California Bill Would Make ‘Kill Switch’ Mandatory on Smartphones

Legislation unveiled last week in California would require smartphones and other mobile devices to have a “kill switch” to leave them inoperable if lost or stolen. This could be the first law of its kind in the United States.

But, CTIA-The Wireless Association, says a permanent kill switch has serious risks, including potential vulnerability to hackers.

It will be interesting to see what happens. Smartphone thefts are getting ridiculous lately. Surprisingly, no one wants my BlackBerry. Maybe if it was an iPhone. :)

From The San Jose Mercury News:

State Sen. Mark Leno, San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon and other officials scheduled a news conference about the measure to require any mobile devices sold in or shipped to California to have built-in anti-theft devices.

Leno and Gascon say the measure, which Leno plans to introduce this spring, could deter thieves from stealing smartphones. They believe the bill would be the first of its kind in the United States.

A San Francisco Democrat, Leno joins Gascon, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and other law enforcement officials who have been demanding that manufacturers create kill switches to combat surging smartphone theft across the country.

“With robberies of smartphones reaching an all-time high, California cannot continue to stand by when a solution to the problem is readily available,” Leno said in a statement.

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40 Comments on “California Bill Would Make ‘Kill Switch’ Mandatory on Smartphones”

  1. Honeydog Says:

    How Ironic, this Post, just after writing on another about my Daughter’s SmartPhone being Stolen.
    To Quote, “With Robberies of SmartPhones reaching an all-time high”, too damn bad for her and I that this Bill wasn’t already in-effect, everywhere, a couple of Days ago. I gotta stop thinking about it… My Blood is Boiling all over again……….

  2. sandy1961 Says:

    Your timing is about as good as mine pup

  3. Honeydog Says:

    I wrote that 2 Weeks ago, but I guess you mean “that’s our kind of Luck”, huh.
    Yeah, love it too that I just got the Bill in the Mail for a Phone we don’t even have…
    I suppose by now, SOMEone out there is enjoying it. UGH.

  4. Honeydog Says:

    Oh let’s get Happy!…
    I’m officially another year older today, and I don’t CARE!… At 5:30 AM, started it out with a Bowl of Salted Caramel Ice Cream, topped with Hot Fudge and Whipped Cream, followed by Grandma Utz Potato Chips cooked in Lard!… And now I’m going to Bed!— Full of Sugar and Fat and Cholesterol! A Happy start, don’t ya think! LOL!

  5. zelda Says:

    Hey there……my pc crashed …………just got it going! lost files and bookmarks etc. etc.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend!!!! more later,,,,,,,,sleeeeeeeeeeeepu.
    hugs(eating a cupcake in honor of your b’day)……..heh heh

  6. zelda Says:

    yikes…..a new icon,,,,,,,,,,,,,messed up pc did it……….I like my old one better….hahahah

  7. Honeydog Says:

    Hey! There you are… I was startin to get worried. Was giving you till the Weekend, and was then gonna send-out the “Feelers”.
    Glad you’re back up and running, but that’s a Bummer.
    We’re still waiting on OUR “Replacement”, and I’m keeping my Fingers crossed tight that this old outdated messed-up thing doesn’t do the same in the meantime.
    Thanks for the Happy Birthday Wish (Now I’M gonna go grab a Cupcake in honor of YOU having one for ME… Double heh heh!)

    (So you’re now a little Mint-Green-thingy… I actually think it’s kinda Cute! Looks like it has teeny “High Heels” on!)

  8. Honeydog Says:

    (PS: We wrote on the last few Posts before this one, in case you’re interested).

  9. Honeydog Says:

    Well, a week and a half later, my Ex-Boyfriend took me out for a big delicious Dinner for my Birthday, and, as I’m sitting here losing an Hour of Sleep (Clocks forward) I’m still too full to go to Bed.
    You girls are probably all Snuggled-in and Snoring by now… HaHa
    (I’m just Bored, don’t mind me!)
    Oh well, no one to Talk to. Think I’ll Read a bit…
    Have a Nice Sunday, Friends!

  10. Honeydog Says:

    This seems to be the Page for “Idle Chat”, so here’s some more (HaHa)….

    Had another Snowfall— Just in time for Spring!

    Seen everything now— Dr. Drew’s Panel of Women “figuring-out” what happened to Malaysia Flight 370… Gimme a Break (Deleted immediately).

    Been watching a slew of old TV Shows on a new Nostalgia Channel— “Leave it to Beaver”, “Petticoat Junction”, “Family Affair”, “Make Room for Daddy”, “The Donna Reed Show”, “My Three Sons”, “Mary Tyler Moore”, “Rhoda”, “The Honeymooners”, among others, and all my favorite old Detective Shows including my Main Man “Columbo”. Man, they were the Good Ole’Days of TV! Enjoying the heck out of ‘em (and great “Stress Relievers”!)

  11. Honeydog Says:

    hmmm… Looks like I’m keeping myself great Company here! (HaHa)
    (Been having a bit of trouble from time to time, both “Scrolling” and trying to get a Comment to Post on other Pages)…(My darn Computer).
    I’m calling this Page the “Whatever” Post….

    Wanted to say, HAPPY SPRING!!!!

    (PS Sandy: I replied to your last Comment on the “Nancy Grace” Page… Don’t know if you read it/wrote anything… I can’t get back to it at this point).

  12. One Op Says:

    Oh Happy Birthday Honeydog, February 25th, A great springtime gift to the world. I hope you see this as better late than never. You got a boyfriend? Any loose ones hanging. I can’t do much but it is a thought as long as they stay there and not here!!!

  13. One Op Says:

    Who else do i miss birthdays ???? My keyboard is so full of crackers and keys will not work without repeated taps. I have been on a cracker and soup diet. Fortunately no soup spilled yet except on my rug and my knees don’t get me up if I get down. lol

  14. Honeydog Says:

    Assuming (and Hoping) you know I already Welcomed you back on another Post— Thank You, OneOp, for the Belated Birthday Wish and kind Compliment… No Boyfriend (just an “Ex”, but good as any I suppose)… And, Crackers and Soup??? I’m sure I’d have a Heap of Crumbs all over my Keyboard TOO, if that’s all I could eat! (Of course mine has it’s share of just about everything ELSE stuck in-between the Keys… Maybe we should wear one of those “FEED BUCKETS” like they strap on HORSES’ faces to keep the Food from falling! LOL!).
    Well, just hang-in-there with your Diet, I Hope it’s Beneficial for whatever reason you’re doing it, and try not to have to get “down” so you can’t reach the Keyboard and Dissappear on us again! (Seriously though, I know what it’s like myself… It’s a real Pain-in-the-Knees!)

  15. Kreuzer33 Says:

    No birthday for me until April 3 :)

  16. Honeydog Says:

    (Just missed being an “April Fool” huh? (HaHa).
    Hope it’s Great! :)

  17. Honeydog Says:

    On this here “Whatever” Page, just heard that the Bride who pushed her new Husband off the Cliff to his Death on their Honeymoon (and claimed it was an Accident) was Sentenced to 30 Years. With no Witnesses, I’m glad the Jury had enough Sense to figure it out.
    Not enough “Time” in my Opinion for her ending his young Life, but she sure knows the Honeymoon’s REALLY “over” now.

  18. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda, you there??? You’re quiet as a Mouse.
    Have you been Painting and/or getting ready for the big Benefit??? (It’s this Weekend I think, right???).

    (I can’t get to the Comment Box right now on the Pages we’ve been writing on… (My Tempramental Computer!)

  19. Zelda Says:

    Hi Honeydog! Missing you.
    More later…….

  20. Zelda Says:

    happy Birthday John and everyone!

  21. Honeydog Says:

    Okay, Zelda Dear… I’m waiting. (And missing you too!)
    Was looking for some News coverage about the Benefit on TV, but didn’t hear anything… Wondering if you got your Painting there, if you know how it went, etc… (And how YOU are)……

  22. Honeydog Says:

    Re the Missing Malaysia Aircraft, I hear they’ve picked-up some “Pings” coming from under the Water, more-than-likely from the Black Boxes. Two Signals, to be exact, so far. They need 3 to be able to Pinpoint where to look for the Wreckage, then they’ll send-down a “Robot” to the Ocean Floor to locate pieces of the Plane.
    Let’s hope they get that third Hit, and that Three-times-a-Charm will ultimately lead to Discovery.

  23. Honeydog Says:

    BREAKING NEWS Overnight… MORE “PINGS”, confirmed to be Consistant with the Signals from Aircraft Flight Recorders. The Batteries are “weakening”, but they’re very Optimistic that they’ve at least found the “Haystack”, and are right-now narrowing-down the Search Area…. Wow.

  24. Zelda Says:

    I hope this is it!!!!! wow an amazing search.

  25. Zelda Says:

    Hi Honey dog………..yes I got my painting there and it sold for a nice price.The benefit took in over 275,000.00 plus. !00 percent goes to those victim’s one way or the other.
    My eldest daughter had a stroke………..or they think that is what it was. A brain bleed.She was sent by roaring ambulance to Seattle Swedish hospital and we went also. I am very tired.We came home yesterday and she today……..more tests and follow up here. Scary.

  26. Honeydog Says:

    Oh No, Zelda… Gosh, I am so very Sorry about your Daughter. I just hate to hear of bad things like that happening to people I know (you know what I mean— I don’t know your Daughter, but you’re my Friend, so the Caring is the same). Gee, I do hope she’ll be Okay, and I’ll keep you both in my Thoughts and Prayers that everything turns-out Good.
    Of COURSE you’re very Tired. I won’t go on-and-on here… I know you have alot on your Mind and you’re involved with your Family. Get some Rest… Take CARE of yourself, and, whenever you can or feel up to it, please let us know how things went/are.
    BIG Hug.

    (Nice-Going on the Benefit… That’s Wonderful. And now, besides all your other special Qualities, you’re a real-life “Life Saver”….)

  27. sandy1961 Says:

    WHAT THE HELL!!!!!
    I missed BIRTHDAY WISHES to my PUP!!!!!!
    I’m SORRY— Hope you had a VERY SPECIAL DAY….

  28. sandy1961 Says:

    ZTP– SO SORRY to hear about your daughter… Wishing her a SPEEDY recovery!!!!! Hope your doing good…You need to get a bit of rest…Anything I can do for you JUST HOLLER
    HUGE HUGS to my FAVORITE artist….

  29. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks for letting me know pup that I was missing out on these posts..

  30. Zelda Says:

    Thanks gals………… you are the best. ! Hugs and more hugs
    catch up later……….thank you so much.

  31. Honeydog Says:

    I kinda THOUGHT you didn’t know we’ve been here! It was a little strange that you weren’t and yet you were on other Pages… You’re Welcome, no Problem.

    Guess you’re probably getting all ready for the BIG TRIP, huh? 5 Days and counting!
    (At least we’re supposed to have some great Weather coming-up (Sunshine and mid-to-high 70′s) so I won’t be TOO Jealous! (Oh sure, HaHa!)
    (And I don’t care WHAT you’ve got left to do, be sure not to leave without Bye’s, Kissies, and Hugs!! ;)

  32. Honeydog Says:

    Okay, Zelda. Hang-in there… We’ve gotcha.

  33. sandy1961 Says:

    Yea I don’t get it sometimes..Just NO post flags letting me know comments have been made.

  34. sandy1961 Says:

    I will start my kissiepoo hugs & bye-bye’s NOW!!!!
    I’m leaving EARLY wed. morning but will be hanging at the airport for a few.. If I can will post my LOVE for you before I board the plane…

  35. Honeydog Says:

    I know you use the Computer at Work and you normally don’t write anything on here over the Weekends, and since I’m not clear on whether you’ll even be at Work on Monday and Tuesday and will be checking-in a last time or two before you go, I’m leaving this Info for whenEVER you get back on….

    About not getting Notifications of Comments made (and on which Post we wrote them on) try doing this:

    Go to GOOGLE and type-in:
    Kreuzer’s Korner Month Date Year
    (Example): Kreuzer’s Korner April 12, 2014

    The Main Page of the Blog Site will come-up.
    Look on the Right Side of the Page… You’ll see a Column going down with different Titles— “Twitter”, “Top Posts”, “Most Recent Posts”, “Recent Comments”, etc)…
    Just Scroll-down to “Recent Comments” and you’ll see a list of Who commented on What (the List goes from the newest Comment at the top, to the oldest Comment at the bottom).
    There you can simply Click-on any new Comment since the last one you yourself wrote or the last one you read/commented-on of someone else’s, and you’ll also be sure that you haven’t missed anything (like not knowing you were missing the Comments on THIS Page).

    Anyway, this is how I do it every time I get on here… It makes it easy, knowing right-away if there are any new Comments, and especially if they’re on different Posts.
    I don’t know what your own way is of getting “Notified”, but since you mentioned it doesn’t seem to be working properly, I just thought I’d share this and it would at least always be Dependable for you.

    Okay… Will YAK again (Sooner or Later!)

  36. sandy1961 Says:

    Thanks pup..I forwarded that to my main e-mail….
    I’m at work Mon Tues. Then NOT back until Thurs. the 24th..
    Been getting ready to go this weekend & making sure we have everything BEFORE I leave..
    Have a great day..
    ZTP- I hope things are LOOKING UP for you & your family
    LOTS OF LOVE & HUGS!!!!!

  37. Honeydog Says:

    Well, it’s Tuesday, and since this’ll be the last time you read anything here before you go, I’ll say Bye-Bye, we’ll Miss Ya, safe Trip, and have a Blast!!!

    See Ya Later Alligator!
    Off you Go… MMMMWAH!! (that’s a Kissie!) :)

  38. sandy1961 Says:

    Will NOT be the last time I will be on at times while I’m in CALLY..
    Luv & HUGS!!!!!

  39. Honeydog Says:

    Really??? Well, OKAY then! (I just wasn’t thinking or expecting you would… I tend to forget that not everybody wants to get away from it “ALL” and does the “No Phones, No TV, No Computer” thing while on Vacation like EYE usually do… I’m like on “Gilligan’s Island” when I go away on Vacation— EXCEPT for wanting TV of course in the Hotel Room, LOL! You ARE a Die-Hard “Kreuzer Girl”!)

    (So, that was for whenever you “Check in”!)

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