Google Thanks Developers For Their Android Petition

Nancy Gohring has written a great article updating us all on Android and the petition that was delivered to Google.

After 219 developers signed a petition asking for more information about the progress that Google has made with the Android platform, Google has come back with a response: Thank You!

From IDG News Service:

Developers building applications on Android, Google’s mobile phone software that is still in the making, have been venting their frustration at what they say is a slow pace of updates released for the SDK (software development kit) and a general lack of information about the development schedule for the software.

In late June, developer Nicolas Gramlich, a computer science student in Germany, started a petition asking Google to release more updates to the SDK and to offer developers information about the development timeline of the SDK. Last week, he sent the petition to the Android Advocate at Google.

Now, developers are wondering why the continued silence from Google even after the petition. Perhaps there is some component of the SDK that Google doesn’t want its competitors to see until Android launches, another developer identified as Denis Beurive speculated on the forum.

Thank you. That’s it? There are so many rumors out there about Android that it makes everyone wonder: when will we get to see this much hyped platform. A recent rumor stated that Android would be available as soon as September 17. But we’ll have to wait and see if this comes true. I’m more inclined to believe the 2009 date that has been written about throughout the media. Thoughts?

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