An Earthquake in Sherwood, Oregon? Yep!

Posted April 6, 2014 by Kreuzer33
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Laying on the bed on the second floor and all of a sudden, a little shake, rattle and roll (get your mind out of the gutter people!!!)

I called out to my wife “earthquake?” I think her and the kids thought I was crazy. But…it looks to be true!

A 3.3 quake at around 8:30 p.m. this evening with an epicenter just about 3 miles from our house between Tigard and Sherwood, Oregon.

Having lived most of my life in California, this was nothing. But the neighbors and others in the area sure seemed a little shaken (no pun intended).

The kids go to school in Sherwood so it will be fun to hear what their friends have to say about it. I doubt they even do earthquake drills in school here. They might, but honestly, I have no clue!

Did you feel it where you were at? What did you think?

Mickey Rooney Dies at 93

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Time to put on “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World” or Pete’s Dragon tonight.

RIP Mr. Rooney! You were a great one!

From USA Today:

Rooney, 93, who died Sunday, leaves behind a colorful Hollywood legacy that spanned 80 years and a couple hundred films, including Boys Town and The Black Stallion.

Rooney won two honorary Oscars, the first in 1938, the second in 1982. In January 2005, Rooney made headlines for the unlikeliest of reasons when Fox rejected a Super Bowl cold remedy commercial — featuring Rooney’s bared bottom — for being inappropriate.

The Songs That Shaped Me…

Posted April 1, 2014 by Kreuzer33
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All to often, we listen to the music. The beat. The instruments. But do we take the time to listen to it as a whole. The lyrics. What they mean.

Most people will say yes…but do they really?

As I approach my 36th birthday in two days (April 3), I wanted to take a few minutes to share the songs that shaped who I am today…and a little of background on each.

Let’s start with the one that has meant the most. Steve Holy’s “Good Morning Beautiful” is a song I sang to my girlfriend (then fiance and now wife) every morning. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

“Good Morning Beautiful” was released in July of 2001 as the fourth single from the album Blue Moon. The song slowly became a major hit, reaching # 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart on in February of 2002. The song’s five-week reign atop the chart was part of a 41-week chart run.

It’s so simple, but powerful. One listen, and you’ll be hooked.

“Good morning, beautiful, how was your night?
Mine was wonderful with you by my side
And when I open my eyes to see your sweet face
It’s a good morning, beautiful day”

Next up is another ballad (which may be an ongoing theme here). In 1992, John Michael Montgomery recorded “Life’s a Dance”. To this day, it’s one of my favorite songs of all time and probably the most quoted song I use on a daily basis. Montgomery provides listeners with the example of being too scared to ask a girl out when he was 14 years old. The girl ends up moving away and he never had the chance to ask her.

While not necessarily the same experience, we’ve all had those moments where we hesitated and never know what might have been. Thinking of this song always reminds me that we have one life to live and you learn as you go!

“Life’s a dance, you learn as you go.
Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow.
Don’t worry ’bout what you don’t know,
life’s a dance, you learn as you go.”

U2′s “With or Without You” has been my all time favorite song since it came out. The song is the third track from The Joshua Tree and was released as the album’s first single in March of 1987. The song was easily U2′s most successful single at the time, becoming their first number-one hit in both the United States and Canada. It topped the Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks.

But enough background. The song just makes you think. Ponder your life. Can you live “with or without someone”. Those thoughts ran through my mind for years…you know how tough high school years are :)

“My hands are tied
My body bruised, she’s got me with
Nothing to win and
Nothing left to lose”

There was a time in my life. A time that many go through. When you don’t think you can go on. When you don’t want to go on. You come so close to taking your life, then a song pulls you back out. The funny thing is that the song that pulled me out was a song about suicide.

“Fade to Black” was the first power ballad by Metallica, released as the first promotional single from its second studio album, Ride the Lightning (their best album in my opinion). While I’m sure the band freaked out a bit how their fans would react to a ballad, I’m glad they recorded it.

It saved my life on one summer evening back in 1998.

“No one but me can save myself, but it’s too late
Now I can’t think, think why I should even try
Yesterday seems as though it never existed
Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye”

Those are just three of the songs that shaped me. Maybe I’ll post a few more later down the road.

How about you? What are the songs that shaped who you are today? The ones that mean the most to you?

Feel free to leave your thoughts and songs in the comments.

One Race, One Horse and One for the “Woodman”

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In this day and age, there aren’t enough “feel good” stories in the media.

Today…I have one for you.

Please see the link below for a story about my good friend, and Phi Delta Theta fraternity brother, Woody Bolin, who passed away at the age of 26 due to complications from Cystic Fibrosis. I’ve written about him before (see this link) but this story is one that we all heard, but never thought anyone would write about. We were wrong.

If you have 5-10 minutes, PLEASE READ this GREAT article by Keith Sharon of the Orange County Register.

Oh yeah…have a box of tissues handy. You’re going to need them!



From the article:

Bob Pappert is not a religious man, but he knows that when he tells the story about what happened on Dec. 22, 2013 at 6:11 p.m. – the story about the most unbelievable 1 minute and 41 seconds in his life – most people who hear it will think of God. They will consider their own spirituality and the power of angels.

On Aug. 2, 2006, with several family members and friends in the room, Woody died. He was 26. He donated his liver, kidneys and eyes. (Stu later got a letter saying that two people in the San Diego area are alive because of Woody’s donations).

His college friend John Kreuzer wrote in his blog, “Kreuzer’s Korner,” about how the people who attended Woody’s funeral had been inspired by his life.

“…There were many, many tears of joy shed for ‘The Woodman.’”

Bravo to the Writers of The Good Wife

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In this day and age (you know, the Internet, spoilers and all) it’s amazing when a television show can pull off a shocker so big that it leaves you speechless.

If you haven’t watched yet, and don’t want to know what happened, turn away. If you do, scroll down…

THEY KILLED WILL GARDNER!!!! Seriously…they did!

Yes I know. Actor Josh Charles was supposed to leave the show at the end of last season, but he signed on for another half season to bring “closure” to his character. I guess they did. But the Internet is abuzz right now with people asking “why???”

Here’s a link to a great Q&A with Charles which discusses when he decided it was time to leave the show, why he left and what’s next for the show and for him.

Oh, if you must know exactly what happened, I’m not going to give it away but basically he was shot dead in a courthouse shooting by a deranged client. As the episode when to black, Kalinda was about to tell Alicia what happened, via phone. Guess everyone will have to tune in next week to see what happens next.

What happens to Alicia? Peter? Diane? Looks like Michael J. Fox will be back, but in what role?

Bravo, Good Wife writers. Bravo!

Did you see this coming? What do you see happening next?

Report: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Hijacked

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A Malaysian government official has stated that investigators have concluded that one of the pilots, or someone else with flying experience, hijacked the missing Malaysia Airlines jet. There has been no evidence of the whereabouts of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 to date.

From the Associated Press:

No motive has been established and no demands have been made known, and it is not yet clear where the plane was taken, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the media. The official said that hijacking was no longer a theory.

He said evidence that led to the conclusion were signs that the plane’s communications were switched off deliberately, data about the flight path and indications the plane was steered in a way to avoid detection by radar.

Earlier, an American official told The Associated Press that investigators are examining the possibility of “human intervention” in the plane’s disappearance, adding it may have been “an act of piracy.”

Concert Review: Chase Rice and Sam Hunt Turn the “Party Up” in San Jose, California

Posted February 27, 2014 by Kreuzer33
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If you haven’t heard the names Chase Rice and/or Sam Hunt…then you need to look them up (and you might as well go do it now).


On February 26, Rice and Hunt put their talent on display at the Rodeo Club in San Jose, California, for a show that was not to be missed.

First, a little bit of background. Rice has released two albums, Country as Me and Dirt Road Communion. He released his second 6 song EP, titled “Ready Set Roll”, featuring the single “Ready Set Roll” back on October 15, 2013. Oh, he also co-wrote a song that you might have heard…the number one single performed by Florida Georgia Line called “Cruise”. Ring a bell?

If not, here’s the song live from last night:

Not bad, huh?

The show was high energy from beginning to end. Lots of fan interaction and just really good music. With a set list including “Party Up”, “I Like Drinking, Cause it’s Fun”, “Dirt Road Communion”, “Country in Ya”, “Whoa” and “Jack Daniels & Jesus”, Rice had the crowd eating out of his hand.

Could I really pick a favorite song of the evening? Probably not. The reason? In reality, while there were some great tunes, they all fell into a fairly similar theme (drinking and women). Not necessarily a bad thing. I mean, this was a country music show. But I hope to see a little more diversity with the next few singles. He’s definitely got the talent to take it to the next level!

But before you go running off to check him out…hold on just a second. Rice wasn’t the only one who rocked San Jose last night. Let’s not forget about Sam Hunt.

In my opinion, Hunt is one of the top, up-and-coming singer-songwriters in country music. Also, get this, he’s a former college football player. He co-wrote Kenny Chesney’s 2012 single “Come Over”, for which he received an award from ASCAP. Last year, Hunt released his debut single “Raised on It” and he also wrote two singles released in 2014: Keith Urban’s “Cop Car” and Billy Currington’s “We Are Tonight”. Never heard of any of those, right?

During his set, Hunt played each of these hits as well as a selection of other crowd favorites. My favorite: without hesitation was “Ex to See”. Loved it before I saw him live and loved it even more during his performance last night. The set list also included “House Party”, “Leave the Night On”, “House Party”, his current single “Raised on It” and the ballad “Speakers”.

Great songs and live performance for sure. One thing I do have to add is that Hunt has an acoustic mixtape (Between the Pines) that you need to check out. The playlist contains 15 songs and you can find it here.

KRTY always puts on a great show. Anyone who’s a fan of country music in Northern California knows this. This show was no different. A $50 show for only $15. A no brainer. Go check them out when they come to your town!

One little thing I want to throw in here at the end is congratulations to KRTY General Manager Nate Deaton. Deaton was recently awarded “GM of the Year, Large Market” at the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville. A well deserved (and overdue) recognition for the man who brings the best acts in country music to San Jose. Congrats Nate!


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