FCC Approves First Google Android Phone

It looks like it’s time to finally put the rumors to bed and accept that Google Android is almost here. The HTC Dream, billed as the first device to come out of Google Android and the Open Handset Alliance, has been approved by the FCC.



From Yahoo! Tech:

Also known as the G1 and widely expected to be first Android-powered phone, the HTC Dream just won the FCC’s nod of approval, and it appears primed and ready to work on T-Mobile’s 3G network. Engadget Mobile got its hands on the FCC documentation for the touchscreen Dream (or the G1, depending on who you talk to), which reveals a few schematics and additional details, including word that the phone will boast Wi-Fi connectivity, a “jogball” (which looks similar to the trackball on the latest BlackBerry and Sidekick handsets), and support for T-Mobile’s 1700-band WCDMA/3G network.

The FCC documents don’t mention anything about Android, Google’s much-anticipated mobile platform, but the prevailing wisdom is that the Dream will, indeed, be the first Android-powered phone in the U.S., and could be available for pre-orders as early as next month.


Credit: Engadget

From Wired:

The Federal Communications Commission has approved the first Android-based phone — but that may not be enough to get the phone on the market by the holidays, observers say.

Last week, bloggers were speculating that T-Mobile could introduce the phone, which is being built by Taiwanese manufacturer HTC, as early as Sept. 17, while the FCC documents suggest a release date closer to Nov. 10. Either way, the introduction would be a significant milestone for the Google-backed Android project, which aims to create an open-source operating system for phones but has not yet produced a commercial product.

But can Google, HTC and T-Mobile really deliver a blockbuster product by then?

Several industry watchers contacted by Wired.com think it is going to be a challenge.

The worst thing Google can do is to rush a “half-baked product,” says Jack Gold, an analyst with J. Gold Associates.

And even Google has recently admitted that the operating system is not ready for prime time.

At the LinuxWorld conference in San Francisco earlier this month, Eric Chu, Google’s mobile platform program manager, said the core operating system was only about 80 percent complete.

That means Google has just days to complete the OS, release a new software developer kit, and get it into the hands of phone manufacturers, especially if it wants to have the phone out in the market in the next two months, says Gold.

From AHN:

T-Mobile Monday confirmed it will introduce a cell phone based on Google’s Android software. The carrier, however, did not comment on reports the handset could appear as soon as October.

T-Mobile would become the first U.S. carrier with announced plans to offer a cell phone using the free software from Google.

This is obviously a very exciting time to be in the mobile industry and a mobile consumer. The question now is if Google can actually live up to the hype, and deliver Android to the consumer. Thoughts?

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