Nancy Grace Causes Online Uproar

Her “sensationalism” has gotten the best of her yet again.

Nancy Grace’s choice of a Twitter hashtag has caused an uproar on social media sites. Specifically the hashtag of #FreezerTot. Some Twitter users reminded Grace that the girl she referenced as “FreezerTot” had a name and was a murder victim, Kayleigh Slusher.

From KTVU:

On Thursday Grace took to Facebook and Twitter to post on the 3-year-old Napa girl allegedly killed by her mother and mother’s boyfriend, using the hashtag “FreezerTot.”

Kayleigh Slusher, 3, was found dead in her home Saturday after police responded to a welfare check at the Napa home. Her mother, 23-year-old Sara Kruegar and her boyfriend, 26-year-old Ryan Scott Warner were charged with murder and assault on a child resulting in death on Tuesday.

The post on Grace’s Facebook fan page, posted Thursday early evening, received a similar reaction, many calling the host “disgusting” and “disrespectful.”

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62 Comments on “Nancy Grace Causes Online Uproar”

  1. sandy1961 Says:

    SHE’S SUCH A MORON!!!! Wonder how she would feel if it was one of HER kids!!!!!

  2. One Op Says:

    Pathetic, Nancy whines about how devastating it would be to her if anyone, anyhow, anyway offended or hurt her twins and she speaks of another child as if she is a “thing”. Disgusting!!! i hope this gets her butt in big trouble. Anyway you can send this to them you are welcome to use my opinion.

  3. Honeydog Says:

    What you both said— if the “Tables were turned”— was my exact Thought also. Always condemming others herself for “Trashing” the Victim, and acting so “Sympathetic” and “Vigillant” in defending their Rights and Memory— What a Hypocrite of a Mother and Reporter she is. And to use one of those Cheap, un-Professional, Inappropriate “Titles” she’s Famous-for toward this poor innocent Child, is just further Testimony to her lack of Class as a Reporter, and her Cruelty as a Human Being. If she thinks this one was “Cute and Clever”, she IS a “DUMB BLONDE”.

  4. One Op Says:

    Thumbs up Honeydog!!!

  5. zelda Says:

    My gawd……….

  6. sandy1961 Says:

    I DON’T think BLONDES ARE ALL DUMB!!!!!! I happen to be one myself…… When I was young it was NATURAL NOW I get to count on Clairol!!!!! Hahaha!!!!!

  7. Honeydog Says:

    HA HA! No, Sandy, they’re not— and you’re definitely Proof of THAT! Was just referring to NANCY… As a REPORTER, she’s gotta be the Dumbest one ALIVE to come-out with some of things she does! They did a Skit on “Saturday Night Live” recently… Portrayed her as a real “Bubblehead”… Even THEY know! Sad, but it WAS a Riot.

  8. sandy1961 Says:

    I knew you were talkin about that chucklehead BUT I couldn’t resist the comment

  9. zelda Says:

    I am blonde too………………hahahahaha

  10. sandy1961 Says:

    ZTP you rock…

  11. Honeydog Says:

    I guess I’m the Odd-Ball-out right now! (BooHoo). I’m very Dark Brunette, almost Black, and, although for years I’ve always changed it to Shades of Blonde, I haven’t had the Time to go get it done for the past couple. (Maybe THAT’S why I’m not having as much FUN!)

  12. Honeydog Says:


  13. zelda Says:


  14. sandy1961 Says:

    Happy V day to my 3 FAVORITE gals…

  15. Honeydog Says:

    My Ex-Boyfriend wanted to give me a big Box of my favorite Russell Stover Assorted Dark Chocolates, but I told him not to do it because I’ve been staying away from alot of Sugar…… Then secretly I went and bought myself 3 Boxes of GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!! OH Yeah, I’M Happy (HeeHee!)

  16. zelda Says:

    A friend got me a card………very nice.But no flowers no candy and no hugs,,,,,,,,,,,ah well.I have you gals…….great stuff that.

  17. Honeydog Says:

    None of that for me either, not even a Card, only the Cookies I bought for myself. But I’m not one that the “Day” bothers me or I’m spending it thinking and wishing it was different. Just like other Holidays or “Special” Days like this, Life has changed… I enjoyed them and the things that came with them as they were once, but they’re not that way anymore, and, not saying I don’t sometimes “miss” it, but I guess because so many other things have consumed my Life and how I’ve had to let-go of how things “were” and concentrate on how it “is”, it really honestly doesn’t matter or mean all that much. If and when things change, then I’ll Welcome it and enjoy it again THEN. (Listen to me rambling on! Should I even be putting this stuff here?!! HaHa!) Anyway, we’ve all got our “ways” and Thoughts and how we Feel about these things and deal with them. So nice your Friend gave you a Card, and if I could’ve sent you Flowers or Candy, I surely would’ve! Yep, we’ve ALWAYS got “US”… and “Cyber Hugs”!!!

  18. zelda Says:

    I feel the same way you do………….

  19. sandy1961 Says:

    I got my cyber hugs-Works for me..
    Whats your FAVORITE GSC???

  20. Honeydog Says:

    My Favorite are the “Samoas” (mmmmmm, that Chewy Gooey Caramel, Toasted Coconut & Dark Chocolate!… and Dunked in Milk, Heaven!) I like the “Thin Mints” alot too. Tara likes anything Lemon, so I got her those. Can’t believe though, how much Smaller the Boxes are for the high Price, and actually, “Keebler” makes all the same Cookies and they’re just as Good, but it’s Okay, can’t turn-down a Girl Scout and it’s for a Good Cause.
    What’s yours???

  21. sandy1961 Says:

    MMMMMMMMM-SAMOAS are mine also.. Like the mints also… Not much into Lemon UNLESS I don”t have a Lime—Then (ya know)

  22. Honeydog Says:

    HA HA! Right, Got’cha!

  23. Honeydog Says:

    Sandy & ZTP~

    Curious what you two think of that Girl all over the News who claims she’s murdered a slew of people in Satanic Rituals???!!

    (PS: Also wrote Comments to you both on “Amanda Knox…” Post and “Federal Prosecutors seek…” Post, just in case you didn’t know (last Comments on Feb 15 & Feb 17).

    Hope OneOp’s Okay….

  24. Honeydog Says:

    One of the Female Jurors in the Michael Dunn Trial was on TV…. Said that 10 out of the 12 of them were “For” a Guilty Veridct on 1st Degree Murder. Too bad those 2 Idiots couldn’t see the Light— Not that it seems to matter ANYway that they all agreed on the other Charges and he’s supposed to face a considerable amount of Years in Prison for those Convictions, because Dunn’s Attorney came out and said that Dunn “will likely Walk Free on Appeal”. Meantime, The Prosecution says they intend to go for a “Re-Trial” on the 1st Degree Charge… Either they think Dunn’s Attorney is probably Right and they want to try to keep this guy behind Bars (even though there’s no Guarantee of Success with a new and different Jury) or they’re trying to “Redeem” themselves for all the Backlash they’re getting for not doing a Good-enough Job and losing two Trials in a Row which most people believe shouldn’t have happened (It’s the same Team who Prosecuted Zimmerman). Is it ever OVER when it’s SUPPOSED to be??!! It pisses me off ANYway that Trials are held for Criminals and Juries spend their Time and Effort reaching and giving their Verdict, and if the Defendant is found Guilty they get “Options” and more “Chances” so they can keep trying to get “Off”. What the hell is the PURPOSE in the FIRST place… Why the hell BOTHER. The Jury’s Verdict should be Final and STICK. Period. Somebody said they think that the “Majority should Rule” when a Jury is Voting to “Convict” (as in Dunn’s Case) rather than how the System works now, and only do “Re-Trials” when the majority of a Jury finds the Defendant NOT Guilty and there’s enough Evidence that The Prosecution is Confident-enough of Guilt and a Win the second time around. Kind of sounds like a Good Idea to me. In any case, this DUNN shit should be DONE shit.

  25. sandy1961 Says:

    This is just crazy!!!
    Lets spend MORE tax $$$$$$’s on this stupid shit!!!

  26. Honeydog Says:

    Speaking of “Crazy” and “Stupid” and “Shit”….

    Saw on HLN last night that Zenaida Fernandez Gonzales and her Lawyers finally got Casey Anthony in Court for the Deffamation Suit, and, under Oath, she STILL claimed that Caylee’s “Babysitter” is a “real person”, and, among other things, refused to answer when asked if she “knew” Ms. Gonzales. Crazy she IS if she thinks THEY’RE Stupid— and still full of Shit.

    Also heard that the Murder Trial is starting for that famous Athlete— the “Blade Runner”— who shot through the Bathroom Door and killed his Girlfriend, claiming he didn’t know she was in there. Get the “Shovels” ready.

    Jodi Airy-ass in 16 Days…. Got a feeling we’ll be using the Words “Crazy” and “Shit” all over again and pretty often— Just so “Stupid” doesn’t end-up being used about the Jury.


  27. Honeydog Says:

    (last word, an ooops)

  28. zelda Says:

    Hi there…… been offline and fighting this old pc……
    as for the perps:
    casey…….she is looney tunes and needs to be thrown in a plastic bag.Boy she sure slipped through the cracks of justice eh>?Seems she still is getting away with it……gezus.
    Blade runner; guilty as sin
    knox; guilty as sin
    arias;nuttier than hell,dangerous,sick,needs the DP.
    The young girl who says she killed all those people probably did…..who knows.Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd.
    let’s see………did I forget anyone?
    I need coffee

  29. Honeydog Says:

    Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep, Don’t know what to Think, Nope, and HaHaHa on the Coffee!
    I hope Pistorius (“Blade Runner”) doesn’t get away with this… What a Crock his Story is. I’m following the Trial— First Witness for the Prosecution (a Neighbor) testified that she heard a Woman’s “Blood Curdling Screams for Help”, then 4 Gun Shots… They also found the Girlfriend’s Cell Phone in the Bathroom with her (seems like she ran and locked herself in the Bathroom to get away from him and was intending to Phone someone for Help). From accounts by “Associates”, Pistorius is quite a “Hot Head” and they were “expecting something like this to happen”. Poor Girl.
    They ALL need to go in a Deep-Fryer….

    The Authorities just made an Arrest in the Holly Bobo Case (the pretty young Girl in Tennessee who disappeared 3 Years ago, last seen being led into the Woods by a Man in Cammoflage)… At least some hopeful News for her Family.

    I need sleep (and lots of Blankets!) It is SOOOOOO COLD!!!

  30. sandy1961 Says:

    I think they ALL need a good SMACK!!!
    As for the COLD—– DONE!!!!

  31. zelda Says:

    Let’s not forget Putin………..his grabbing of the Crimea is chilling and he will stop at nothing to be a world puppeteer.He is going for the gold and no one can stop him.How does this effect us…..well THAT opens up endless chats . Let’s rock.

  32. zelda Says:

    Putin is a smart cookie…cold calculating but smart as hell in the wold power game. He is holding all the cards……..he waits like a viper and strikes exactly when the pawn is at it’s weakest.Ir’s all a game to him and he KNOWS how to play it.Obama is weak…..and in today’s world we need cut throat leaders that are willing to strike even when it’s unpopular.Actually I am not an Obama hater,that poor guy never stood a chance.He’s been beaten back by all sides…..
    I don’t see any one in the U/ a leader that is on the same par as Putin.He is a nasty s.o.b.
    looking back Truman was a tough cookie and bombed Japan against all odds…….it ended the war.Terrible,,,,,,,,,,,,but decisive.
    Putin will never stop land grabbing,,,,,he wants the world.I can’t wait to see how he plays out the Muslims.Too bad we can’t get him to wipe out “fatty” in North Korea.Gezus there are some real despots out there……..bastards.

  33. sandy1961 Says:

    Can you say KGB??????

  34. zelda Says:

    Hey,,,,,,,,,I got my little icon back!!! Yippieeeeeeeeeee. Thanks to John if you did it!

    Yes Sandy I can say KGB . Right on. They are a well trained bunch and are far from disbanded,,,,just went on to higher places like Putin.Kind of like here,,,,,,,,,,from Knights Templar to President Bush and his screwed up offspring.The Russians are just less refined.
    S.O.B. etc. ,…….it’s all the same

  35. zelda Says:

    Where are you OneOp? Are you mad at us?

  36. Honeydog Says:

    You’ve pretty much covered my own Thoughts on this current Tug-of-War, Zelda….
    Vladimir Putin— A small man with BIG Plans… and the Brain to work them. Reminds me of Hitler. Where his “Mission” is concerned, he lives and breathes it, and, like a Mouse Trap in a dark Corner, he’s always set to Spring. Can’t Trust his Words or Predict his Actions, no matter what he promises in any and all Meetings between us and Russia for a “Diplomatic Solution” to this, or on any other Issue for that matter. I myself find it Ironic that we’re BOTH Vying for the position of “Ruler of the World” (let’s face it, the United States has ALWAYS had this Grandiose Dream) and, like Putin, has no Intention of withdrawing from the Competition— No matter how pathetically we Compete. And yet, here’s one single Man— not an entire Administration of Diplomats— actually capable of Succeeding in Winning the Title. Other than being Smart as Hell, I’m not defending Putin— Like you say, he’s Cold and Calculating and Nasty all the way… I’m Agreeing that, in this, and so many other situations, we consistently Fail to put-up our Dukes in the Arena. And, as with you, I, also, do not see anyone who could Pick-up, Fix, and take this Country where it needs to be. They’re saying there is “very little Hope for a Breakthrough” when the U.S. meets with Russia later today. Of course… Are we not “getting it” yet. As we Talk, Shake Hands, and turn our Back, they’ve already got their next Move in place. You ask, how does Putin and his going for the Gold affect us— I don’t think we need to Imagine.

    I’ve been wondering about OneOp too. Remember she had some Surgery and was trying to Recouperate.

    HEAR us? ONEOP?? Are you Okay???

  37. sandy1961 Says:

    I think you BOTH have said EVERYTHING!!!!
    Yes OneOp You okay?????

  38. Honeydog Says:

    While we’re on this “causing an Uproar” Post….

    Just saw a Story on the News about some Creep in Massachussetts who was taken to Court by a Woman who caught him taking Pictures up her Skirt in a Public place with his Cell Phone Camera, and got away with it— all because the LAW in Massachussetss says it’s NOT ILLEGAL!! Are you KIDDING ME!!! Talk about a VICTORY for PERVERTS!!!! What the hell is WITH this Country!… There are G-damn stricter Laws for people who have PETS!! GEEzus……

    UGH, and that Court Case currently going-on with that 18-year-old self-Entitled Brat-of-a-Girl who’s SUING her PARENTS for tons of Money, after they got Fed-up with her uncontrollable Behavior at Home and withheld her College Money. She chose to leave Home, has been living with a Friend for over a Year, and had cut all Ties with her Parents— except for leaving Foul-mouthed Messages on their Answering Machine. NOW, all because she didn’t want to follow her Parent’s “Rules” at Home, and even though she left on her own, she wants Money for “Abuse”, her “Living Expenses”, “Future College Tuition”, and “Legal Fees”. Her Parents are sitting in Court in Tears and absolute Disbelief. I say, GO GET A JOB you DISRESPECTFUL SELFISH BITCH! (Oh… and her Friend’s FATHER— also a Family Friend— is her Lawyer. Nice GUY).

    This shit just blows my Mind……

  39. sandy1961 Says:

    The very NEXT day they past a law about UPskirting… Now it just has to be signed… As for the lil BITCH suing her folksshe LOST the first round… The (lawyer) is a JERK!!!!

  40. zelda Says:


  41. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah Sandy, after much Public outrage, heard that part later about the Bill, waiting for the Governor’s signature, to make it Law that taking Pictures up-Skirts would only be Illegal if “without Consent”. I wonder now though, how many Cases will turn-up in Court of certain Girls/Women who said “Okay”, then changed their Mind… I mean, it’s their Word against the Guy’s. How is Massachussetts going to control something like that. Eh, the new Bill is better than nothing, but the whole thing is still Crazy in my opinion!

    I know ONE thing… ARIZONA needs to get its shit together! There’s a convicted Murderer sitting in Prison who is LONG overdue to be Sentenced— JODI ARIAS… March 17th Re-Trial POSTPONED!!!!

  42. zelda Says:

    Postponed? Oh for kriest’s sake ! It’s mind bending.

  43. Honeydog Says:

    Yep… Postponed… And no word yet on Why or a new Date.
    I did hear something about alot of Controversy or something going-on in that and other States which currently still have the Death Penalty, and, apparently, the Issue of whether or not to continue to keep it is being “tossed around” among them. This was mentioned right after the News about Arias’s Re-Trial, but I didn’t catch the whole Story, so whether this has anything to do with holding it off, I don’t know. I wouldn’t be Surprised though, if this IS happening, that it’s the reason her Defense is Stalling— Like a “Let’s Wait-and-See and maybe she’ll Luck-out”. Who Knows. Where Jodi Arias is concerned, she, and they, have been, and appear to be continuing to want and take every Advantage and Opportunity to avoid Court and the Punnishment she deserves, and prolong the Justice-due to Travis and his Family. How long has it been now… This is totally not right.

  44. zelda Says:

    They need to wallpaper her cell with Travis’s butchered body scenes.Just for the hell of it.We all know she is nuts and wouldn’t blink an eye.
    I feel so bad for his family having to wait so long for a just closure.Very hard to believe this is still going on and that the system would let it go on .Some things are just wrong.

  45. zelda Says:

    Yehaw! That monster vander sloot will be in his Peruvian jail cell for the next 26 years,,,,,,,,,,,,! Peru agreed to extradite the filthy rat after he serves the rest of his sentence.Hopefully he will be dead by then.

  46. Honeydog Says:

    I didn’t know before you wrote it, and then I just now saw the News on TV…. allllllRIGHT!!
    After 26 years, he’ll be in his 50′s I think, but then he still has to face those Distortion and Wire Fraud Charges here in the United States regarding that time he sent Beth Holloway on a Wild Goose Chase to where he told her she would find Natalee’s body (a Lie) in exchange for $10 Grand.
    26 Years over there STILL ain’t enough for how he violently killed that Girl, and no amount of additional potential Time will ever suffice for Natalee’s death and what he put her Family through, but at least he isn’t being given a whole lot to look forward-to, in either place, for a good portion of his un-worthy existence.
    He looked like Shit in the TV Footage… Befitting to just what he is.

    As for Arias, I’d like to see people start a Protest outside the Prison and/or Courthouse, demanding ACTION— “No More Stalling!” / “Sentence for Jodi Arias!” / “Travis needs Justice!”…. Put some damn Pressure on this ridiculous Fiasco.

  47. sandy1961 Says:

    Wow- guess I missed alot this weekend–Broke my computer a few weeks ago & only have my work one till I get something else..ALSO looking into going to Cally for a few days next month..

  48. zelda Says:

    Whoa Sandy………..what a drag to lose your computer. Mine was down too,Thank goodness my grandson is a pro at all that.He had me up and running in a day.That is his profession……..
    I hope you get yours sorted out asap.
    So we will just have to wait to connect with you when you get back from Cally……..boy we will miss you! Honeydog and I will hold down the fort.Come back quick!!!!

  49. zelda Says:

    I hope all is well with you OneOp! Try to say hi will you?We worry.

  50. sandy1961 Says:

    No fixing this one. I dropped it..
    As for Cally It’s only a maybe,I’m trying to work out the finances.It would be nice though,ALL my brothers & sister will be in one spot & I haven’t seen everyone in years.My oldest brother is gonna get married..
    Hope all is well with you ladies,gotta get some work done & go to the dentist at 11 & I think have a tooth yanked out,it busted yesterday…
    Have a great day. YAK soon.

  51. Honeydog Says:

    That’s really a Shame about your Computer, Sandy.
    I guess I should consider myself Lucky with this one— Remember this past Christmas when I wrote about coming Home Christmas Eve and finding our Christmas Tree down on the Floor after already spending half the night dealing with the Furnace problem at my Mother’s House, and I said “this Computer is Lucky to be alive” ’cause I was so Tired and Disgusted and Mad over everything that “I had to throw something”???… I wasn’t Kidding! This is a just a small Laptop, but still, I mean, I couldn’t believe it still worked after that. Gosh, and you didn’t even MEAN to break YOURS. What a Bummer. As inconvenient as it is not having one at Home, it’s good though, until you can replace it, that you at least have access to the one at your Job, or we wouldn’t be able to Talk at ALL, so we’re all Glad for THAT much. It’s a bitch, I know, but you’ll get another at some point, don’t worry.

    I SO hope you get to go to your Brother’s Wedding! Oh you just HAVE to!! You deserve to get away and see your Family after so long, and no matter what you have to pull-together to do it, or do a little Sacrificing afterwards, you know you’ll be Glad that you didn’t miss the chance, and things have a way of working-out fine in the end. Try Try Try! Damn, I’LL lend you some Cash if you come-up Short— And I’m SERIOUS as a Heart Attack about that Offer! Remember that Song in that old TV Show “One Day At A Time”??— “This is Life, The one you get, Go and have a Ball”…. GO!!! Have a Ball! (and don’t forget, if you need it, “with a little Help from my Friends”…)

    Good Luck with your Tooth. I’m STILL in the process of getting bad and broken Teeth pulled… Have to get Dentures. Great Fun….

  52. sandy1961 Says:

    Well to fess up IT WAS MY FAULT!!! I threw it,I went yesterday & got a new one,should have it today OR tomorrow..
    As for getting home- I hope I do BUT who knows… THANK YOU for your offer BUT I’m getting my income taxes back & it SHOULD cover it it’s a matter of timing & plane fares….
    Tooth got YANKED out,worst one so far….
    P.S. thanks AGAIN for the offer….. You rock…
    Tell Tara hi-

  53. Honeydog Says:

    Oh geezz, I shouldn’t Laugh (it was just a Snicker, actually) but couldn’t help it… Picturing you TOO flinging your Computer accross the Room like I did! Boy-oh-Boy, a couple of Short Fuses we are! HaHa!
    Eh, Whatever, I say. Shit Happens.
    No problem and you’re Welcome, Chickie… I just hope everything works-out for Ya!
    I’ll tell Tara, and Thanks… She likes that.

    How’s your Weather? It’s Crazy here… Nearly 70 Degrees for two Days, then Poured-down-Rain with Thunder and Lightning, and now we’re BELOW FREEZING again and with terrible Winds! I do think we’re done with the (shhhhhhhh!) though. I heard the first Chirping of Birds outside my Bedroom Window those two Warm Sunny Days… Too bad little Birdies, False Alarm!….

  54. sandy1961 Says:

    Yes you should laugh, I was pissed & TRIED to catch it mid-air BUT… I didn’t fling it(wish I woulda) might NOT have been SO destroyed.. I did one of those over the head SLAM to the ground things…
    As for the weather SUCKS!!!!!
    We had a few good days,.day before yesterday it was like 64/65 & actually NICE,Then yesterday……. WOW… Started the night before with rain then ice then snow started in the morning aboyt 8.. then we had LOTS of whiteouts,then sun for a few then the crap ALL day long….
    I have been seeing Bluejays all winter & either red robins or maybe cardinals.. They sit in the trrs SCREAMING till you give em some food….
    SOON we shall feel warmth……

  55. Honeydog Says:

    Geezz, you were REEEELY Pissed! I hope I never have to Fight YOU! HA HA HA!
    Yes, I’ve spotted both BlueJays and Cardinals too throughout the Winter in the Trees in my Fairy Garden, but no “Noise” from them. Couldn’t tell Ya what was Chirping out there the other day… Didn’t feel like getting out of Bed to look. That’s nice you Feed the Birds, and, for sure, once you start, they do depend on it and will make a Ruckus when it’s not there. They’re funny… Worse than Cats! I’d like to Feed them too, but it gets so Expensive, but I do provide lots of “Housing”… Have many wooden Birdhouses, which all get used year after year, so I guess I’m at least helping a little. I Love all the little “Critters”— even the Squirrels, to which I do throw-out Peanuts and sometimes leave Crackers with Peanut Butter on them. Since the Snow melted, I’ve seen some Bunnies come out… I guess THEIR Food is pretty SOGGY by now, but they seemed to be finding the Plant-leaves they like. Yep, hopefully the Warmth WILL come soon… Can’t wait to see and hear all the Life and Sounds of Spring (and finally have some MOTIVATION to get me going on all the damn stuff I should’ve been doing over these past Months I’ve wasted bein Cold and LAZY!)

    How about that Malaysian Airplane which Disappeared off the Face of the Earth??? Real Suspicious, huh.

    Cripes… And now The Defense is Blaming the COPS for “Bungling” the Crime Scene in the Oscar Pastorius (the “Blade Runner”) Trial… Trying to convince the Jury that ALL the Evidence is “Contaminated”. Can you say, “Another Celebrity gets OFF”???……

  56. Honeydog Says:

    Zelda… Oh ZELDA… Where “ART” Thou????

  57. sandy1961 Says:

    We just throw out bread for them.One family of Bluejay’s about 7 of them are waiting daily..Then the scavengers come over also..
    I think someone nabbed that plane..Makes me REALLY wanna fly!!!
    I think that Blade Runner is guilty as SHIT!!!
    Wasn’t ZTP having computer problems?????

  58. Honeydog Says:

    How about that— I mentioned that Airplane and just saw we have a new Post put-up about it. (I thought I’d still write here on this Page though, for this Comment).
    You were right, they believe the Flight was Hijacked.
    And Yeah, I understand how you feel… Even though it was Malaysia to Bejheng, one can’t help thinking and being Apprehensive about boarding a Plane these days, especially when you don’t often or regularly Travel that way.
    For me, the reason I don’t Fly anymore is only due to suddenly acquiring Claustrophobia some years ago, followed-up by suddenly also experiencing Panic Attacks in certain situations like Heights, Tunnels, Cruises, and long Bridges over Water. In my Life I’ve Flown to/from Florida, California, Jamaica, and 7 different Countries in Europe and never Thought twice about it— But now, it isn’t so much that I’m afraid of “Flying” or what could happen, it’s the Fear of being “Closed-in” and having a Panic Attack that stops me. It really sucks having gotten these Conditions, because there’s not only certain places I’d really still love to go, where Flying is the only way to get there, but I also have Friends on the West Coast who I want to go see at some point, and, even though you can Drive or take a Train, it takes-up Days, rather than Hours if I could Fly, and it uses-up the Time you have for Vacation. Unless I’m Drugged, Unconscious, and Carried on/off a Plane (which they ain’t gonna allow, LOL!) I know any Hopes and Dreams of going ANYwhere where Flying is necessary will never happen. I would especially love to be able to Hop a Plane again and take Tara on a special Vacation, back to and show her Jamaica, or somewhere like Hawaii, and it makes us both Sad that we can’t share that kind of experience together. Just in general, whether or not you have the Time and Money, or whether or not you want to, it sucks having the Choice “restricted”.
    ANYway… Despite knowing how you feel, I really don’t think you have cause to Worry about Flying to your Brother’s Wedding. This kind of thing with Foreign Flights, isn’t the Norm here. (Unless you have the problems I do, then maybe you should forGET it! HaHa!)

    Yeah, Zelda WAS having Computer problems (it Crashed, remember) but she came back and said she had it Fixed. I’m sure she’ll show-up when whatever it is that’s keeping her, isn’t.

    On a “Positive” note (Yeah right) my Microwave bit the Dust. I put in a Potato, like I’ve done a hundred times before, and the Flashing “Strobe-like” Lights and “Crackling” Electrical Sounds were like the Scene in that old Frankenstein Movie where the Monster on the Slab in the Laboratory was hooked-up to all those Wires when they were trying to bring him to Life!! bzzzzzzzzzzzz, POP, POP, Crackle, FLASH, bzzzzzzzzzzzz, FLASH, POP… Scared the B-jeebies outta me! Needless to say, I’ll be running-around the Stores today like a Nut before Work. Gotta have the MICROWAVE! If it ain’t one thing it’s another….

    Hope YOUR Day is Good!

  59. sandy1961 Says:

    Yeah I know what you mean. I’m scared of heights & have claustrophobia myself..I’m not really scared,when your times up it’s up..
    Sucks though about not being able to take Tara somewhere though.. I would go get some xanax or something like that from your Dr. They will definately take the edge OFF…
    Sucks about your microwave.. I got one a few months back from Walmart,it’s a 1000 watt & only cost me like $50.00…. Works great OR my other one sucked so bad I didn’t know it was sucky..
    Have a GOOD one..

  60. Honeydog Says:

    Yeah, I know, I’ve had other people make the same suggestions (Xanax, Valium, etc) but Problem is, I have an extremely low Tolerance to all that kind of stuff and I can’t Function… Makes me a “Zombie” or knocks me out, and, while it’s fine if I don’t need my Wits together for anything, I couldn’t “Travel” like that, much less attempt to take care of Tara, especially if it’s her first time on an Airplane. She’d be Excited and Nervous, and I’d already be draped-over our Luggage in front of the Check-In Counter. No Sandy, unfortunately I’m Stuck… but Thanks anyway! Hopefully Tara will get the chance to do it someday… Travel like that with Friends or something. For now, we’ll stick to Trips we can Drive or take a Train for… Still plenty to see here in the States, right?!

    (PS: Got a Microwave… Back in Business!)

  61. sandy1961 Says:

    Have to say I laughed pretty good on that one..SORRY but I can just picture that scenario….
    Glad you got a new mic…. GOTTA have one..How sad are we????
    Good thing we didn’t have to beat our clothes on rocks!!!

  62. Honeydog Says:

    That’s Okay, I was Laughing too when I wrote it!
    Too bad it’s True though…. but still Funny!
    (LOL on the Clothes and Rocks! (I’m afraid I would’ve just had to run around Naked!… How Sad is THAT??!!!)

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