internet at the moment, all based upon stories from a set of pre-approved publishers. In fact, I have used this to see what people are and aren’t talking about, especially during a time when there is A LOT to read about in the news.

Michael Arrington From TechCrunch had this to say:

Buzz, Yahoo’s Digg-like effort to leverage reader gestures and third party content in determining the most popular news, removes it’s barriers to entry tonight.

Until now only a hundred or so invited publishers could post news to Buzz. This was a big plug – Yahoo pushes a few Yahoo Buzz stories to their home page every day, resulting in huge, server-melting traffic surges to the lucky third party sites.

Starting tonight, the invitation requirement is gone, and anyone can submit their stories to Buzz.

From Larry Dignan of ZDNet:

The update to Buzz, which is being rolled out tonight, may be an interesting experiment. For instance, Buzz today favors select publishers, but beginning tomorrow perhaps research papers, patent filings and Twitter messages could be added.

Buzz, which has given Digg a run for its money, will have more updates “over the next couple of months,” says Yahoo.

It’s good to see that Yahoo! has opened up Buzz to the general public. I wonder if the increased popularity in Buzz will eventually force them to open up the process completely, like Digg, or if they will maintain their current editorial moderation.

All I know is that I’ve found that taking a look at what others like me are saying allows me to better sift through the plethora of information out there. It also allows me to see what people are looking to hear/read about much easier. Thoughts?

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